To Love And Leave Episode 7


I have been avoiding Ada for over a week now, she had sent me a SMS notifying me of her arrival in Lagos, all her requests of coming over to my place have been met by my being busy excuses. It’s really hard to picture Ada being in love with me, i see her exactly the way I’d see any of my male friends. Don’t get me it wrong,

Ada is actually a very beautiful young girl, light-skinned and an average height for a female, She’s a slender girl and has tiny hands but the highlight of her body is her breast, which i must confess is huge for her thin and slender body and that makes it even more noticeable.

She wears small tops to compliment her tiny shape but then that becomes rather tight for the breasts so when she walks into the class, she makes heads turn right and left because even girls are in awe of her breasts. It never unusual to guys making funny faces at me and giving thumps up when they see me beside her. All of these and still i never for once see her as a girl i can date, it never crossed my mind.

Maybe, just maybe my love for Bidemi left me blind to the obvious but what i share with Bidemi is a friendship I’m so proud and never want to lose it and hopes nothing jeopardizes it But right now i don’t know where i stand with Bidemi, she obviously still loves Femi.

Why the hell does good girls like bad boys and why is it that they never learn? After all Femi did to her, she still loves him, love is definitely a joke and it is a very funny one.. Ada loves me and i love Bidemi, who loves Femi.. We all are a pawn in this game of love. Why can’t Ada love a guy that loves her right back? And Bidemi loving me the way i love her and Femi, hopefully gets a witch impregnated and we all just live happily ever after… . but No! Love just has to be a pain in the ass and lets us love people who wouldn’t love us back.

Wale: Dolly-p!!!!

Wale’s voice brought me back to life, I’ve been lost in thought since God knows how long

Me: Ehn! kilode (what’s is it)

Wale: You just.dey look like sey peson hit u charm for head

Me: you don’t even have any respect again, o go gan

Wale: (laughing) you’re just two years older remember?

Me: Ehn! even if it’s two minutes, I’m stil older than you are

Wale: Ok o Boda Dolly-p! I know you have someone on your mind and it better be Ada

Me: (SIghs ) well…She crossed my mind

Wale: What do you mean crossed? she should be the only one on your mind bro

Me: You have to understand this isn’t easy for me Wale! I only see this girl as a friend nothing else but now I’m scared she’d tell me she loves me and I, not wanting to hurt would have to tell her i love her too when i really don’t

Wale: (laughs) You talk about this love thing like it’s the single most important thing in the world. Just date, live your life and have fun, you’re only just 20

Me: I’m 19!!!

Wale: shut up! that’s not the point. Now get out of bed, She’s on her way already

Me surprised ) Who

Wale: Ada!!

Me: What?? which Ada??

Wale: (sarcastic ) emm…lemme see… it’s the same Ada that owns the rooster that crowed when Simon Peter denied Jesus at Jerusalem… ehn ehn it’s that Ada

Me angrily ) Wale!!!

Wale: Ogbeni! she called your phone and i picked it, wanted to know if you’re home ,i told her yes and gave her directions

Me: Ah Wale na today you go join our papa for heaven

Wale: (laughing) heaven ke? i think sey na hell papa dey o. you better go and take your bath right now. by my calculations she’ll probably be at the junction already I flipped out of bed and started taking off my pyjama as fast i could. Wale was laughing so hard, obviously enjoying the show. I dashed into the bathroom and as cold as the water was it didn’t matter, i kept pouring. In 4 minutes and a few seconds, i was out of the bathroom and was toweling my body when i heard a knock on the front door, God please don’t let it be Ada…

Wale opened the door and i heard the voice.. ….Good afternoon….no…Sorry…Good morning! It’s just 11am and the sun is out already even though the weather forecast report said it will rain today, can you imagine?? even the woman that was carrying two babies in the bus that i took complained about it because when she left her house and brought an umbrella with her thinking it would rain, one man with a big mustache was now laughing…(giggles)… awwww you’re Wale abi? nice meeting you in person….how are you? So where is Dolapo?? I sighed and Continued with my toweling as a million thought began to cross my mind.


He’s been up since 5am this morning, slept late last night and woke up early still. Taken his bath and had his breakfast. As usual, he is the only one at home, He had called Bidemi twice already with no response, Almost over a week now and She’s been avoiding him and this morning he had decided to pay her a visit whether she picks up or not. 10:29am he stepped out of his gate, he had bent down to make some adjustments to his shoe when he noticed the female figure up ahead. He immediately stood upright to get a better view, a beautiful light-skinned girl was walking towards him, distracted by the fone in her hand as she smiled at the screen. As beautiful as she was, it wasn’t the face that got his attention, it was the chest region. She was wearing a lilac coloured short gown with grey stripes, it was a little flat on the top so it revealed her cleavage, she had a chain around her neck with the pendant of a crucifix of Jesus. The cross pendant slinged just long enough to fall between her two breasts… he wished to be that particular “Jesus” at that particular moment in that particular spot between the particularly big breasts. She got closer and he cleared his throat

Femi: Is the sun shining brighter today or is it just your eyes

Girl Smiles ) Damsel in distress

Femi: uhh….What??

Girl: Released in 2013, actress was Lisa Paige, Damsel in distress…. the movie you got that pickup line from

Femi: Oh! damn it! You’ve seen the movie too?

Girl: I loved it too

Femi: i loved it too. Now that we have alot in common…My Name is Femi

Girl: Oh really… My name is Ada

Femi: amazing name. What’s a sexy girl like you doing on a street like this

Ada: Came to see someone Femi: oh… is it me?

Ada laughs ) ofcourse it’s not you! it’s a friend of mine in school that lives so i decided to pay him a visit

Femi: And you’re sure his name isn’t Femi

Ada: no o. His name is Dolapo

Femi: (curious ) describe him please

Ada: Emm…okay! He’s tall and dark and…

Femi: (cuts in)….. and slender a little, funny always looking serious?

Ada: Haa… you know him?

Femi: Yes! we are neighbors now and are you his girlfriend?

Ada: No! we’re just friends because he has a girl beside his house that he loves and always talks about and that didn’t allow him to notice other girls even if they are beautiful and sexy

Femi: i think you like him

Ada: (giggle ) i didn’t say anything ooo! A thought crossed his mind as he smiled

Femi: What you don’t know is that he loves you, he always talks about you o and when he saw me yesterday he told me about how he misses you and wish that you would pay him a visit

Ada: (excited ) but he doesn’t show it and he always tells me he loves Bidemi
Femi: That’s because he wants you to fight for him. He only talks about Bidemi to show you what you’re missing. He want you beside him now….in fact he once told me he expects that you would have found Bidemi’s number and call her, you will now abuse her and tell her to leave your man alone…. that’s what he wants from you babe . You are the one messing up now, you should have done this since

Ada: (sadly ) i didn’t know now

Femi: call his mother, tell her you’re her son’s girlfriend, he would like that but what is important is that you call that Bidemi and tell her to leave your boyfriend alone and that he is just playing with her

Ada frowns) Are you sure Dolapo would like that? I don’t think he’d want that o

Femi: How long have you known Dolapo?

Ada: 4 months

Femi: I’ve known him for 2 years Ada: How come he never mentioned you to me??

Femi: So you think I’m lying. You girls sha, it’s when someone is trying to help you that you will be doing anyhow. Ok o, i won’t even tell you anything again, go and continue to be his friend and not do what he wants, you’ll just remain his friend noni. Ok bye bye

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Ada: haha! Wait now! I’m just being cautious now, i really love Dolapo

Femi: then do what he wants

Ada: Ok i will! Thank you so much for.your help ehn! you are very caring

Femi: i know, i know! It’s fine! i just like you

Ada: let me go and see him now. Bye

Femi: Ada! there is a reason Dolapo never told you about me, he knows I’ll tell you what he wants so it’s better you pretend i didn’t tell you anything. Don’t even tel him you met me.

Ada: i know now, i am a very smart girl. She said that and left, he looked at her and laughed, a very silly girl who fell in love…that makes her even more silly! Now that she would help him take Dolapo out of the way, he can go ahead and have Bidemi now… He laughed!


I got dressed and finally got the.courage to step out. Ada was unusually beautiful today, a pretty smile on her face when she saw me. I don’t know if i am biased but i think she dressed sexier today, it was hard to maintain eye contact with her as my eyes kept wondering down her chest

Me: Ada! What’s up now

Ada: Bestie! nothing much! How are you?

Wale: Are you guys going to hug or what? kini gbogbo eleyi bayi? (What’s all these now? Ada stood up like it was planned and gave me a rather tight hug i could hardly breathe. She smelt nice, i have to agree.

Me: Haha! you have bought new perfume sha

Ada: so you noticed. My cousin owns it, a friend of hers, whose boyfriend works in Dubai after he quit his job at Diamond bank where he worked for 3 years, is the one that gave it to her

Wale: Quit his job? Our English teacher’s brother in-law quit his job at Diamond bank too but he has only worked there for 1 year sha, he was working at another bank before until he was accused of stealing money

Ada: Haaa… banks sha like to sack their staff sha. That is how one man was telling me that he had a friend, that has a friend who had another friend that was sacked at UBA because someone stole 500 naira. They didn’t know that it was one man that carried a small boy inside the bank that took the money. he didn’t steal it o… that small boy that he carried mistakenly chewed the money

Wale: it’s a lie jor!

Ada: no o…shey i should call that man now ni

Wale: No but the one i heard was that a woman took twins to the bank and they now went……

I threw my head backwards as i didn’t want to hear the conversation from the talkative any longer. My mind drifted to Bidemi. what is she doing? is she thinking about me? Is she missing me the way I’m missing her or is Femi, the devil’s advocate, in her mind. i want to see her, i really want to….


She missed Dolapo. After Femi, he had been the only guy that has gotten her attention in years. She wants to see him too but Femi keeps calling and distracting her and after she saw Femi talking to some guys who were smoking , she knew Femi could be dangerous and she can’t have him and his bad friends do anything to hurt Dolapo. She heard a knock on her door, went to open it and saw him standing in front of her

Bidemi: I think i have to stop the gate man from letting you inside this house

Femi: I’m a family friend remember?

Bidemi: The family is in the sitting room, maybe you should go there

Femi: Bidemi when will all these stop. i told you I’m sorry

Bidemi : whenever i decide it will stop

Femi: You are hurting me Bidemi. why are you so heartless, why can’t you think about my feelings too

Bidemi; Femi don’t turn this around on me, this is your fault and we both know it.

Femi tears dropping) I messed up Bidemi! i really did! i have spent every day of my life after what happened hoping and wishing i could turn back the hands of time and changed things. I love you! i didn’t mean to hurt you. Kikelomo flirted with me and Ruka was just a bet between Boda Segun and I. Sarah was just for the money so i can buy you things and Motunrayo was a mistake, Iyabo was because you slapped me and i was sad so i didn’t know what i was doing. i left them all for you because i love you. I’ll have to kill myself if i can’t have you

Bidemi hugs him, crying too) Please don’t talk about that. you’re making me feel guilty. please don’t talk about dying or killing yourself, please

He lifted his head and planted a kiss on her lips, it caught her off guard and they had kissed for almost 10seconds before she finally pulls away.

Bidemi: We.can’t do this

Femi: I’m sorry! i couldn’t control myself. i have to go now. please give me another chance.

Femi left and closed the door behind, said his goodbye to her parents and made his way out of the house. Outside the gate he pulls out his phone and dialled Tunde

Tunde: How the thing go?

Femi: It worked like magic

Tunde: I told you now! girls can’t take it when a guy cry beside them. They will melt like butter ni

Femi: i swear down. Your advice work baje! I go put onions for hand, rub am for my palm and put it in my eyes like this, na so the tears just they flow like water ni

Tunde: Hahahaha… she go fall for you now. You can now have sex with her and comot her life

Femi: Shut up! i told you i love her for real and I’ll do anything to have her back even if na to lie but i really want her

Tunde: K o

Femi: Make me meet for Rooftop hotel abeg. i wan tell you something o. Na so i jamb one girl wey sabi that idiot Dolapo guy

Tunde: Ehn ehn….what now happened?

Femi: Sha meet me for the hotel i go gist you. He drops the call and whistle away in victory


It’s 6:34pm . Ada had left a little over an hour ago, i was glad she said nothing about loving me and even when we talked, she didn’t allow me mention Bidemi. she was holding my hands and giving me strange and mischievous looks like she knows something that i dont but the strangest thing i noticed was when she took my fone and seemed to have taken a contact number From it, i acted as though i didn’t see her but yet it was strange i have no idea why she would take someone’s number on my fone without telling me.

i shook the thought off my mind and i decided to dial Bidemi. i did dial her number and the call was waiting, she was obviously on another call, i wondered if it was Femi calling her, i truly hope it’s not so i dialed again….


it’s 6:29pm and since Femi had left she had slept off, woke up to think and slept off again but now she’s up, finally had her mind made up. she won’t be giving Femi another chance. She’ll stick with Dolapo. She loves him, maybe not as much as she loved Femi but she felt something for him and She’s ready to take the risk with him, he loves her and he is caring, far better than a guy who slept with her sister and lied to her. She will date Dolapo, she made up her mind. She decided to call Dolapo but just as she was about dialling him, a call came through, she picked…

Bidemi: Hello

Girl: Hello! This is Ada on the line, Am i speaking with Bidemi

Bidemi: Yes

Ada: Good! I called so that i should warn you

Bidemi: (surprised ) Warn me? for what?

Ada: I need you to stay away from my Man Dolapo. He is my love and i Don’t want you coming in between us

Bidemi speechless )……emmmm…si…

Ada: You Don’t have to say anything, i got your number from his fone today, please i beg you, i love him so much go and find your own man

Bidemi was speechless, her hands shaking. she had a beep on her fone and saw it was Dolapo calling, she ignored it

Bidemi: I will stay away from your man! Please! Bye now!

Ada: Bye!

Bidemi dropped the call and couldn’t stop the tears. why do all guys lie, why She had no idea why she was crying about a guy who She’s not even dating… She picked her fone and sent a SMS to Femi Femi…i have decided to give you another chance. see you tomorrow. i love you She felt lucky she hadn’t made the mistake of dating Dolapo! That bastard was a liar, Femi lies too but the Devil you know is better than an Angel you don’t know. The tears kept streaming down her face


Femi read the SMS out loud to his drinking buddies as they all hailed him, he had told them what he did and they said he was a smart bad boy! He sat back on his chair, he knew he had lied to get her but that doesn’t matter because he loves her

Ada sat up on her bed, she didn’t like what she just did but if that was what Dolapo wanted, she’d do it over and over again. Now she hopes she can finally have him

Bidemi had stopped crying but she was disappointed. Dolapo looked like the guy who deserves her love but he too was a liar, now she has to go back to her first love, a liar also but one she believed he has changed and by the way he just cried and told her he regrets what he did. she hopes it works out this time.

Dolapo sat on a stool, wondering what had happened. Bidemi didn’t pick his calls, he decided he will try again tomorrow and silently prayed that she picks by then. He rest his head on the chair beside him, totally ignorant of the lies that had been told against him.

To be continue after lunch