Heart Of A Woman season 2 episode 3


Kelvin’s story
As Lydia drove away with Stella. I breathed deeply and dialed Lillian’s number. “she just left with her friend. She’s gone” I informed her.
“hmmm that’s cool huh. Hope you are still coming over?” she asked,
“yea” I answered, hung up and walked into my apartment. I was a bit relieved to see Stella leave but I equally was scared because a big girl like her was capable of anything. Moreover she left with no just cause to be with her friend, which was kind of suspicious.
“well I know I tried to make her happy” I said to myself. my mind flashing back to how it all started. Stella truly turned my world around, bringing me out of poverty to a life of happiness and I appreciated everything but to be sincere I was very scared of making her my wife because she was just a lady with strong spirit. She was very fond of commanding respect and equally behaved sometimes as if I was her junior brother while in return I always behaved myself in her presence. Always conscious of everything whenever I was with her..
Yes I behaved like a woman whenever we were together while she behaved like a man always making all the decisions. But no matter her behavior she was very generous and deeply in love with me and I owed her quite a lot which was why I proposed to her out of gratitude….
Lillian on the other hand was very friendly, playful and extremely pleasant to be with. She was my close friend, colleague and mate. We shared almost everything together that people soon began thinking that we were having a relationship which I would have loved but stella was in the way and it really wasn’t in me to cheat on a woman who changed my life, even though my feelings for her reduced by each passing day. I remained committed to Stella. I had no choice than to continue loving her, which was why I felt so bad that she could decide to move over to her friend’s house and also get a new house without discussing it with me. It made me snap which I very much regretted…..
So watching her leave that fateful Saturday left a huge mark on me but I had no choice than to push away my feelings, freshen up and head over to Lillian’s house to finish a project report which we were to submit on Monday. I had a very lucrative but demanding job that gave me no time to rest and enjoy the money I was making daily…
“Oww Duncan so is true?” she uttered and held her waist again. “Duncan see you in court”… She pointed at him with her left fore finger. “i Curse the day i married you”. She said and badged out.
I heaved a big sigh of relief and hugged him, my head on his chest…he only kissed my forehead and took me inside the bedroom. He whispered as we entered.
” Did you give the kids any sleeping tablet? I can’t believe upon all this noise they couldn’t hear a thing”. I just smiled and pushed him unto the bed…..
“Bad boy”, i said with one of my sexiest look.  “That was brave boy”…. I sat on the bed and tapped his chest gently.”Thanks for accepting me”. I said and kissed the back of his right hand.
This evening held tension and surprises. I  was waiting for Mr Duncan to come back home and tell me the final outcome of the court’s hearing.  I prepared braised rice, sauteed   vegetables and shito for supper. I prayed fervently that everything  goes  well.  The kids were glued to their favourite Indian telenovela. I  was busily placing the cutleries at the right position when i heard a thunder storm.  I asked the kids to check the state of the weather from the window. Before they could get there, it started pouring down heavily. I went and stood by the window contemplating how Mr Duncan could get home. I called on the kids to come and eat their meal. it rained cats and dog; the wind lashing out at the curtains.
To be continued…..