Kafui sat in the hall when the phone rang. He went to it, looked at the number and wondered who it was.
His phone had been taken from him and this one was only to interact with those around him……in the same house.

He yawned and answered the phone. He heard Afia’s voice on the other end and smiled.

“So you have my number and decided never to call”. He heard Afia chuckle. “I’m not supposed to communicate with you”.

Patrick paced the room and sat, he remembered when Afia had come over to the house.

She looked amazing, she looked totally different from the Afia he had known, the one he had started having feelings for.  He knew it was wrong…..he couldn’t have a relationship with Afia, she was his brother’s woman, and she didn’t feel anything for him.

“Are you there?” He remembered he was on the phone with her. “yes I’m here, please what were you saying?”

“I spoke to my dad, he’s letting you go, your phone will be given to you, my father doesn’t think you are ready to confront all the troubles waiting outside for you but I told him I trust you can handle it, I sent my location to your phone, I hope after all this, I’ll see you”.

The line went dead. Kafui rose from the bed and opened the door. He looked straight at one of the guys who handed him his stuff and walked him out to the car, one of the guys blindfolded him and drove him out of the place until they were far away.

He pulled off the blindfold and told him he could leave now.  Kafui stood in the street and breathed in the fresh air.

It had been very long since he had been free like this. He needed to go home, to his sister, he had to be sure of all he had been told.

He picked a taxi and directed the driver. They arrived at the gate,  he alighted and paid the driver.

He looked around, the place was very quiet, much more quiet than he remembered. He felt a cold wind blow and trembled but he walked to the door, raised the flower pot and picked up a key.

Sedi had told him she always kept a key there just for him. She kept keys all over the place for different people so no one will know where the other’s was.

It was as if she knew she had a psycho family.

He opened the door and was greeted with a very terrible stench. He looked around, the place looked disgusting, there was some blood on the floor, a rope hanging from the ceiling fan.
He followed the stench and ended up outside. He felt all the bones in his body leave him as he crumbled to the floor and held his nose.

He couldn’t hold back the tears as he screamed. He couldn’t believe it. Sedi’s decomposed body lay there in the sand.

He immediately dialed the number of a police friend he had and within minutes, policemen were all over the place like bees.

He stood at one side of the room lost in thought. He allowed his mind to wonder to the good times he had had with his sister, they hadn’t been the best of friends but they did have good times together.

He allowed the tears to trickle down his face. His friend walked to him and hugged him.

“I’m sorry man, but we’ll have to ask you a few questions, you know it’s procedure, my men will come get you, you’ll be fine, we’ll get whoever did this okay”.

Suddenly one of the policemen saw a letter under the sofa and brought it to the head of the investigation.

The man opened the letter and read it. He showed it to Kafui. “do you know who Patrick is?” Kafui read the letter and broke down.

“no….no, Patrick couldn’t have done this, it’s not possible. He loved her, he really loved her”.

The doorbell rang and a policeman opened the door. Dan walked in and looked at Kafui. “who are you?” Kafui asked him.

“My name is Dan, Patrick was my friend, the only friend he had, that rope hanging there, he wanted to hang himself because he had killed his doctor and wife, but I got here in time and stopped him”.

“But how is that possible, Patrick was a very good guy, he wouldn’t do anything of that sort, he really loved his wife.

“yes, Patrick would never have killed his wife but he was possessed. He only did things like that when he was possessed. He told me a lot of things he did and it was terrible”.

Kafui sat on the floor and held his head in his palms. “I can’t believe this, possessed, what….what the hell are you talking about?”

“ yes, something about a young girl he murdered years ago….”

“wait wait, I don’t wanna hear it, where is Patrick?”

Dan looked at Kafui, the guy was terribly hurt, that was why he was doing this, if he told him Patrick had come to find his wife dead, he didn’t know what would have happened, they would try to drag the case, try to find whoever did whatever.

Patrick had asked him to do this when they were on their way to the church, he said he wanted the family to find peace soon enough because he knew his wife’s shady deals had caused her murder.

“Patrick is dead Kafui, he had a heart attack, his body is at the mortuary”.

Kafui sat on the floor quietly, he was tired of crying, he couldn’t cry anymore, he was drained of everything, he was just empty.

The door burst open and Elom entered. “what the hell is going on here?”

Watch out for Episode 2……