Reasons for the appearance of acne

Over 80% of the teenage population suffers from this unpleasant skin condition (Acne). Although typically associated with puberty, acne can develop in adults as well. It can be either stress-induced or caused by vitamin deficiency or hormonal imbalance. The result is a high production of sebum which clogs the pores and facilitates the development of this condition.
Fighting acne through a proper diet
The healthy diet is a big part of the fight against acne. The skin is usually the most neglected organ of the body so when your diet is imbalanced and you consume unhealthy food on a daily basis, this is bound to show on the skin through pimples, blackheads and comedones. Your daily menu should include fiber-rich foods, fresh foods, protein, fruits and vegetables – all these are mighty allies in the way of natural eradication of the acne.
Drinking a lot of water helps too. Water aids the body in its natural cleansing processes. It helps the body discard the toxins and waste products and thus clears out the complexion.
Natural skin care for acne
There are some vitamins and minerals that give the skin a healthy glow. For example, vitamin A lowers the production of sebum – the skin oil that causes acne. This vitamin also maintains and regenerates the connective tissue of the skin. Vitamin C improves the tissue growth, deals with infections and strengthens the immune system. Vitamin B in the form of thiamine, riboflavin, niacinamide pantothenic acid as well as pyridazine can lower the stress and we know that high stress levels are associated with the excessive production of sebum. They also improve the blood circulation and aid the digestive processes.
Do not forget that all the functions of your body are interconnected. If one of them is not working properly, the whole body suffers.
Homemade remedies
Honey and apple cider vinegar are especially useful in treating acne. A combination of the two can have a powerful anti-microbial effect. Honey has antibacterial properties while the apple cider vinegar acts like a disinfectant.
Another natural remedy you can try is to squeeze a few drops of juice from any citrus fruit and rub them over the infected regions. Lemon, orange or kiwi – they all have a scrubbing effect on the skin. If you are having a slight case of acne which has not yet become chronic, you may be suffering from nothing worse than clogged pores. Exfoliation can really benefit you here. Try this simple recipe for healthy, smooth skin:
Open up the pores by steaming your face over a bowl of hot water for 10 minutes. You can add spearmint or rosemary to the water if you like. Both plants have cleansing properties.
Rub your face gently with oatmeal.
Dip your face in a bowl of cool water with a few drops of lemon juice in it.
If however your skin is suffering from an acute acne condition you have to consult a dermatologist before trying out these remedies. The acids contained in citrus fruits may irritate the sensitive skin.
Exfoliating with a paste of baking soda and water 1-2 times a week is also great!
Try out these remedies or share what has worked for you with us. Let’s get the dark, teeny wee spots off our pretty faces.