The Unknown Season 4 Episode 5


Previously On The Unknown

“Who do you think can do this to your Mum, Anthony?” Vickie asked Anthony.

Anthony kept quiet for a moment before he spoke. “Maybe the Prince. He came here to see Mum but she didn’t give him an audience.” Anthony replied.

“Same Prince? That guy?” Vickie questioned.

“Yes.” Anthony replied as be wiped his tears.

“Alright, the officers have been informed already.” She said as she cuddled the boy.

“Whoever the person is, Vivian will be free soon.” She said.

** ** **

“Stop here.” Craig ordered as he saw Prince Edward’s

“I just suspect… wait, this is Prince Edward’s car.”

“Yes, Craig. It’s customized already.

“Why’s he here? Let’s check the vehicle

“The Unknown? The Unknown would have sent text message if he was the one.”

“You know him that much?”

“I told you.” He said as he pulled the handle of the door and it opened. “Is this not Mrs Priscilla again?”

“Take care of this, Doris. I’m pretty sure someone should be in the booth of this car.” Craig said as he hastened to the booth of the car and met Prince Edward.

“Prince? What’s happening?” Craig looked away.

** ** **.

“Who just called you?” Henry asked.

“Craig. He said I should come and check on him. I suspect something.” Nicholas said

“What?” Henry asked.

“My glasses is not on me anymore.” The car stopped instantly.

“What do we do?” Henry asked.



Nicholas was just by the door that lead to the room, so he could see Craig as he was spying but Craig couldn’t see him. He began to wonder what he came to do in that house again.

He remembered Nancy telling him Craig was her ex, could it be that Craig had come just to reconcile with her or Craig probably saw them at the eatery? His brain was void to provide reasonable answers to these questions troubling him.

He tiptoed into Nancy’s room again as he awaited Craig to leave. I don’t know why a person is like this! Why has he been following me? Why! He questioned himself as he sat down on Nancy’s bed slowly. “God, please send him out.” He began to pray.

Firstly, he didn’t want Nancy to know he had made her drunk because he wanted to take the pictures away, he also wouldn’t want Craig to know he was in a way close to Nancy.

Soon, he heard as a phone rang aloud in the living room and whisked up to his feet. Craig just received a phone call rushed out, going to the office.

“Thank God!” He muttered as he walked to the living room slowly and saw Craig driving away. As soon as he was sure Craig had left, he walked out of the house and stopped a motorcycle.

** ** **

Vickie and Anthony walked into the hospital as fast as they could. They both rushed to the reception to speak with the nurse on duty. “Please, what of Vivian?” Vickie quickly questioned as she saw the nurse.

“Pardon?” The nurse squinted her face.

“She was brought here,” she quickly added.

The nurse tilted her head as she tried to remember the patient that was brought recently. “Ooh.. you mean that lady that was shot?” She asked Vickie.

“Shot? Was shot? I don’t think she’s the one.” She quickly added.

“No, mum wasn’t shot!” Anthony quickly chimed in too.

“She was actually shot, if you’re really looking for the woman that was brought here by Area F station.” The nurse stated clearly.

Henry who knew the reality and had stood by a side for a moment stepped forward. “May we see her?”

The nurse shook her head in disapproval. “I’m sorry, you can’t. The Doctors are we with her already, trying to extract the bullet.”

“Vivian was really shot? No!” Vickie exclaimed.

“Just take things easy..” The nurse calmed her down.

“Mum? Will my Mother die?” Anthony quickly asked Henry with tears on his eyes already.

“No! Have the believe, boy.” Henry held his hands.

“Who even took her away? Who?” Vickie demanded to know.

She felt so hurted. They had been friends for so long and she knew Vivian actually did pray never to ever be shot in her entire life. She was always afraid of armed robbers and some other people who might harm her, why would she be shot?

Tears filled her eyes. She could remember vividly that she had a friend who died of gunshot, he was admitted and after some hours, he was confirmed dead. She knew of another woman that had lived in her estate before, she was still with her parents then. The woman was shot by her leg and the leg had to be amputated. A person who was walking before became a person always on seat.

“No!” She muttered under her own breath as she turned to the nurse. “Can’t we just… at least see her?”

“No. They are trying to extract the bullet and to know if a surgical operating would be carried out on her.”

“Alright, nurse. Thanks.” Henry said as he waved and held Anthony’s right hand. “Vickie, can we go now?” She asked.

“How can we go? You can leave for now, Henry. We have to wait for the Doctor or possibly Doctors.”

“Okay, Victoria. I’ll be right back.” He said and waved before rushing out.

As he got outside, he dialed Nicholas’ mobile number and rested against the car, waiting for him to pick up the call. “Nick, where are you at?” He asked as Nicholas picked up the call.

“On my way home, what’s happening? How’s my Viv?” He quickly asked.

“I’m coming over, right now.” He replied and quickly hopped into the vehicle.

** ** **

Craig drove into Area F station and walked to the office. He plopped down the swivel chair and the door to the office flipped open just then. He raised his head as he watched Doris walk inside.

“What’s up? Why did u summon me?” He asked.

“The King already sent a message that he wants his son to be bailed.” She informed.

Craig brushed to his feet. “Released? No! He shot someone, he can’t be released!” He clapped his hands together.

“I don’t know what to do, Craig. He has a representative here already, I hope you saw the Jeep parked there, it was brought to carry him away.” Doris told him.

“Then, I have to seek the permission of the boss to go and see the King. No one is above the law.” He said.

“Really? Should we go?” She asked.

“You are still asking? Let’s visit the boss!” He said as both stormed out of the office.

** ** **

Henry raced inside the compound and went ahead to lock the gate. He stood akimbo for some seconds, looking around before going inside the house. He knocked at the door before he flipped the door open and walked inside. “Guy, you love a lady and you never cared to call! You never cared to ask after her!”

“Why are you talking this way, Henry. You know me too, Henry. Shouldn’t you ask me what I went through before Craig? I faced hell before I could try to get myself out of the mud. Thereafter, Nancy who knows my secret called me and I couldn’t resist her call, or else we’ve gotten into an issue! I went to her place and made her drunk, I have gotten the evidences already.” He explained.

“Wow! I never knew. By the way, only God knows if Vivian’s wound isn’t much, Nick.”

“Really?” That got Nicholas attention real quick. “If anything happen to Vivian, I’ll make sure I kill that Prince!” He was indignant already.

“Just calm down, Nick. I have just been trying to know the fact about her marital status but her friend hasn’t been showing up very well.” He informed.

Nicholas scratched his head. “What do we do now? By the way, that should be left for another day! Vivian must live without any defect!”

“Sure, Nick. Put your mind at rest.” Henry smiled.

“I can’t go there because I don’t want her son and friend to see me at all.”

“I understand. What’s on ground now?”

“I don’t know too.” Nicholas let out air from his mouth and laid on the mattress.

** ** **

Craig walked into his boss’ office with Doris. They both stood attention before the man told them to have their seats. “Please sir, we need your permission to visit the Palace.” Craig said.

“Concerning the King’s call?” He asked him.

“Yes, Sir.” He said.

“He called me some minutes back and I told him it isn’t possible.” He told Craig.

“Really? What did he say?”

“He begged me, but I was also adamant. I can’t let him leave because we don’t know what he has in stock for the lady. So, he agreed with me and told me to release him after he has signed the undertaken that nothing would be wrong with the lady.”

“So Sir, he shouldn’t be release.”

“We just have to leave him, Craig.”

“No sir..” Criag didn’t feel comfortable at all.

“We have no choice, he is a Prince. At least, he will be coming here everyday. It’s not that he’s been freed totally, we’ve just got to respect the King.”

Craig squeezed his face. He wasn’t glad with the judgement. He just stood up as he tapped Doris. “We have to go. Thanks sir.” He bowed.

“Okay, just make arrangements.” He told Craig.

“Yes, Sir.”

** ** **

Story continues