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11009973_849336878470447_8451404433899714652_nRubio comes to inform Perla that he heard from someone that, Danilo’s men were on their way to deliver the merchandise and it seems that the police arrived and killed some of the men and took all the merchandise from them and so he has come to inquire from Perla if she’s had any news from his cousin memo and whiles Rubio and Perla were just contemplating on the issue Danilo arrived only to tell them that, memo couldn’t survived because he was shot and the only ones who survived were two Ephraim and Falco.

Perla starts to share tears for the love of her life memo and Rubio also couldn’t help control himself about his tears and he just left. Upon Danilo seeing how Perla share tears for memo he becomes very jealous and he tries to pick on her for choosing memo over him when she only knows that the only person who owns her is him (Danilo).

German goes to visit Lizzy at the shop and once again their sentiment grew up and they both make love for the second time at the shop and this time around Lizzy’s father arrived on time with his pestle in his hands to catch them right on the scene enjoying their love making almost naked and his anger rose up and tries to hit German with the pestle but German dodges him at every try and fear truly gripped German about what Lizzy’s father will be capable of doing to him at that moment but luckily for him, Lizzy pleaded with her father on German’s behalf.

Esteban goes to see acacia at her grandmother’s house and he starts screaming aloud calling acacia’s name and for her to stop Esteban from screaming to disturb the neighborhood, acacia goes to open the door for him to let him in. acacia after letting him into the room questions him why he decides to scream because if the neighbors had awake they wouldn’t have understood any of that stupidity he put up. But Esteban on the other hand replies acacia that, it is because he has lost his head over her and it doesn’t matter if the neighbors see them together because he truly loves her with all his heart.

Acacia then pleads with him to leave her alone because she doesn’t want any more problems which is why she decided to come leave at her grandparents’ house for a while to get away from everyone and everything therefore he shouldn’t make things difficult for her. Esteban on the other hand will not listen but continue to tell acacia that, he doesn’t care about anything but only acacia and convinces her that their love is not here to make them suffer but to make her very happy and so she should let herself be carried away and they will be happy together because he sees that she also do love him.

He tries ones again to kiss acacia but she pushes him off her and tells him that, if he is going to continue to force this forbidden love on her, she is going to disappear to a place that he can never see her again and Esteban becomes panicky. Esteban then threatens acacia that, she can’t just disappear because if she does that, he is going to inform Christina about the truth concerning her disappearance because he is going to leave everything at the ranch behind to look for her. Danilo goes out and comes to the house very late looking very disturbed about his merchandise which has all gone down to the drain since it involves millions.

He begins to furiously ransack everything in the room and Alejandra asks him if there is anything she can do to make him calm down but he yells at her to stop saying nonsense because the only thing now he has to is to shoot up all the men they police caught so that they don’t reveal him to the authorities because he is not willing to escape and start from scratch or to start from zero. He continue to say in his anger that he thinks that, it was actually someone who alerted the police and he is going to find out about that person and Alejandra looked so nervous about the statement made by Danilo.

After Lizzy’s father had caught German and Lizzy together making love at his shop, the only option he gave to German was to marry Lizzy to save her from any embarrassment and it makes him worried because he actually don’t love Lizzy but only see her as a good friend who has helped him to get over Alejandra and he only tells that to Manuel had seen that German wore long face. Ulises has gotten the feedback from the police that they were able to arrest the drug dealers just at the place he alerted them and he becomes very happy and says to Arturo that, he now have the full certainty that it was danilo who kidnapped him.

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