Hector and Ulises have been able to report Danilo to the police and after the police have taken a look at the evidence they issued an arrest warrant for the arrest of Danilo. The police go to Danilo’s apartment and ask him to allow them to have a search in the house since they have information telling them that his house is use as prostitution area. Danilo tries to deny the fact but quickly Alejandra comes out of the room and testifies to that what the police is saying is the actual truth and that is really true that he manipulates them to sell their bodies for money.


Suddenly, Danilo takes of a gun and he gets hold of Alejandra and threatens the police to put down their gun if not he is going kill Alejandra. Christina did not like the idea so she tries to go save her but one of Danilo’s men also gets hold of her points a gun at him. They then drag them to the outside grounds of his apartment and the police calm down to also follow them. Danilo wanted to take Alejandra into his car and run away with her but she resisted and Danilo commanded his body guard to shoot her and he did just exactly that and he shot Alejandra and fast and smartly Danilo run into his car and the police tried their best but couldn’t apprehend him since he was able to escape

Hector, Ulises, Esteban and Christina attended to Alejandra to be able to revive her but it seem their effort were all in vain since Alejandra said her last words to them that, it was indeed worth it for everything she did to save the lives of many people thinking she was going to die but on the other hand fell into unconsciousness and they took her to the hospital.


Norberto looks very much happy since now he can boast of going to have the El-Benevente ranch to himself as acacia and Manuel are about getting married. He now begun to celebrate his dream come true with alcohol and Juliana becomes worried and starts to complain about why he has started this alcohol stuff again whiles he’s promised that it wouldn’t happen again. Norberto then blows the good news to her and quickly she also jumps into great joy and she also poured a glass of the alcohol and toast to their victory. Acacia pressurizes Manuel that after they have gotten married she doesn’t want them to live in el-soto because of many things she wants to be far away from.

Manuel then tells her that, that is going to be impossible since he wants to set up a good business to earn more income to take care of her better. But acacia tells him that that is not what matters more to her since she doesn’t live for luxury but she only wants to live peacefully and to do that is to go far away from anything that distracts her. Manuel takes the opportunity to ask for acacia’s permission if it is well with her to speak with only Christina or Esteban too the marriage and acacia tells him that, it will be better if they both talk to them at the same time.

Christina, Esteban and hector still at the hospital waiting for Alejandra to come back to life but still the doctors haven’t given them any information and Christina shed tears and thinks that Alejandra has indeed suffered more than they all thought looking at all the sacrifices and trauma she has gone through the same her love ones should and everyone looks very worried for the condition she is in now. Christina again cries in pain and stated that, she can’t even believe that Danilo has been fooling them all this while and she thanked God that they never signed the deal with. Esteban then comes in to say that, he also doesn’t understand how he fooled Alejandra for such a long time.

Hector then has to come in to explain things better for both of them to understand and he told them that, Alejandra actually knew what Danilo was doing, but the unfortunate thing is that, there’s more to that than what they are thinking, and Christina has to ask for the detail. Hector then disclose to them that, Alejandra had to married Danilo so that he will not kill German or Acacia. Whiles they keep on talking Ulises appears to tell them that, the police have sent information and images of Danilo to all borders to have Danilo arrested in case he tries to cross the borders and it sounded very great to them. Ulises then tells them that acacia needs to be told to stay indoors so he is going to see acacia to inform her about that but on an attempt to go, Esteban stops him and ash him to go but Ulises refuses and Esteban’s jealousy rises again and he begins to fight Ulises and so hector had to stop them from creating a scene at the hospital.

The police try interrogating Perla and Julianita about Danilo’s business so they can help but both of them refuses to talk so the police arrested them as a suspect and put them in prison to help them in their further investigations concerning the issue. Dr. Vivanko comes to give them the information that though Alejandra lost lots of blood and is pretty serious but since she was fortunate that the bullet didn’t enter into any of her organs and that will make her to recover soon. Ulises calls to inform German about the unfortunate incident that has happen to Alejandra and German could sleep over the information but quickly rushed to the hospital to see Alejandra.

On reaching to hospital he coincides with Andres and asks him to calm down so he can explain things to him but German couldn’t hold on and ask his father to show him the ward Alejandra is and Andres showed him. He left him immediately and rushed to see Alejandra. German couldn’t control himself upon seeing Alejandra lying so helpless and sleeping on the sick bed and he shed tears passionately for her. He then starts to speak to her though Alejandra can’t speak back to him, he knelt down, leaned against the bed and took Alejandra’s hands and kissed it unaccountably and said, “my love, you have to make it.”


Suddenly Alejandra woke up and asks him if the police have been able to arrest Danilo since she doesn’t want him to harm him. German then enquires from her why she is saying that and Alejandra told him that she thinks the right time is now and she has to let him know everything about why she married Danilo. She disclose every bit of the brain behind her married to Danilo and even if after saying all about her past he is not going to be friends with her again, she will know that she did it all to protect those she loved. German on hearing everything saw how Alejandra had sacrifice for him and so he asked her to forgive him for not thinking straight and both of them shed tears and German told her that even if she had told him the truth from the beginning, he would have loved and married her like that knowing that she was only manipulated by Danilo to do that. Alejandra told him not to think that she said it for him to come back to her because she actually know that he and Lizzy are about getting married and Lizzy too is a very great woman but all she wanted to do was let all the secrets out for her to be okay in life. German was about kissing Alejandra but unfortunately for him, Andres Vivanko interrupted and asks him to excuse him since Alejandra needs to rest for him to attend to her on her medications.


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