To Love And Leave Episode 8


Whenever there’s a situation at hand, please try to find out the truth before you jump into conclusion, it might not be what it seems


A week now and still no calls or text from Bidemi. Now i have no doubt in my mind that something is definitely wrong. I can’t just get up and go to her house, She’s not picking up her calls and not replying her messages. I have absolutely no idea what had gone wrong between us but whatever it is, I’m sure it’s not good.

Wale walks in with a look i have seen before and a look i never liked, a sad one.

Wale: Dolly-p! We gotta talk man

Me: Sup bro? What’s happening?

Wale: There’s something i have to tell you and you won’t like it

Me: (sighs) looks like i have no choice than to hear it bro. Hit me up

Wale: I was outside playing football with a couple of guys from the street. We got talking and they had alot to say about Bidemi…. and Femi

Me: Femi…..Bidemi??

Wale: yea. The word on the street is that they are back together

Me: (sighs) emmm….but…. it’s just a rumour right?

Wale: I don’t think so… they’ve been seen together driving out , walking around holding hands… .i don’t know man but this isn’t just a rumour, it’s true.

Me: (speechless… looking down on my feet and totally lost for words )

Wale: I know how much you love her and how long you have been loving but Dolly-p, i think it’s high time you realised this girl isn’t worth it

Me: No Wale, She’s worth everything

Wale: Ogbeni.!!Didn’t you heard a word of what i just said? the girl is silly enough to go back to a guy that slept with her sister worths absolutely nothing, she doesn’t even worth getting sad over

Me: Wale!….. Thank you for telling me this. I have heard you.

Wale: it’s not about just hearing me. You know what to do

Me: Yes i know. I’ll think about what to do

Wale: (furious and standing up angrily ) What do you mean think about what to do?? What is there to think about than deciding to forget everything about her!

Me: This isn’t easy for me bro, try and understand

Wale: Feelings suck!! The sooner you realise that, the better it is for you.

He said that and left the room, banging the door behind him. Wale has always been the impatient one, he makes decision as soon as he can. I, on the other hand, not so much. I couldn’t believe what he just told me, Bidemi back with Femi…. i had thought about alot of things that could possibly make her ignore my calls but getting back with Femi was far from it.

I didn’t see this coming. I’m so angry and I’m not even sure who I’m angry at, is it Bidemi for getting back with Femi or me for loving her all this while. I can’t describe the feelings i feel inside because it’s alot. I’m sad, heartbroken, weak, confused……

I decided i have to see Bidemi, She’s not picking her calls , that means I’m going to her house. I wore my casuals, a Knickerbocker and top, I’m not trying to look good, i just want to get some answers. The walk to her house felt longer than normal, i had it in mind to hear my worst fear but somewhere in my mind is still a little hope of the stories just being a rumour and nothing serious.

I knocked on the gate twice before it opened, their gate man looked at me for a while and said. Make i help you call am, hin papa dey house! He obviously recognized me. 5 minutes later, the gate opened and Bidemi stepped out trying not to make eye contact with me. She looked angry at something or someone

Me: Good afternoon Bidemi

Bidemi: Afternoon!

Me: Hope you’re good. i tried contacting you for the past few days but you haven’t been picking your calls or replying messages, is everything OK?

Bidemi: everything is fine!

Me: Are you sure?

Bidemi: Pls why are you here?

Me: I came to see you Bidemi

Bidemi: And you’ve seen me, can i go now?

Me: Why are you acting this way? One day we were fine and the next you’re treating me like I’ve pissed you off

Bidemi: I have my reasons

Me: do you also have your reasons for not telling me you and Femi are now back together?

Bidemi: I don’t think it’s any of your business what i do with my life

Me: So it’s true

Bidemi: Yes it is!

Me: (sighs) why did you do this? why did you lead me on when you know you won’t be with me? you just decided to hurt me?

Bidemi: (looked at me in disbelief ) Hurt you? i decided to hurt you? You hurt me Dolapo! You lied to me!

Me confused) lied to you? how? i don’t understand

Bidemi: please stop lying and pretending

Me: i don’t understand! Tell me what you’re talking about

Bidemi: A girl called me and…..

Femi: (cuts in) What is going on here?? Femi came out through the gate, interrupting Bidemi so she couldn’t finish her statement .

Me: No one is talking to you man!

Femi: I wasn’t asking for your opinion

Me: You got it anyways

Bidemi: Ok stop! Why can’t you act like real men around each other

Me: It’s a little difficult when there’s only one man and the other is a boy

Femi: I’m guessing you’re the boy right

Me: Oh! are you really this dumb In a moment that came as a flash, I felt a sharp pain in my jaw. I saw femi raised his hand and that was all. In no time I was scrambling to stay on my feet but when it look as though I was going to be balanced on my feet, Femi wrapped his arms around my neck, twisted his body and I was on the floor, landing in a loud thud. All I heard was Bidemi screaming “ Femi! please stop” As he pounced on me, legs at both sides of my waist as his blows landed on my face. I tried standing but he was way too strong. I felt the pain on my lips, my jaw, cheeks and forehead . It felt like he will never stop, I was gasping for breath and suddenly when it looked like it will never end, I saw someone came up behind him, punched him at the back of the head, lifted him up in the air like it was nothing and threw him in the sand.

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Bidemi came up behind me, tears in her eyes as she tried to pull me up. I tried speaking but my lips were too heavy. I looked up and saw that my saviour was Wale, by now he had lifted Femi off his feet twice and threw him on the ground. He held Femi ,locking his shirt around his neck and punched him three times before Femi got up and limped out of his reach. By now people had stopped to see what was going on.

Wale and Bidemi helped me get up on my feet, blood on my lips. Femi stood few feet away from us, blood on his eyebrow as he held his wrist, wincing in pain. he had landed in his wrist when Wale threw him in the ground the second time.

Femi: Bidemi lets go!!

Bidemi looked at me like she was asking my permission to leave. I smiled and said;

Me: I’m fine, you should go

Bidemi: (stil crying) I’m sorry Dolapo

Femi: Bidemi I said let’s go

Bidemi snapping at him) I’m coming!

Wale: Look.girl! just leave already you brought this on yourself now looked at what you made that bastard do to my brother

Bidemi: I’m sorry! I didnt….

Wale: Just leave already!!!

She turned and left. I watched as she was walking in front as Femi limped behind her like a lost puppy. Wale and I went home and as we entered, Mum looked at me in fear and jumped on her feet

Mum: Modaran!! Yeeey! Dolapo ! Kilo sele (What happened)

Wale: Mummy it’s nothing he fell down

Mum: Jesu! where? How? when did it happen? Let’s go to the hospital now

Me: Mummy! ko need! I’m fine

Mum: Oya goan take paracetamol ,please my son, Jor!

Wale: He’ll take it mum. I’ll make sure of that

She watched with sadness as Wale and I went inside, I hate having to alarm her. I will be fine, I just need a drug for this pounding headache. We got to the room and Wale wasted no time in flaring up.

Wale: Dolly-p! are you out of your mind? what were you doing with Bidemi again!!

Me: I went to talk

Wale: And you got a beating in the process . I thought I told you to stay away from her. That girl is trouble

Me: (sighs) I learnt my lesson We were both silence for a few seconds, he looked at me, I looked at him and we busted out laughing

Wale: hahahaha! Dude! that guy had you mehn

Me: (laughing) I wasn’t ready

Wale: you are never ready! is this how people beat you in school??

Me: Hahaha. I don’t fight in school jor

Wale: Now I know why you don’t

Me: Idiot! Anyways! thank you back there

Wale: You’re my blood! I’ll forever have your back. Now forget Paracetamol and take this Tramadol, it’s a pain killer

Me: Okay bro!

I took the drugs and in 30 minutes, the effects kicked in. My vision blurred and I felt sleepy, the headache gone and my heart beats faster. This was a day I never want to relive in my mind, my ass as being kicked because of love, I don’t think I can do this anymore . I closed my eyes as I slipped into oblivion


Her phone rings and she picked

Mrs Martins: Hello

Man: Hello

Mrs. Martins. It is Olatunji on the line! Her heart skipped a beat! she knew the voice. That voice that had one time meant everything to her, that voice she could spend hours listening to

Olatunji: My son came home this afternoon with bruises on his face.and with a broken wrist! Apparently one of your sons had beaten him up

Mrs. Martins: My son, Dolapo came home with bruises too,.they came up with stories about him falling down but I knew they were lying .

Olatunji: hahaha! Boys will always be boys. My son and my wife wanted me to arrest them but when I heard their names, I knew they were your children so I ordered them not to do a thing

Mrs.Martins : Thank you Tunji. I really appreciate you doing that

Olatunji: You don’t have to thank me, Remember he is my Son too…. She was silent, lost in thought. she hadn’t think about it in a while and all of a sudden, Tunji is bringing it up again Olatunji: You’re silent! You haven’t told him who his real father is? You have to tell him…..

Mrs.Martins: Thank you for calling Tunji. Goodbye Now!!!

Before he could say another word, she dropped the call, her heart beating real fast. She stood up and hurried to the sitting room, no one was there so she went to their room. One of her son was fast asleep on his bed, the other was reading a novel . He looked up as she entered

Wale: Mum! is everything alright??

Mrs.Martins: Emm …Yes! I came to see if Dolapo has taken the Paracetamol

Wale: Yea mummy! I told you I’ll make sure he took it

Mrs.Martins: Okay… Good!

She turned and left the room. she heaved a sigh of relief. Absolutely glad that no one had heard her phone conversation. ~

To be Continued~