Travails Of An Abused Woman Episode 12


​It wasn’t long before the relationship between Jilha and Emerald bloomed. Everyone in the clinic called them the perfect couple. Jilha went to visit her in school on his off days while Emerald did likewise whenever she had time to get away from School work. It was almost the end of Jilha’s internship and Emerald still had few months before the end of her law school.
“Hey princess, I missed you so much.” Emerald frowned. 
“Haha, but it had only been two weeks, abeg free me joor.” Jilha smiled. 
“Princess, it’s not my fault, you know I loved you so much, I feel like we should be seeing each other everyday.” Emerald sighed heavily. 
“Jilha dear” She twisted her hands nervously. He wmiled and answered. 
“Yes darling what is it?” She smiled nervously.
 “Isn’t this the time to stop this relationship?” Emerald asked worriedly.
Jilha refrained from her embrace. “What! Why Emerald, it’s just a little over ten months now, have I done something wrong?” She shook her head.
”No, it’s just that you are going back to your country soon, how will we manage long distance affair, moreover, there are more beautiful girls over there that are better than I am, and am scared you won’t remember what we share and………..” Jilha glared at her. 
“Stop it, just stop it Emerald.” Jilha said angrily.
 “What am I to you? Someone to pass time with? Well I am not like you who don’t trust people. Yeah right, let’s end this right now, I can’t deal with someone who has no trust in me. It’s over.” Emerald held his hands. 
“Jilha, why are you like this? What have I said wrong? I was only voicing out my fears.” He removed his hands from hers.
“Don’t ever call me again, when you learn to trust then you will have a lasting relationship. It’s over Emerald.” He left angrily while Emerald stood rooted on the spot stunned. Emerald left for home the following week, Jilha wouldn’t call her neither did he pick her calls. She was very worried and scared.
On gettinh home, Doctor Manuel decided to speak to her about her problems with Jilha. She narrated all that happened to her amidst tears. “Aunty, is it true that I don’t trust people? Am just scared he will jilt me after he leaves.” Doctor Manuel sighed. 
“Emmy, the problem is the fact that you are holding back. Tell him everything about what happened to you, let’s see if he decides you are good enough for him and if he thinks otherwise then fine, you have to move on. At least he will know where your fears come from. Emerald nodded. 
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“Thank you aunty, I will do just that.” The following day she went to see Jilha at the clinic. 
“Please I won’t take much of your time.” They moved outside to a secluded area. Jilha looked at everything but her. “Be fast, I have more important things to do.” She sighed. 
“Thank you for seeing me. I have to tell you something.” She sighed again. “l was a teenager whepn my father started giving my mother hell, the abuse was just too much, he beat her like she was his punching bag. Myself and my siblings were not left out, we were four. One day he threw us out in the heavy rain, we suffered so much. Two of my siblings died in the space of two years, my mother followed six months after.” She smiled bitterly.
“After this, I took Jofin and we came to live in this city, I had to work as a maid for some foreign people from Skornia.” By now she was weeping profusely. “One night I woke up to see Mr Vannak and his sons in my room, they raped me and deflowered me disgracefully, they lied to Mrs Vannak who sent me out of her house. I lost concioiusness and Doctor Manuel treated me, that was how I came to be like a daughter to her.
My second year in the university, I met Alexis who claimed he loved me, after a while he started asking to make love with him, I was so naive, I thought it will strengthen our love for each other as he had said. But luckily for me I told him about the rape incidence and what will he do? He called me dirty and told the whole faculty, I was so humilated that I attempted suicide because of that and I never let anyone in until you.
So tell me if you were in my shoes, will you be eager to get hurt again?” She stood up to leave. “Thanks for everything, I wish you a safe trip back to Skornia.” Jilha ran after her.
 “Emmy, Emmy please wait. Am so sorry, I had no idea, I shouldn’t have said those words to you.” Emerald smiled. 
“It’s fine, what’s done is done, goodbye Jilha.”
Jilha was angry at himself he had never felt so foolish in his life. “Am so stupid, what have I done? I have sent her away from me.” The days that followed were unbearable for Jilha, he looked so haggard and unkempt, he wished he could turn back the hands of time and undo the mistake that took Emerald from him.
To be continued