To Love And Leave Episode 6


The silence was quite awkward, none of us said a word for a while, Bidemi was looking down at her feet , Femi’s eyes were fixed on her, though he occasionally took a glance at me at intervals . He doesn’t like me, no doubt and i share the same feelings towards him . i decided to break the silence..

Me: Look Femi! This is not a good time

Femi: Was i talking to you??

Me: No but it’s…….

Femi: (cuts in) don’t speak unless you are spoken to

Me: Well you can’t tell me what to say or do

Femi: Good! Maybe i should punch you and you’ll keep quiet

Me: Hahaha… punch me? I want to see you try

Bidemi: Both of you stop this right now!! Dolapo, I’ll call you later

Femi: You heard her, leave right now!

Bidemi: You too Femi! Both of you leave right now!

I chose not to say a word, i left the room and Femi followed. i heard the door shut hard behind us both. We walked through the compound in silence. Femi is a rather big guy, broad chested and looks like he’s been working out in the gym.

I am a little taller than he is but less hefty, you don’t get scared seeing my physique! I’ve been in fights before, i won some and i lost a lot of them. violence is not really my cliche and i always try to avoid it most often than not.

I opened the gate and Femi walked right through it, shoving me off in the process

Femi: I just want to let you know that i understand Bidemi is a beautiful girl and She’s not like any other girl you’ve met but She’s mine and you have to stay the hell away from her!

Me:You guys broke up

Femi: Is that what she told you or that was what you assumed? wake up boy! She used you to while away the time but now I’m back! He turned and left.

The truth actually is, Bidemi has never told me they broke up. yes, she was mad at him, Yes she said he’d hurt her but she never told me they broke up. Maybe Femi was right, maybe not.

I got home and met mom and Wale in the sitting room, i went straight to bed and laid on it. Today is supposed to be the best day, i got to kiss my love but then the devil’s advocate showed up and destroyed everything! Bidemi is the love of my life and no one, absolutely no one can tell me to stay away from her!!


A guy had spoilt his reunion with Bidemi and he hated him immediately. it’s impossible that she’d fall out of love so soon. she couldn’t have loved him, he won’t believe that! All his time in the village had been spent thinking about her. he’d met a pretty girl who did try so hard to have a relationship with him but he had declined. The condom his brother had left in his traveling bag remained unused for the whole two months he had spent there. He knew he messed up the first time but if given the chance, he will redeem himself!

Bidemi was the only one who had called him consistently during his stay even kikelomo didn’t call at all and he was so glad she didn’t. His fone rang

Femi: Hello

Tunde: Ikoko jegun jeran

Femi: Tunde! i thought i blocked your number

Tunde: I know but i changed to another number, Guy you Funk up o, you dey bone your guy

Femi: I needed sometime for myself Tunde and please stop calling me Ikoko, I’m a different person now! .

Tunde: O boy! if you change the world don end be that. you wey nack mother and hin two daughters

Femi: They are step sisters so shut up

Tunde laughs) dey deceive yourself o. so which one of the babes you wan stick with now?

Femi: Na Bidemi o

Tunde: shey that small immature girl wey they always cry

Femi: call her that again and punch your lights out

Tunde: no vex bro , she don forgive you

Femi: she will, but the problem is that a guy is distracting her

Tunde: E dey mad! shey make i organize boys to come beat am ni?

Femi: E never reach that side i fit handle am

Tunde: If you need guys sha anytime

Femi: I no need but i go call you sha

Tunde: Ok o! Ikoko. Talk to you later bro
Femi: Ok. Bye

He knows he doesn’t need boys to scare the guy away. He owns Bidemi and no one, absolutely no one can take her away from him.


Her heart’s beating faster now, a thousand things on her mind, just when she thought she has her life under control, everything goes haywire again. Why did Femi had to come in? Now he’s back to squash all her expectations. She doesn’t know who to call but she needed someone to talk to. funmilayo’s number wasn’t reachable and kikelomo’s was reading unavailable. She thought of calling one of the boys but she didn’t know which one.

Femi had been so jealous she felt sorry for him, it was written on his face and she read him like a book. Dolapo was mature about the whole situation, any guy would have flared up but Dolapo didn’t and he had walked out politely when she asked them both to leave.

She picked her phone and dialed a number, It was Dolapo’s

Dolapo: Hello Bidex

Bidemi: How are you Dolapo?

Dolapo: Well…. what can i say? i guess I’m okay

Bidemi: look, I’m really sorry about what happened, i had no idea he was back. I’m so sorry he spoke to you that way.

Dolapo: I understand it wasn’t your fault but i have to asked; Did you break up with him officially?

Bidemi: I was mad at him for what he did, we didn’t have time to talk because he left for the village the next day after i found out what he did, i only called him when he got to the village

Dolapo: You called him? Were you calling him all through his time at the village??

Bidemi: Yes i was but it meant nothing, i was checking up on him

Dolapo: Really? checking up on him? And you called that breaking up, you were calling him Bidemi, no guy will see that as a break up

Bidemi: I’m sorry Dolapo

Dolapo: Can i ask you a Question?

Bidemi: Yes

Dolapo: Do you still love Femi??

Bidemi: (silent )

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Dolapo: Bidemi? Are you still there? please answer the question, tell me if you still love him

Bidemi: (sobs) I’m sorry Dolapo i have to go now… bye!

Dolapo: No wait! …….

She dropped the call, the tears flowed uncontrollably. she opened a new message to be sent to Femi, she typed.. I’m glad you’re back Femi, i really am! but i don’t want to see you. Atleast not yet! Bye! Message sent and delivered.

She needs a time of her own, a time to decide who she wants. Femi will always be our first love and they say you never forget your first love. Dolapo had made her feel secure, being in his arms and kissing him felt like being in paradise, but will she ever love him as much as she loves Femi? She thought about it as she buried her face in the pillows.


She had called and didn’t answer the only question I wish to know. she had cried when i asked her if she still loves him… Her tears meant she loves him , i think! But i will fight for her love no matter what. if there is a slim chance that Bidemi can be mine, i will take it with both hands. Wale stepped into the room

Wale: Ogbeni! Why are you looking like a possessed fellow

Me: Shut up brother

Wale: What’s wrong man? Since you got back you’ve been really quiet

Me: I was with Bidemi, everything went on perfectly until her Ex, that Femi guy showed up

Wale: Damn! I hope he didn’t break a bottle on your head

Me: He wouldn’t dare!

Wale: So what’s going to happen now? you can’t let him scare you away, he had his chance with her and he messed it all up, now you have her

Me: That’s what i thought but i think she still loves him

Wale: Ode lomo yen o ( The girl is dumb )

Me: Don’t say that about her! We can’t help who we fall in love with Wale

Wale: Not when the person hurts us so bad

Me: You can’t judge her Wale! You’re not in her shoes

Wale: Come here and look around! You can’t win a girl with this mister nice guy you’re doing o. Girls always fall in love with the bad guys, the playboys and you the nice one, they turn you into their best friend and call you “buddy”, They tell you that you’re that you are like a brother to them while they go running after the bad boys who hurts them over and over again. Look Dolly-p! this girl was sad, she needed someone to make her happy and you came in at the right time to fill the void he left, now that he’s back, she’ll leave you for him and come back again only after he hurts her

Me: i don’t think that’s true

Wale: Ehn en! why didn’t she ask you to stay and tell Femi to leave?

Me: Uhmm…. i don’t know…. but….

Wale cuts in) There’s no but here. Forget the girl and go for the girl that really loves you and you kept seeing her as friend.

Me: What do you mean?

Wale: Ada! i mean Ada! That girl loves you but you’ve been too blind to see it

Me: that’s not possible, how would you know that?

Wale: because she told me! SHE told me she loves you but you never notice her, just wake up man so you won’t lose both girls, my advice is to choose the heart that loves you.

He said that and walked out of the room, i couldn’t wrap my head around what he said, Ada loves me? how can she love me? That can never happen. My fone beeped, a call came in and it was Ada calling. For the first time ever, i was scared of picking her call ~

To be Continued ~