Louisa is now able to let out to acacia that she is pregnant and not sickness as everyone thinks. Acacia then wanted to inquire from her that if Manuel is the father of the child she is expecting and whiles they were talking, grandma Rosa hears of Louisa’s pregnancy and she becomes totally heartbroken and cries her eyes out because she thinks it is a great shame since Louisa is still so young and not married and had wanted to hit Louisa for disappointing her but acacia stops her and ask her to calm down so that Louisa might not lose her baby.

Rosa then demanded from Louisa to tell her the truth if Arturo is the father of her child. Louisa was about to disclose the truth to Rosa when coincidentally Arturo reaches there and overhears Rosa’s question and quickly he hurried to the room to lie and says that, he is actually the father of the child. Quickly Rosa starts to scold Arturo that, she is very much disappointed in him for trusting in him because he promised to take care of Louisa which why she allowed Louisa to work with him and she has now realized that instead of them to work, they were rather doing something else which landed Louisa into this mess.

Louisa then pleads with Rosa not to rebuke Arturo but she shouts at Louisa to shut up because she can see that, Louisa actually has forgotten the way she raised her up and ended up just like that and in the end she is going to remain a single mother despite the fact that she warned Louisa so many times. Immediately Arturo heard that from Rosa, he cuts Rosa’s speech and says to her that, Louisa is never going to be a single parent because he wants to marry her as soon as possible and she is not going to lack anything. Rosa then asked acacia to keep Louisa’s pregnancy as a secret till everything is calm in the ranch and Louisa asked Rosa to forgive her disappointing her.

Christina again decides to go see Esteban to talk things over again so he can come back to the ranch for them to live happily as husband and wife and Christina’s mother becomes happy because she thinks with Esteban coming back to the ranch Christina will truly be a happy woman again. Ulises goes to see Alejandra at Danilo’s house to ask her for more information so he can give to the police for them to be able to catch Dangle since what she gave him is not enough evidence.

After Alejandra has told him what he wishes to know, Ulises asked her to run away with him but Alejandra resist and ask Ulises to go because no matter where she run to hide Danilo will still come over to look for her as he did after she had escaped him for the first time. Fortunately for Perla Memo escaped death and he called Perla to meet him at their convention point and on seeing Memo, Perla jumped greatly and embraced memo shedding tears of joy and kisses him unaccoun




Perla in her excitement tells Memo that, she is not willing to go back again to Danilo’s house therefore they should run away to a faraway country where Danilo will not be able to find them as Danilo believes that he is dead and also Alejandra has promised to help her escape already so she can be with him (Memo). Esteban looks very depressed after Danilo had told him that the money he invested in the business has gone down the drain. He becomes so troubled that he cannot control himself than to cry because he now sees that there’s nothing more left for him to concerning financial life and to seek for comfort, he calls acacia to ask her how she is doing and to ask her to come over but acacia again shuns him and ask him to forget about her.

Esteban then tells her that, if that is what she prefers then, he is bidding her goodbye for good. Immediately after Esteban cuts the call Christina also comes over to the restaurant and she sits with him and they talk things over and Esteban accepts to come back to the ranch to be with Christina ones again. Ulises alert the police ones more about where Danilo has been harboring his crops and the police hurriedly go to see Danilo with a search warrant to search through the house

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