Heart Of A Woman Season 2 Episode 1


kelvin tried his best to make sure I was alright. He took me to a lab test and equally paid a nurse to stay at the apartment and see to my needs. If not for the little doubts that had already found their way into my heart. I would have been very satisfied with the level of care he showed. Even though he was hardly present to keep me company, he always made sure he brought something nice each time he returned home.
On Friday {three days later}, Lydia came visiting and was shocked to see me very sick.
“oh goodness me!. Stella what’s happening. You never told me you were sick” she cried with concern.
“I’m almost better dear” I smiled weakly. She shook her head, studying me seriously.
“I came to tell you how far I have gotten with the house you requested, without expecting to see you this sick and pale” she said slowly,
“how about the other mission. The information I asked you to get concerning kelvin’s mystery girl” I asked curiously. She breathed deeply and stared at me with disbelief.
“you see?. You worry too much for Kelvin which is quite bad. Anyway I did the job. I had to befriend an old annoying gossip who worked in the same office with your guy. Just get better my dear, I have lots of stories to tell you” she said with a smile.
“The girl’s name is Lillian Isaac. Can you believe Kelvin actually brought her here?” I informed my friend who gasped with surprise.“that’s exactly how surprised I was when he brought her to me my dear” I concluded.
“hope he also told you she is the daughter of his boss. Her father is a director in the Ministry” she added slowly, nodding seriously. It was my turn to gasp with shock and worry. I instantly pictured the girl in my head. No doubt she has it all. Beauty, money and youth. I was far from being a match to her. “damn” I breathed.
“we have lots of things to discuss sweetheart, but it will be when you get better. I think it’s better you stay at my place which you know will be more fun. Moreover Chika and her twin just arrived in the country, so my place is very lively with people you care about. You shouldn’t be here suffering” She said seriously.
“fine you can come pick me up tomorrow” I agreed weakly.
Kelvin came home at exactly 7:39pm that fateful day. As usual he brought a beautiful flower which he told me was a healing flower he got from an Indian spiritualist..
“I’ll be moving over to Lydia’s house tomorrow. I’ll finalize the arrangements I’m making for the new house she arranging for me from there after which I’ll head back to Imo state” I instantly informed him. Unfortunately my words had a very terrible effect on him. He frowned and stood up with anger.
“you always like making decisions on your own. I wonder how we will live as husband and wife. Who will be the husband and who will be the wife. You always act as you wish, with no consideration to my feelings. Gosh I’m fed up” he screamed, shocking me with his outburst. It was the first time he was raising his voice on me and it really hurt.
“You said you are fed up with me?” I asked with shock. “yes I’m, what do you expect huh. You are free to leave and never come back” he fired defiantly. An alarm instantly rang in my head. I almost fainted with shock.
Obsessed coming up in the next episode
To be continued..