Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with with LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST),
Cristobal asking Aldonza to marry him and Aldonza thinks it can’t be possible since his (Cristobal) parents will never give their consent to it. He then asks her not to gim him the answer yet but rather will wait for her at El-Santuario the next day for his reply and by so doing if Aldonza fails to come over to see him, then he will actually tell that indeed she want nothing to do with him any more. immedaitely they both shared passionate kisses and departed.
Emmanuel lays on his bed thinking about the deal he has engaged himself in for Mary to help him get back Lola by posing to be his girlfriend. Humberto takes the opportunity to advice him to be very much careful since he actually know that Mary is in love with him.
The next day, after Mary has told her parents that she and Emmanuel are now into a relationship, she pleads with them to invites Emmanuel over for Dinner and they accepted and after after Mary calls Emmanuel to come over for the dinner, Uriel warns him that if he dares to hurt his daughter he is going to have him to contend with.
Renato pleads with Silvia to forgive him on causing her to lose her job and though Silvia felt a bit reluctant but she later agrees and Renato again asks her to help him handle Aldonza’s case and it actaually sounded like a blow to her but she accepted to help him with that. whiles they keep charting his father calls to inform him that his mother’s lawyer has asked him to tell him to come over for them to discuss something concerning his mother.
The head of the police goes to see Father Jeronimo at the hospital to interrogate him if he can really testify that Severiano is the cause of his accident but since he has no proof, he tells the police that it may have been caused by his car since it has really been of age having some parts damaged already.
Renato goes with his father to see the lawyer and to his surprise, his mother handed over all of her account beariing a huge sum cash and her properties in his name. Renato becomes so dumbfounded but what worried him was that his mother never willed any property in his father’s name after enquiring from his father the reason, his father Consario discloses to him that, his mother got to know about his secret affair with Roberta and that led her to change her will into his name but the point is he is not hurt one bit rather happy for him instead since he believes in him that he can start a firm with that money.
Valeria goes to the hospital and she tries to be sarcastic towards Aldonza that, she and Cristobal have now patched things up and very soon they will start their wedding preparation again. Aldonza seeing how Valeria was trying to be full of herself, she asks her if she really loves Cristobal as Abelardo after seeing how they kissed passionately and immedaitely Valeria sensed danger since Aldonza really caught her and Abelardo kissing. Aldonza tells her that she once felt pity for her knowing how Cristobal broke up with her but as from now she can describe her as not worth it for Cristobal’s love. In her arrogance she tried to slap Aldonza for saying that since she wanted to deny it but Aldonza quickly blocked her hand and in shame she left.
Dominga pays a visit to Father Jeronimo at the hospital and on her return she sees Aldonza and gave her pieces of advice to fight for her love and not let go sake of family differences.
Cristobal goes to wait at El-santuario waiting for Aldonza to bring him his reply about his marriage proposal and in that same vein, Aldonza was also in the house deliberating if he is to go see Cristobal or not and after reflecting on Dominga’s advice, she quickly run to see Cristobal at El-Santuario only when Cristobal was fed up waiting and about to leave, she calls him from behind and they hug each other and Aldonza says Yes to his marriage proposal.
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