Total Love Episode 9


Daniel and Darasimi talked for long time, Daniel gave her all she brought for her. Both were happy and departed. The car headed back to the palace. Daniel got into the palace, the car was parked by the driver he came down of the car, turning his head to the right side. He saw Ruth and her friends sitting there, they were all gisting with textbooks with each of them. They were all preparing for the post UME examination.
Daniel smiled a little, he trudged to the swimming pool, just to greet them before entering into the palace. He got there and continued smiling.
Rachael sighted his presence first. She smiled back at him.
‘Hi.’ She waved.
The other friends also looked at the back at the same interval. They were all smiling at Daniel. Daniel bowed for them all and walked closer.
‘Hello friends.’ He smiled.
Ruth was facing the textbook she held squarely, as if she was that serious with it. She was only shy to greet him and couldn’t look at him.
‘Hello.’ Beatrice also waved smiling.
‘Yeah, hello’ Stella also greeted.
‘I’m Dan, may I know you all, apart from My Princess.’ He replied still smiling.
‘I feel flattered.’ The princess thought in her, nevertheless, she didn’t behave as if she saw all what was on.
‘I’m Rachael.’ She introduced, standing up and smiling. She stretched her hand forward to shake him.
‘Oooh! Good name.’ They both shook.
Stella also stood up and stretched her hand forward. ‘I’m stella.’ She used her hand to pull up her gown at the chest, as if she was in a fashion parade.
‘What’s all wrong with this one, is it the matter of her blue gown or what? As if her name is even fine.’ Daniel thought within him.
‘Aah! You girls have good names, Stella! Wao!’ He smiled, although not that impressed.
Beatrice also stood up and smiled, stretching forward her hand also. ‘I’m Beatrice.’ She also introduced.
‘Beatrice?’ Daniel was surprised.
‘Sure, you don’t like the name?’ Beatrice asked smiling.
‘I do, even like mad. That’s the name of my sister, that’s why I’m a little bit surprised.
‘That sounds cool.’ Beatrice laughed.
Daniel walked back to the princess and bowed. ‘My princess, I greet thee.’ He uttered bowing.
Ruth just faced her back and saw him bowing. They all laughed out at him.
‘You don’t need all this Daniel.’ She smiled.
Daniel raised his head and also smiled to her. “I do ma, you are the princess of this Kingdom. I do need it.’ He uttered.
‘That! I won’t receive from you, don’t use “ma” for me again.’ She smiled and wondered.
‘I must, its your deserved right, I must always place it on you.’ He uttered.
Beatrice laughed out from within. The other girls came together and started talking silently. They all liked Daniel.
‘I insist! No!’ The princess said.
‘Alright ma.’ He uttered.
‘You’ve just said ma again!’ She exclaimed.
‘I’ll just start getting used to it ma.’ He replied.
‘Okay, make that fast.’ She smiled also.
‘What have you guys been reading?’ He asked and smiled.
‘Working some difficult-without-answer mathematics questions. So tough.’ Princess uttered.
‘Sure. We’ve not gotten any, since.’ Rachel uttered.
Daniel moved towards their textbooks and taught them all.