Tonight Discussion – I saw the red flag but i ignored them


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Dear Mr Pobs

Pls i want my ID hidden

I have been married for a year now, i saw all the red flags n ignored it bcos i Love my husband so much, I know he has always been interested in ladies with big butts, he recently asked me to go for injection on my butts to have them round n attractive in bed. I have done a lot of mistakes n am so tired of pushing my self just to pleas him, i know it is roung  but shld i do it to keep my husband home?

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  1. hmmm, my dear sister,dose ur husband really love u? are u sure he will stand by u when the side effect of that injection is affecting u.u are thinking of keeping him in detriment of ur u want to die him to be happy? if he really love u, then he must appreciate who u are