To Love And Leave Episodes 2


I woke up on time and it’s 7:59 Wale was still fast asleep and there are no assurances he’s going to wake up anytime soon. I sat up, checked my phone and saw 4 missed calls, one from Michael my roommate and three from Ada.

Ada was a girl i met during my orientation in school , She’s one of those little smart girls who had fast education and got admitted into the University at the age of 16 so you can be sure how naive she is.

She had her secondary school years in a girls only boarding school, most of her holidays where spent indoors under the keen and scrutinizing eyes of her parents and never really had experience about anything that most girls her age should have.

Her mom was with her on the queue during the registration time and that got her the “mummy’s girl” nickname. We spent most of the semester reading together or atleast we tried to read. She could talk and wake a dead body from it’s grave. Absolutely everything gets her talking, from the girl who had a tattoo and the boy who sagged his trousers, the lecturer who was making faces to a girl and the girl who looked pregnant….

Ada sees and knows everything and was ready to talk about them anytime. I’m glad i missed her calls, we would have talked all night. I got up from the bed, did some house chores and took my bath. I didn’t know when mom left the house but she was out of the house before i woke up. I brought out one of my favorite shirts to wear, i had no plans of going anywhere but who knows, i might just meet Bidemi on the street and i want to be looking good when i do.

My phone started ringing and it was Ada again.

ME: Hello

Ada Ada: hello, i called you in the night, you refused to pick

Me: Sorry i was sleeping

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Ada: ehn ehn… that lady that i told you about, the one that used indoor antenna to beat her husband because he didn’t allow her to watch yoruba movie ehn, last night she didn’t allow the whole house to sleep, she on her gen till around 3am in the night watching yoruba movies, the volume was so high that she woke everybody up.

That our neighbor who i told you that time stole his wife’s money, now went out during the night to complain about it, it’s not only him o, Anti corper that is serving in Ibadan even though She’s from Akwa ibom but schooled in University of Abuja because her uncle is a lecturer there, shey you remember her too ehn, she also went out to complain. It was that hausa man from kaduna that now…..

Me cuts in) Ada ooo… i get it, you didn’t sleep in the night, that’s the summary of the whole story abi?

Ada: Yes now. So when you didn’t pick your call, i now call Fatima, the girl that came late to class during exam because one okada man hit her, you remember Shey?

Me: I remember her, Anyways how are you? hope you are eating good food now that you are at home?

Ada: Yes o, i ate amala last night but there was no meat only fish, the woman that sells meat didn’t hawk on street yesterday because people don’t pay her enough. i don’t even know why people behave like that. we sha ate fish sha, my mom bought it from her friend, that her friend that bought car with loan money and was running around because she couldn’t pay, it was now her husband that works at……

Me: (cuts in again) ehmmm…. Ada! Thank you for calling ehn, i have to go now

Ada: Haha! Dolapo! Have i talked too much again ni? i haven’t even told you half of the gists i have for you

Me: haaa… Don’t worry! I’ve enjoyed your gist enough. Thanks, you’ve made my day

Ada: really?? Ok. Shey i should call you again tonight

Me: (oga oo) okay! you can call

Ada: Thank you bestie! Bye bye

Me: Bye. Though we’ve only been friends for 3 months, Ada have decided to call me her bestie something Michael always seemed to get pissed about. He always tells me “ Dolly P, this girl don friend-zone you die, she even call you bestie ”

Truth is, I’ve never seen Ada other than just a friend, our course mates think we are dating but i couldn’t care less, there has been only one girl on my mind and It ‘s Bidemi.

it’s 9:57am, i decided to take a morning stroll, Wale has woken up but was taking his bath. i stepped out of the house, our street has always been a quiet one since our house and just a few other houses didn’t have gates, the rest had tall fences and big gates you could hardly see what’s going on inside the quiet compounds.

I had no plan where to go so i was busy looking around when i saw Bidemi and another girl sitting on a pavement talking, my heart skipped a bit, the way it always does whenever i see Bidemi. maybe this is my chance to finally talk to her. I’m a 100L civil engineering student, i should not be scared of talking to a girl, Engineers always gets the girls now.

I decided to walk towards her, the closer i got the more i felt like turning back and running home but i know i shouldn’t. For 1 year, 3 months, a week and 5 days I’ve dreamt of this moment right here, the moment i finally walk up to Bidemi and talk to her. I’m here now, standing two feet away to the girl of my dreams. i used all the strength i had to say my first statement.

Me: Hello, good morning girls but Bidemi didn’t look up , it was the other girl that looked up and replied me

Girl: Good morning

ME: emmm..(clears throat) I’m Dolapo by name

Girl: Okay….. I’m funmilayo! what can we do for you or what can we do you for?? Bidemi giggled and looked up at me for the first time…. i felt butterflies in my stomach

Me: Emm…actually I’m here to talk to Bidemi, if you don’t mind

Funmilayo: well i do mind

Me: (na which kain witch friend be this one sef) : I promise i won’t take her time, just wanna talk

Funmilayo: well, you can say it in front of me

Me: No i can’t

Funmilayo: she’ll tell me everything eventually so there’s no point going anywhere

Me: Miss Funmilayo… i don’t think you like me (bidemi laughed )

Funmilayo: I’m i supposed to like you?

Me: well… i don’t think I’ve offended you anywhere

Funmilayo: Oh! are you sure (bidemi cuts in)

Bidemi: heeey! Why are you both talking about me as if I’m not here

Funmilayo: Ask Mr. intruder here

Me: (Facing Bidemi) I’m sorry Bidemi, i didn’t know you had a bodyguard (Bidemi laughed but Funmilayo stood up angrily )

Funmilayo: watch how you talk to me!!

Bidemi: don’t disrespect my friend please

Me: I’m sorry i just wanted to have a few words with you, i didn’t intend on abusing anyone

Bidemi: I don’t think my friend is happy with you right now, maybe some other time sha

Funmilayo: There won’t be another time (still looking at me angrily )

Me: Ok Bidemi, I’m Dolapo and i hope you and i can talk some other time….especially whenever your bodyguard isn’t present Bidemi laughed again but Funmilayo didn’t find it funny.
I walked back home very pissed off, i waited this long to talk to a girl only for one spoilt rich brat to jeopardize everything, a very beautiful girl but spoilt and rude nonetheless. I went back home, settled in a chair, that encounter didn’t go as i wanted it to. i know i will get another chance and i hope the “bodyguard ” won’t be present then.


Funmilayo: I don’t like that guy jor Bidemi Smiles )

Bidemi : Funmilayo you have to stop chasing boys away from me, I’m a big girl you know

Funmilayo: Yes i know Bidemi, i just don’t like the idea of seeing another guy with you. i want you for my brother

Bidemi: look Femi had his chance and he blew it by sleeping with my sister

Funmilayo: He regrets it, he has always loved you. He’s not here right now but i know he’s thinking about you

Bidemi: No! he should think about passing his GCE not me

Funmilayo: Bidemi! Tell me you don’t love Femi anymore

Bidemi: That’s not relevant

Funmilayo: Just tell me the truth

Bidemi: I don’t know!!!

Funmilayo: Well… he’ll be home next month and i hope you guys get back together…

Bidemi was silent. she had lied, as silly as it is, she knows she still loves Femi, she thinks about him, prays for him daily. He’s her first love, the only guy she hates and love at the same time. She hates that she loves him, hates him for sleeping with her sister but still can’t get him off her mind. He’s coming home next month and she doesn’t think She’s ready to see him yet. ~

To be continued ~ tomorrow morning