Heart Of A Woman Season 2 Episode 2


“I can’t believe you said all those foul words to
me. Seriously you just shocked me” I screamed
weakly. He breathed deeply, stared at me for a
while before drawing close to me.
“I’m very sorry dear. It won’t happen again. Don’t
mind what I just said sweetheart” he apologized,
calming me with his words even though I was far
from being appeased.
His outburst really made me think deeply and
recheck myself. I saw some truths in his words
but there wasn’t much I could do about it nor
was I ready to change my personality for him.
I grew up to be respected and obeyed. I was
fond of making my decisions and I had never
yielded nor submitted myself to any man apart
from my dad who equally found it hard
controlling me.
I looked at Kelvin with understanding and held
his hand. Sure he felt caged under me, but what else was he expecting. I was older, more successful and equally his old boss.
Things can’t just change within a twinkle of eye.
It doesn’t happen that way, moreover I do give
him the respect he deserves but no he wants
more and I can’t just turn into a little girl for him”
I reasoned silently. Very early the next day, Lydia showed up to pick me. I expected Kelvin to protest again but he did no such thing, instead helped me to gather my things, making sure I left nothing behind.
“dearest, I do apologized for the decision I took.
You know it’s for the best, we aren’t yet married
to be living together. I promised to stay a week
which I did. So don’t get mad at me. The house
I’m equally acquiring is for the beautiful family
we will be starting soon” I said to him, while
Lydia rolled her eyes and scratched her hair.
“I understand my dear. Just get better and
beautiful for me” he murmured sweetly, drew
close and kissed me strongly. A very passionate
kiss that stayed in my head for months…
“hmmm my dear I can’t help but smile over the
scene you guys acted some minutes ago. You
guys are just opposite of each other. You are
dreaming in wonderland while he is struggling to
wake up and bolt” Lydia joked as she drove me
to her house.
“shut up” I screamed playfully. But dear me, she was right…
“Duncan!!! where the hell are you?” she continued calling while she pushed the door to his their bedroom. She searched through with  heated pace. She seemed too annoyed to be pacified. I followed here with steady pace. She rushed out, looked round and caught a glimpse of me. it was too late to swerve.
” hei just come out  from behind..” she instructed me. I reluctantly moved out from my hiding place and walked towards her. She stood still and gave me a sizing and a mischievous look. She laughed off and held her waist.
“What is it am hearing about you?? Huh!!!” she asked and waited for some form of response. I kept still, my head down.
“Is it true that you are really sharing bed with my husband?” she asked again….
“you that we picked from the gutter….stranded with tattered clothes…you came here; had a better life and  is this what you pay me in return?”  she kept asking, this time  coming closer. My head was still hunged down, my eyes closed. I feared what she could do but somehow My love interrupted her from   behind.
.”What is this nonsense  am hearing   jane?”   he asked; brow furrowing… He looked really serious.
“Can you  just badge into my house and threat  someone who takes care of the home you left ?”  he called out; came closer and took my hand. He drew me closer to him and continued:
“The person you picked  from the gutter is the one who takes care of your kids  and myself.” This time she was dumbfounded, surprised at what was actually happening. My head was up now. A grin  began forming at the corners of my mouth.
To be continued…