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Pablito complains to Dorilla that he feels so bored always staying in his room alone without getting to play with anyone just because Lorenza asked him to stay in his bedroom because he is sick but he is not,. He asks Dorilla about the where about of his mother and after she told him that Esmeralda has gone out with Monica, Pablito tells her that, he doesn’t like Monica one bit looking at the way in which she’s been stirring at his father because it feels very strange and Dorilla tries to ask him not to say things that he has no idea of but Pablito tells her that he doesn’t make things up like his grandma Lorenza always lying so starting from that moment, he is going to pray for Lorenza as grandma Fela has been telling him always that people who lie will not go to heaven and that is exactly what he finds in Lorenza.
Ines goes back to enquire from Mrs. Rita to know if she was able to deliver her request to Garabato and Mrs. Rita tells her she actually did but Garabato told her to inform her that, she should forget about her request because as it is now, he considers her (Ines) a dead and Ines becomes so worried.
Lorenza returns to Pablito’s room to see him asleep and she says to herself that, she doesn’t want to with anyone dead but since he wants the both of them (Lorenza and Pablito) to leave happily without anyone interrupting them, she wishes that, Esmeralda dies or go far away. Whiles coming out of the room, she coincides with Esmeralda right at Pablito’s gate to see her child but Lorenza tells her she has no right to check on Pablito and Esmeralda challenged her this time around and Lorenza sensing danger have to allow Esmeralda to see her son. Esmeralda enters and after she told his son that she went out with Monica, Pablito says to her that he really hate Monica because the last time he overheard her and Lorenza in a conversation which proved that, Monica is in love with his father and that is why she annoys him very much. Esmeralda then asks his son if he prefers that they move out of the house to stay in their own apartment and Pablito gives a YES answer looking so happy about his mum’s decision.
Ines still thinking about her sold son and suddenly Ray enters to propose love and marriage to her but she tells him that she’s not interested in him at all because after seeing how handsome Garabato has become she now know that she should have accepted him because Garabato’s proposal to her was uncountable but her pride and arrogance has made her to lose him for good.
Pablo goes to check on Leticia at Silencioso’s house and Silencioso and Fela take the opportunity to advise him to look for apartment and move his family out of his mother’s house before things get worse and somehow he takes it in bad fate because he feels it’s Esmeralda who has gone to inform her parents to tell him that without letting him know first as his husband.
After Pablito alerted his mother Esmeralda on the conversation between Lorenza and Monica, she refuses to go out with Monica again and Monica goes to inform Lorenza about it that, it may be that Pablito has informed his mother about certain things and that has ruin their plans to separate her from her son because she prefers to stay home to be with her son than to go out with her (Monica) but Lorenza still compels her not to give up so easily.
Silencioso detects that all the account Silencioso handed over to the Martinez Negrete after the court declared him victorious and had his name cleared, all those money has been withdrawn from the account making it go bankrupt and from the scene all these money was withdrawn within months by Agustin since they have his signature on the withdrawal sheets. Silencioso, Damien and counselor Rosorio sense something fishy so they decide to check why a huge sum of money can be withdrawn in just months. This means that Pablo and Esmeralda can’t have any money to rent a house of their own but the point is that none of them is willing to tell Silencioso the truth about their financial life.
Lorenza goes to see hedger and Gisela to inform them about how she’s withdrawn all of the money into a different account Silencioso gave to her three children just to make their lives miserable so that Pablo will believe that they are in financial crises and with that they will leave that house alone for her and Pablito and Gisela thinks it is a stupid idea but Lorenza thinks otherwise.
Pablo realizing that he’s caused more problems to Esmeralda by making them stay in his mother and it is not an intentional thing but because of the financial problem, he apologizes to her in a special way and renew their love once again by sealing it with a diamond ring and though Esmeralda wishes that he shouldn’t have bought it considering their financial situation, he insists that she is worth more than anything in this world therefore not even their problems can take his mind off the love he has for her.
Agustin appears again to Lorenza in her mind and tells her that she is to stop all these evil deeds since her end is going to be awful but she insists on doing it to bring Esmeralda down.
Esmeralda tries to ask Lorenza to forget the past so they both can make up but Lorenza filled with too much evil intentionally begins to scream calling out for help as if Esmeralda has beaten her up and quickly Pablo arrives with the kids to ask the reason and suddenly Lorenza deliberately collapses and after hedger arrives to take care of her, they have their own chart and hedger saying that, everything is working according to plan. After hedger left, Pablo goes to see his mother and after Pablo ask her about why she did that against Esmeralda, she comes up with a lie that it was because Esmeralda mentioned to her that they are financially broke and that is what gave her the heart attack and nothing else.
Esmeralda goes to see her father to discuss everything to him and how Lorenza even got to know about their financial problems because Pablo told her that his mother stated that she (Esmeralda) mentioned that to her meanwhile it is not true. Silencioso then said to her that may be Lorenza knows something about how the embezzlement was done and this time around if it turns out that Lorenza knew something about it, there will be no mercy again.
Esmeralda goes straight to confront Lorenza on why she lied to Pablo about her being the one who mentioned their financial problems and whiles arguing with her, Lorenza saw the ring Pablo gave to her and she tries to rain insult as a useless woman who accepts expensive ring forgetting that they even find it hardly to eat. She then promised that if Esmeralda will give her that ring so they sell it for them to get enough money to help pablo solve their problem, then she promises to love her as a great mother in law and Esmeralda though never believed her but for the sake of solving a part of the problem, she removes the ring and gave it to Lorenza.
Ray tries to sexually abuse Ines, but fortunately for her Garabato from nowhere comes to her rescue and he makes a proposal to give money to her so she goes far away from that place but she again refuse and asked Garabato to help her find her son.
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