Twine Episode 14


Being careful made me really observant of things going on around me. Back at the Joseph’s residence, I was scared, a little. The turn out of people with goodwill towards that family was much. Those I had seen, those I’ve heard of and even the so called people that came to mock them whilst putting on sober faces. I saw them all. When the door opened and Kelvin with the vagabond of his friend, Tosin stepped in, I started sweating.
Tosin had always made me aware of myself. First, he doesn’t speak much so I don’t even know what is always going on in his head. Secondly, there is the special glint that flashes through his eyes whenever the name Victoria is mentioned. And the way he looks at her, God, makes me want to choke the life out of him. Who does that? Stares at a lady and forgets his immediate surroundings. Yes, you got it right, Tosin.
Do not blame me. I have something for Victoria. Mother had always told me that I should use my charm on Linda but the girl is just too rude and bossy for my liking. When Victoria came to me to be her date, I was taken aback. This is the same girl that I would gladly worship the ground that she steps on.
“Dantata, please do this for me. Just for a night.”
Victoria had said when we met under the umbrella tree in their larger than life compound. Maggie had called me but refused to tell me what was up on the phone.
“Boyfriend for a night Victoria? What do you take me for?”
I asked staring into her lovely eyes.
“I take you as one who would do anything for a price.”
Maybe she did not intend to say it for she quickly covered her mouth with her palms. I felt hurt all the same, more like a dagger slashing through my tender heart. There was no way in the world I would blame her. My reputation seemed to had preceded me in this case.
“200 thousand naira.”
I called a price with an unsmiling face.
“Ah ahn, is it because of what I said? Dantata, remember our family are close to each other.”
Victoria tried bargaining.
“Yes they are but business is business.”
I replied curtly. She was quiet, as if thinking about what I said.
“Okay, pick me up tomorrow by 5:00pm.”
I nodded, turned back, left the house, got into my mom’s car and drove back to the house.
The date was awesome but even more awesome was the luncheon we had attended. I saw class and status. People speaking in accent and all the introductions taking place. All through I never left Victoria’s side. Like the faithful boyfriend/handbag, I followed her everywhere. I whispered into her ears and made her laugh ceaselessly. Linda was staring at us, I saw jealousy in her eyes but I was past caring. Since her panties were way classier and bossier than me, I would make do with a paid class.
“Thank you Dantata. You are the best.”
Victoria said as I dropped her. I was sad that the day had ended. No hugs, no kisses, not even a peck but I was contented. I had the woman of my dreams by my side.
“The pleasure is always mine.”
I replied. I inched a little closer for her lips staring into her eyes. She looked back into my eyes and slightly shut hers. I moved in, aiming for the kill closing my eyes midway.
“Dantata, here is your money. It was such a wonderful experience. We should do it some other time.”
I heard Victoria’s voice. Picture me inched a little sideways, eyes closed and lips a little pouted. I opened my eyes to see Victoria holding an envelope. She dropped it on my dash board, moved close and pecked me on my cheek. I remained in that position till the gate of their mansion shut behind her.
My ringtone “Maga don pay” by Kelly Handsome brought me back to the present.
“Baby Woju”
Displayed on my screen.
“Hello beautiful angel.”
I said into the phone. I was only on my boxers as I laid sprawled on my bed.
“Pie, I am so wet and can’t wait for your tongue on my fat swollen c–t.”
I squirmed away from the phone. Apart from being on the fat side, Baby Woju had the face of a created that had wanted to form a creator. Bleached and distorted for her face is the example of a colour riot aka rainbow. Yellow, black, red (burnt) and green (veins). The only colour missing was indigo and violet and you will have ROYGBIV.
“I can’t wait to have you straddling me with my tongue buried deep in your honey pot baby.”
I replied. I had to. Part of the business is keeping a client happy and doing their bidding.
“You mean it?”
She asked.
I imitated a lion.
“Awww… That’s so sexy. Bark like a dog!”
She commanded me.
“Woof! Woof!!”
I complied.
“Meow like a cat.”
I complied.
“Baaa like a goat.”
She commanded. I kept quiet.
“I can’t hear you…”
I hate my job.
“I am waiting for you sexy hunk.”
That boosted my ego. I dropped the call, stood up and walked into my bathroom. Dropping my boxers I stared at my pe.nis and the pain it would go through. I shrugged. I am the man of the house and mother had told me I should provide for the family. The only way I could achieve that was do mother’s bidding and they never seemed to end. What do I know, mum is always right.
To be continued….