Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with with LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST),
Candela becomes so affected after Cristobal tells her that he doesn’t care about whatever happens to them because from now in a long time he is not going to let himself to be slain by their problems and candela becomes so downhearted at the statement thinking that Aldonza has caused their only son to even hate them.
Prudencia looking at the way and manner Valeria has been behaving and since she refuses to let anything out of her mouth to her as her mother, she invites Mary out to enquire from her if she can tell her what the hell is wrong with Valeria since Mary is her best friend. Mary then tells her the truth that she overheard Abelardo and Valeria arguing that it Aldonza caught them kissing and she is afraid that she might tell Cristobal about it.
Cristobal refuses to go on the trip with his father and Severiano asks him if his refusal has got something to do with Aldonza and plainly he answers him YES and his father tells him that he still can’t believe how far he will try to chase that woman who is not even ready to listen to him (Cristobal) but he tells his father that whether Aldonza is ready or not to listen to him, he will continue to pursue and even g to the extent of kneeling to beg her till she accepts him. Severiano becomes so angry and gives condition to Cristobal that, it is either he stays with him to manage the ranch business or say goodbye to it and his inheritance forever. Cristobal tells him he doesn’t care he can go ahead to give it anyone like Abelardo who his father trusts so much because he will agree to be his puppet and do whatever he wants.
Lola closes from shop and unfortunately for her she bumps into Severiano and he questions her to be very careful not to tell his relationship between Alvatrie and him to anyone or his wife. Lola then asks him not to try to threaten her because he has no idea the many times his wife has threatened her but it never moved her a bit and Severiano hooked her by the hand and warn her not to try his patient because the difference between him and his wife is that he carries out his threats and Lola becomes very nervous.
Cristobal calls Aldonza on phone and whiles they chart candela overheard them and looking so angry she quickly enters to remove the phone cable and warn him never to use her phone to call Aldonza again because everything in the house belongs to her. Cristobal then questions her to tell him why she actually hate Aldonza so much and candela blows the news about the relationship between his father and and Roberta to him.
Melesio asks Dominga to make them agree to give Lola the chance to go out with Patricio since by so doing they will actually make Lola win their trust again and whiles they keep charting, Lola enters and they give her their consent that she can start dating Patricio as she wishes and she becomes so happy.
Thomas’ father after checking Prudencia’s car saw no fault with it so he asked his Thomas to take it to her and Thomas’ in his own power forged a huge bill on a receipt and takes it to Prudencia and after giving it to Humberto he sees the amount to be too much and Thomas tells him that even his father decreased the price considering how important the doctor is to them.
Cristobal after getting to know the reason for their parent’s differences, he goes to see Aldonza and he tells her in the presence of Adelina on the issue and Aldonza hurtfully asks Adelina if she had any idea about the relationship and Adelina becomes so nervous but she still tells her she knew it and Aldonza asks Cristobal that they go out to have a talk so he tells her the whole truth because she finds it difficult to know whom to trust anymore.
Severiano confronts candela on why she took that stupid decision to tell Cristobal about the secret because that is even going to create more problem than before but candela still sees no wrong with it since she needed to make Cristobal find a reason to stay away from Aldonza and Severiano tells her that it is impossible as it is rather going to push him more closer to Aldonza.
Thomas goes to look for the candy box since she sold it online for a fortune but unfortunately for him his mother tells him that, she took it to the church as a donation and it comes as a blow to Thomas.
Aldonza and Cristobal have a chart and they come to agreement that, there are more secret to their parent’s relationship than what candela told him but Cristobal asks her if even with that it can still lead them to separate and Aldonza responds that nothing can separate them.
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