Total Love Episode 8


DARASIMI, a young looking beautiful girl. She is a little bit tall, just of the same height with Daniel. She is from a polygamous home, her father with three wives. She is the first daughter of the family and the first born. Her mother, the first wife.
She attended the dame secondary school with Daniel. She was always giving off sweet scent and was so beautiful. She had the best handwriting that set, the best hairdo and the likes. She was a very intimate friend with Daniel before they started “going out”. She was also a christian, she had no siblings.
She had been expecting the arrival of Daniel for long. She was outside their compound with some of her friends that went to that same school, that fortunate day.
The jeep pulled out from a corner, leading to Darasimi’s house. It was Daniel. He had sat very close to the door, eager to see if he would meet a padlock at their gate or meet her at home. To his great surprise, Darasimi was outside. He rushed down of the car immediately he ordered the driver to halt.
‘Darasimi!’ He screamed.
Darasimi viewed him and rushed to him also.
‘Daniel!’ She exclaimed also.
Daniel held her hands firmly and both walked up to Dara’s friends. He bowed and greeted them. They were happy seeing him, he was the head boy of the college before they graduated.
‘How are you?’ The waved to him.
Daniel just went there to excuse Darasimi from them, so they went out to catch fun together.
To be continued