Issues about love has always been dicey and has always been treated meticulously. Now the question is, what at all is that “LOVE”?
From the time of Adam till now, philosophers, authors and scientists have tried to define love from different perspectives; the scientists say that “Love is a chemistry”, the authors mention that “Love is the inspiration for great books”, whereas the philosophers has place on record that “Love is a passionate commitment”. I do not disagree with them but I do have my own understanding of love.
Per my own definition of love, it is the acceptance of the other for whatever he is. Moreover sharing even the small you have with others. Now note that love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get but what you are expecting to give and that is everything. Love is not the desire to, sorry to say, sleep around with people every second of the day neither is it lying in bed imaging someone kiss every cranny of your body. That is a big NO! and that is just been “in Love” and forgive my words, every fool or sane person can do just that.
I used to think that locking up my heart in a casket was a sure way of keeping it from been broken. I did discovered that even inside the casket which is safe, dark, motionless, airless, my heart could still be broken. It will not be broken but it will become unbreakable, impenetrable and irredeemable. A good friend once told me that “Love changes people and a heartbreak is God’s way of telling you that you were never meant to be.
I do not know how true it is but what I do know is that when you are truely engaged in giving and receiving, you do not ponder over questions like “What is Love?” For it is in giving that we feel loved and it is in love that we do give. Jesus in The Holy Bible tells us to love God with all our hearts and Love our neighbours as ourselves. That clearly means that if we can’t hurt ourselves, we can’t and will never hurt those we claim to love. So why then should we allow a heartbreak and our insecurities deter us from experiencing such an amazing feeling. Tell the people you love that you love them at every opportunity you get because when they leave, no matter how hard you scream or cry, they will never hear and attend to you.
I have made that step into experiencing true love, and I have had my own share of it. I then finally got to know that when it comes to matters of love, Akwasi is always unlucky and at the losing end because of how he has been treated by different shades of women thou he is currently single. God bless you if you ever became part of me. Are ready to take that bold step to know your status?
This is matters of the heart and love chapter one, expect the chapter two which sought to tell you how I was been treated by different shades of women very soon.
Much appreciation to Nana Bah Philomina of Kumasi Poly for sharing with me a lot of theories about love that inspired this write.
I am fired up to bring you the chapter two very soon. Thanks for reading.
Akwasi Boakye.