Total Love Episode 7


‘The king would be arriving soon.’ The doctor proclaimed the arrival of the King to the queen. She was worried on hearing this, she wished her husband was dead, she hated Daniel for saving the King’s life from danger.
It was as everyone knew, it was as usual. David was beating his wife again, this time, there was nobody to save her away from him. David beat her till she fainted. He was drunk that afternoon. Bibi couldn’t help the situation, rather, she was also beaten. She had always pray for a safe trip for her brother so that he could be able to deal with her useless father.
At last, the king and Daniel returned from overseas, the operation was successful and all turned out to be success. The king could walk on his feet again, the driver was already at the airport hours before the arrival of the king. People were happy seeing the king again, hale and hearty. He was taken to the palace and Daniel. The king was really happy with Daniel. He never expected him to do that for him.
He called a meeting with the chieves, to greet them all, to know what had been going on since he left and to know what he can do to appreciate Daniel.
‘The kingdom has been in a total confusion my king!’ Chief Tunde said.
‘Confusion? What happened.’ He asked wondering.
‘Yes my king, the queen has turned the kingdom into total confusion, she sat on the throne, commanded and killed many people my king.’ Chief collins uttered.
‘What! Let’s leave her issue for now, let’s talk about Daniel. As you all know what he has done for me, what can I do to pay him.’ He asked.
‘King, I guess you can send him to school, at least he’s not from a family that is that okay.’ Chief Tunde commented, smiling.
‘You can also give his family a lot of money.’ Chief Kolade added.
‘You can let him start living in this palace as a Royal Son.’ Chief Collins added.
‘They will all be done as you’ve wished.’ He said.
‘I’m so sorry for all that happened in my presence, I will correct them all my chieves.’ The king quickly added.
The king became furious about what the queen did. He was infuriated and very annoyed. He spoke annoyingly to her and warned her never to do that again.
The king called a meeting between his family about the issue od Daniel that will start living with them. The queen was angry on hearing this, she became annoyed and left the meeting angrily. Ruth was so happy that Dan will start living with her family. All she had ever wanted!