Heart Of A Woman Season 1 Episode 10


Unfortunately things changed as soon as Kelvin returned to Abuja in January {the following year}. His calls drastically reduced, leaving me with no choice than to be the one making all the calls. Yet whenever he answered, his voice lacked the normal affection and care. Of course I aired my fears to him, but he waved them off giving countless reasons for his change of attitude. Work stress, fatigue and so on.
I wasn’t convinced but swallowed my fears. I gave him the benefit of doubt thinking with time things would improve, but on the contrary it worsened. It really got to a stage when he began finding it difficult to answer my calls.
“please baby I’m in a meeting, I’m busy, I’ll call you later” soon became his pattern of answering me. Sometimes he called back in the middle of the night, most times he failed to keep his word.
I really wasn’t happy. I was broken and dejected. I began feeling his absence. I began getting lonely, I slowly slipped into total despair. Then I got fed up. I couldn’t take his behaviour any-longer. I decided to sneak up on him which was very unladylike but necessary.
Thinking of it now, I blamed myself for totally surrendering to him and giving him all I had, even as he failed to introduce me to his family during the festive period we spent together. It really crossed my mind that period, but I kept my feelings to myself because it was his duty as a guy to bring up the topic, moreover I never saw it as an issue since we were engaged. I truly loved Kelvin with all my body and soul. The kind of love I had for him almost made me lose my mind.
I travelled to Abuja to see things for myself. To satisfy my curious mind and set my fears at rest. I knew Kelvin’s behaviour was out of the ordinary, but I never allowed my mind to believe that he could be cheating on me. The engagement ring on my finger was still a strong prove of his affection, I believed. Yet it never stopped my heart from pounding furiously as I got close to his apartment that fateful Saturday.
One thing about love is that it never discriminates. It happens to everybody, both young and old. Once it happens, you are at the mercy of your inner-most feelings…… And When it crashes, it comes crashing down with a force more deadly than a plane crash that whatever remains of your heart thereafter will be as good as dead.
Awwww……Wowww…. Is that for me?” i shout, my hands on my lips. I couldn’t believe it. What was that for? Today wasn’t my birthday. The kids arose from their seats, My Duncan majestically accepted the gifts from the waiter and gave them to me one after the other. I thanked them profusely; tears clouded in my eyes. Did i deserve all this?
“Audrey…this is a token from  the Duncan’s to appreciate your honesty, hardwork and relentless efforts in keeping our home. May i add that, we have never had someone like you in our home”. Mr Duncan said and opened his arms for a hug. OW Jeez!!!! He smelt good and had so much warmth in his arms. I stayed in those arms for just 2 minutes but it felt like thousand years. I hugged the kids as well and gave them pecks. The joy and excitement was enough to keep me full. I couldn’t finish my experiment on the fish’s eye any more. Somehow, i felt myself holding his hand on the table.
“Am really grateful sir!! I didn’t deserve all this big surprise”. I managed to say this sorrowful as we made our way back home. The kids were tired and had already started dozing off at the back seat. Silence ensued between us  as the car sped off. My heart pounding, hands perspiring as if anxiously waiting to hear something.
We got home at quarter past ten: i tugged the kids safely in bed and made way for my room.  As i passed the kitchen, i saw Mr Duncan sipping a glass of water.This was part of his night rituals. He never forgot his glass of water. I walked in noiselessly  and tapped him gently  and he nearly  choked  out of surprise:
“Hei Audrey”, he said with  a distinct smile. ”
Sir! Way back at the restaurant… That was too much: did  i really deserve that?”, i said and pierced expectantly into his eyes tears welling up in my eyes again.  He took my right hand and  patted it:
“You deserve more than that okay”. He said; took his  last sip and bid me goodnight.
I switched on my radio, placed my gifts appropriately and slipped into my night gown. I took my teddy and lay it beside me on the bed. As i laid silently, i took the teddy and hugged it tightly as if it possessed the same warmth and passion of “My love”.
“I will name you sweet Duncan”, i said and kissed it passionately.  Celine Dion’s ” Am your lady” song took my mind to a different height and depth. I needed to repay poor Duncan some way . He has been through so much these days. Going to the court, here and there. I moved into the mirror, surveyed the transparency of my gown, slid a lipstick on my lips and made way for his bedroom.
To be continued….