Twine Episode 15


Eden Garden is located in Allen, a serene area of Lagos. By night you see commercial s-x workers plying their trades on the road, short skirts and fresh laps. Beautiful and classy. You see SUVs parked and men bargaining before they hop into the car. This area had also served as my pick up place. The men of the Nigerian Police don’t raid there except on special occasions but who would believe that a man also plies his trade there.
I alighted from the taxi that had taken me there. Mum wanted to make use of her car. As soon as I stepped down, I scanned the whole area. Beautiful girls as usual were littered sparsely around and men both on foot and in cars were bargaining. I crossed over to the garden, got frisked by the security guys then found my way down the sloppy road that led into the garden proper.
I found Baby Woju seated in a corner with a bottle of Legend in front of her. I walked up towards her as she stood up and met me halfway. Her hug took my breath away for one hand wrapped around me, the other hand found my pe.nis which she squeezed and slapped hard before dropping a wet kiss on my lips. Her breath smelt of alcohol and menthol.
“What took you so long?”
She asked as she held my hand and dragged me towards her seat. As soon as we sat down another kiss greeted me with her hand lingering on my pe.nis yet again.
“What would you like to take?”
She asked in a sultry voice.
“Something bitter and something peppery to step it down.”
I replied. She signalled an attendant and asked him to get roasted catfish and two bottles of Udeme (Medium Stout).
“I’ve missed you baby.”
I said to her.
“I’ve missed you too.”
She replied patting my pe.nis. I just knew she wasn’t really missing me, just my pe.nis.
“What have you been up to?”
I asked just to keep the communication open.
“Nothing, just spending the money my late husband left me.”
She replied laughing. I had to laugh too even though I found nothing funny in what she said. Why do women find death as something amusing or are they just created to be so?
“That’s cool. I hope you are ready to be taken to the moon and beyond. Tonight is your night for I will tear you apart and take you to orgasmic heights far beyond your dreams.”
I drew close and whispered to her ear. She squealed.
“You are making me wet baby boy. I can’t wait to ride your huge hard”
She replied. By then she had pulled my zippers down and her hand was trying to dig into my boxers. I drew back a little bit then relaxed. I washed my balls earlier so the murky smell was in its minimum.
“Baby, why don’t you wait till we get home?”
I said to her caressing her hand gently and trying to pull it out of my boxers at the same time. I was beginning to have an Attention.
“Meow… That’s my puvssy calling for your”
I heaved a sigh as her finger that was wrapped around my d—k came off. The garden attendant was on his way to our table. I quickly adjusted slipping my d—k back into my trousers and zipping up. The attendant dropped a covered dish and two bottles of Udeme. He gave a slight bow and left us. Picking the opener on the table, I opened the drink and took a long gulp directly from the bottle. This was to numb my mind a little. The aroma from the dish was enticing. I delved in and started eating ceasing communication between us. After the second bottle, the third one came. As soon as I opened it, Baby Woju dropped a hand on my arm.
“Baby, why don’t you go and clear our bill.”
She squeezed some cash into my hand. I stood up and made my way towards the cashier, paid and returned to my place.
“Drink up baby. I can’t wait to have you inside of me.”
Drank I did smacking my lips in satisfaction. Baby Woju stood up and I with her but something was not really right. I was quickly having an Attention that I couldn’t control. I hugged Baby Woju from behind, pressing my throbbing between the crack of her arse.
“Awwww baby, you are ready.”
She said using her hand to rub my head from behind.
“I was born ready Boo.”
I replied.
What I felt when her head moved up and down on my pe.nis was a mixture of pain and pleasure. The pain was much though.
“Baby, are you enjoying it?”
She asked between mouthful of my huge member in her mouth.
“Yessssss baby, you are killing me.”
I replied. She was truly killing me. We had been on bed for more than three hours. I had sweated, drank water, pumped her hard and made her attain o—-m several times. My pe.nis still remained inflated and seemed to be adding size. The veins around it were bulgy and it was getting painful.
“Take me from behind baby.”
She said as she stood up and laid beside me, her knees on the bed and head buried between two pillows. Her huge arse shot out and vibrated softly as she shook it in excitement. She was definitely enjoying it.
I stood up painfully from the bed, held my d.ick in place and penetrated her ever ready puvssy slowly. I started pushing in and out slowly while smacking her buttocks to her delight. The pain in my waist had increased unbearably and I was finding it difficult to breath. One more heave and I left the gaping puvssy and collapsed on the bed.
“Hey baby, don’t you want maama anymore?”
Baby Woju asked. I did not reply. I was only looking at my d—k, the size had grown past what I was used to.
“Did you spice my drink up?”
I asked weakly. She only laughed.
“Next time don’t leave your drink unattended to.”
She replied me. She stood up from the bed and went to her bag which was balanced on the dressing table. I closed my eyes and started vowing to leave the line of work I was currently engaged in. Graduating with a second class upper in computer science plus my affinity for programming should get me a job. Being a call boy was demeaning. My body was also the guinea pig on which women tested their drugs and crazy fantasies.
“Hey, swallow this drug, it will ease your pain.”
Baby Woju’s voice cut into my thoughts. I opened my eyes and saw a little white pill and a glass of water in her hand. I collected the tablet, swallowed it and used the water to push it down. Some minutes later Baby Woju catwalked into the bathroom leaving me in a dizzy state but with less pain and a deflating joystick. My phone rang.
Displayed on the screen as sleep stole me away.
To be continued…