Beyond My Heart Episode 18


I was praying soo hard for ken mum although she doesn’t approve me for her son,anyway she was right .No mother will permit his son to marry a graduate prostitute.I was anxiously waiting for ken to call and tell me how she is faring.A suddenly knock was heard which made me assume it to be my ken.I went open the door and to my surprise it wasn’t him.

It was a man in his late 50s. Sir how may I help u?I asked politely.This face looks familiar,where did I meet him,anyway lemme find out his mission first.Young girl ,I hope u are kendra,the whore flirting with my son.I guess u are wondering who I m ?I m Kendrick father and I got some hint after my trip that some parasite was sucking his blood.Do u think my son eat left covers,after opening ur filthy legs to God knows how man men u want to bring the left over to my son.

My dear if u know what is good for you ,u better back off from my son,or else u will spend the rest of your miserable life in regret.If I need to pay u to leave my son alone I will,he ended.Honestly I wasn’t paying attention to what he was saying rather I was trying to recall the face.He resemble the man who shoot my family but I doubted it,of all the men how could it be my ken father.I watch him as he leave.

I went straight on where I hid the secret camera footage ,plug it into my desktop and started watching.I opened my mouth wide as I watch the man who murdered my family,he had a complete resemblance with ken father.No this can’t be,no,no,no,no,I shook my head in disapproval. Ken father can’t be the man I m fiercely looking for.I needed another prove,and that was to ask ken his father’s full name cos my dad before his last breath had told me the name of the man who came to murder them

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