To Love And Leave Episode 16


They have taken the light sha, these yeye people “ Wale said as i heaved a sigh of relief. I had my heart in my mouth. Absolutely filled with fear. In few minutes i heard the roaring sound of a power generator and the lights came back on. I walked back to my bed, with my hands on ny waist. Even i, can tell that i look so dejected.
Wale: Dolapo, are you sure you are alright brother? You look so sad and tired.
Me: I’m okay
Wale. Don’t worry about me
Wale: You look like you just saw a ghost though.
Me: (fake laughter ).. hehehe… I’m fine brother.
Wale: Okay then. I’ll be right back. Wale left the room.
Bidemi sits in her room, thinking. Still blaming herself for what happened to Dolapo. Now she wished her birthday should have been celebrated in a lowkey manner. Femi had told her he wasn’t responsible for the attack on Dolapo and she believed him. so who could be responsible for it? Funmilayo barges into her room.
Funmilayo: Bidemi! You’re still lying down and thinking abi? I told you to get over it already.
Bidemi: I’m trying to babe but it’s been hard. How can i not feel bad when my love was attacked during my birthday party, i feel responsible for it. It’s almost like I’m the one that stabbed him myself.
Funmilayo: Haahaaa! Bidemi. Don’t stress yourself over this anymore, you didn’t do anything and it wasn’t your fault. By the way if you were the one that stabbed him, you couldn’t have stabbed him twice.
Bidemi: Twice? Was Dolapo stabbed twice?
Funmilayo: Yes he was
Bidemi: i didn’t know that. But how did you know he was stabbed twice?
Funmilayo: emmmm…. i just know noni
Bidemi: I don’t understand Funmilayo, did you know about this? I know you have never liked Dolapo
Funmilayo: Are you accusing me now? How could you say that to me?
Bidemi: How then did you know Dolapo was stabbed twice. Please tell me the truth, you’re my friend. I know it was a mistake, just tell me the truth. Funmilayo sighed she looked down at her feet as the tears came down her cheek. She couldn’t look straight into Bidemi’s eyes. She knew exactly who was responsible for the attack on Dolapo but she knows she dare not say a word.
Funmilayo: Bidemi! I wasn’t involved but i saw the one who did this
Bidemi: was it Femi?
Funmilayo: No! My brother had no involvement in what happened.
Bidemi: So if it wasn’t Femi, who then did this? Please tell me. We have to protect Dolapo, whoever did this wanted to kill him and it failed. You and I know the person would make another attempt… please Funmilayo, help me help the guy that i love
Funmilayo: (crying) Bidemi I’m sorry! Can’t tell you who did this, please i don’t want to get into trouble . Please save me too… i have to leave now.
Funmilayo stood up and left in a hurry, crying as she runs off. Bidemi looked dumbfounded and absolutely bewildered.
She came into the room, my heart skipped again, could this be the girl that want to have me killed?
Ada: Dolapo good Morning ! How was your night? You promised to call me back that other day but you didn’t. I had to stand up to go amd drink garri so i won’t fall asleep . My cousin too had to drink garri o. Hehehehehe.
Me: You didn’t tell me you were coming Ada.
Ada: Why should i? So you can tell me not to come over? I don’t understand why you are treating me this way. You are avoiding me and It’s making me feel bad At this time,
Wale came into the room and looked at Ada with a disgusted expression. I had told him what i observed and how Ada told me i had been stabbed twice. Given Wale’s aggression, he had suggested we tie Ada to a rope and beat her blue black until she confessed but i wouldn’t allow that, i will never lay a hand on a lady no matter what she might have done .
Ada: Oh my God! Even Wale is looking at me in a way i don’t like. Guys please tell me what i have done wrong.
Wale: How about you explain to us how you knew Dolapo was stabbed twice.
Ada: What? Is that why you are treating me this way??
Me: Ada, just answer the question….
There was a knock on the door and Bidemi came in. Ada hissed real loud and Bidemi spoke.
Bidemi: Hello girl, is everything alright or did someone die in your family? This one that you are hissing like a frustrated human being. Do you need a doctor, we can just call one right now, Thank God you’re in a hospital already.
Wale laughed out loud and i giggled too. Ada couldn’t say a word and when Bidemi noticed Ada wouldn’t say anything, she looked at me.
Bidemi: emmmm… Dolapo jare! How are you doing today? (Faces Wale) Hope you are fine too?
Wale: Don’t worry about me o Bidemi. Thank God you are here, i Guess Dolapo will be in a better mood now unlike some people who came into the room and world war 3 almost broke out. Ada couldn’t take it any longer…..
Ada: hey hey hey! Abeg o, I’m given both of you your respects o. Remember i am an Ibo girl, Bidemi, if you say any yeye word to me again i will beat you so much, you’ll think you are a drum.
Bidemi: Typical slut! Always fighting over a boy that they can never have. You’re just jealous Dolapo loves me and not you.
Ada: heyyyyy: See this Ashawooo (prostitute). A girl jumping from one boyfriend to another. How do you look at yourself in the mirror biko ?? You must be ashamed of yourself. I have 3 brothers… i know you Wouldn’t mind if i give your number to them because in 3 days you would have dated them all.
Bidemi: (starts crying) wh….wha…what do you….yi….
Ada: Hahahaha! Ajebo dey cry o. No bi you start am?
Wale seemed to be enjoying the whole show, he grabbed a chair and sat, crossed his legs and spoke.
Wale: Hahahaha! Round one has ended…. round two…..start!!!!
Me: Wale stop that and shut up! Ada and Bidemi both of you should get a hold of yourselves okay?
Wale: so……. who won the battle now?
Me: Wale!!!
Wale: okay sorry!
Another knock again and this time, Femi and Funmilayo came in.
Femi: Hi guys
Bidemi: Femi how are you? Funmilayo good afternoon
Funmilayo: Are you okay Bidemi? You look sad, have you been crying
Wale: enough of all this greeting bullsh*t. Let’s talk about what is important . The two prime suspects of the stabbing are here, it is better we iron things out. Femi, what do you have to tell us?
Funmilayo: emmm…who are the two prime suspects?
Ada: (hissed) doctor Who and professor Hullabaloo…
Wale: Yaaay! 1-0
Femi: (sighs) i know i have given you all enough reasons not to trust me but you have to believe me right now. I won’t deny when Dolapo and I fought that day i was angry, he had to be rescued by his lunatic brother
Funmilayo and Ada giggled. Wale tightened his fists and i placed my hand on his shoulder just to calm him down.
Femi: My friends didn’t like what happened and we thought of fighting back. I can show you the SMS i sent to them, telling them to stop the whole thing, which they did. Believe me, i had no part in the attack.
Wale: Wow! Isn’t it amazing that you can actually complete a whole sentence in English
Femi: hahahaha…. Yes it is amazing but what is even more surprising was that you understood the whole sentence…you’re finally getting smart .
Wale: (turn towards me) Remind me to beat him up again the way i did last time. I guess this was meant to happen when you place people who practically hate one another in the same room.
Me: Ada…You’ve been my friend for a while and i want to trust and believe you ….so….care to explain??
Ada: I told you already that i had nothing to do with what happened. I have no reason to try and hurt you.
Wale: How dis you know he was stabbed twice.??
Ada: i was beside the pool when i heard a girl screamed but that time i was chatting with one of my friends who was feeling bad because her boyfriend beat her when he saw a message on her phone, can u imagine that? And that was not the first time… Anyways, i placed my phone in my bag when i saw people running, one guy even ran into one girl like that, the girl started abusing the guy when another guy ran into them and the 3 of them…..Gbosa… they feel inside the swimming pool. I tried to make my way inside but i saw one girl crying, i now asked her what happened, this girl and i have already spoken earlier when i was looking for the toilet, so i asked her…..
Femi: (cuts in, faces me)… Does she always talk this much??
Bidemi: You haven’t seen anything yet, She’s just getting started. I advise that you better grab a chair and sit cause her explanation might take the whole day.
Femi: Haaaa…. and i want to quickly go somewhere o.
Bidemi: Go and come back…. I’m sure you’ll still meet her talking.
Wale: Will you guys just allow her finish her story?? Ada! Continue please!
Ada: ehn ehn…. as i was saying before the two male and female prostitutes interrupted me….. Even i couldn’t hide my laugher this time Ada…. the girl told me someone was stabbed and looked dead. I went in and saw it was Dolapo. I was crying so loud, i had to leave the scene, i found a corner to hide and then i heard someone on the phone telling the other person that Dolapo has been stabbed twice. That was how i know you were stabbed two times.
Me: Who was making the phone call?
Ada: she was the one (she pointed towards Funmilayo ) We all looked at Funmilayo in disbelief, even Femi was genuinely surprised
Funmilayo: Don’t give me that look yet. I heard a girl screamed too, i recognized the voice because i know her. I was at the back of the house so i came running in, i took the back door and i saw a boy making a call, what i heard was “I am sure ma! I stabbed him two times” i didn’t know if anyone was stabbed yet so i didn’t understand. I didn’t see his face but he saw mine… he moved closer to me, raising the knife up, he told me if i told anyone what i just heard, he would come back to kill me. He mentioned my name, he knew me. I was so scared and when he left i ran into the house and that was when i knew Dolapo had been attacked by the guy.
I quickly called Dad because he has once told me he likes Dolapo and i felt he should know. I told him on the phone that Dolapo was stabbed two times.. i believe that was when Ada heard me. I am so confused right now. It is one thing to know you have someone who hate you enough to attack you. But what is even worse is when you have no idea who the person is.
We all sat looking at the floor, hit by the reality that this isn’t a joke anymore. Someone is out there to kill me, someone in the shadows. Bidemi sat beside me on the bed, she placed my palm in hers and kissed me on my lips like she was kissing me for the last time. Femi spoke.
Femi: Oh! Will you guys please get a room?
Wale: They are in a room already, dummy! Funmilayo stood up.
Funmilayo: let me go and get a soft drink for everybody, Wale, please come with me.
Femi: haha! Why him? Call someone else now.
Funmilayo: No i want Wale.
Wale looked at me and gave a wink, i smiled and shook my head. Femi was still fuming on the chair, he obviously didn’t like the idea of Wale being around his sister. Wale, on the other hand, worsen the case when he said…
Wale: pssst…psst (whispering ) ehmmm…Femi… Do you think your sister and i should get a room? There are alot of things i wanna do to her…
Femi: (stood up) if you….. i will… you…. Wale laughed and close the door behind him. Ada laughed too. She and Femi began to have a conversation that i couldn’t hear from where i was. But I’m glad the love of my life Bidemi is here with me. That’s all that matters, let me worry about the one who want me dead later but now, I’m happy sitting beside my love.
He was smoking a joint, that was his 3rd stick today and he was high as hell. Red eyed and the euphoria he felt was out of this world. His phone rang and he sluggishly picked it. He knew the caller.
“You bastard! You told me i shouldn’t worry about a thing, you said the job would be done. I gave you 50,000 nairas you idiot “
“Chill now! Wetin they happen now? When the boy no gree die nko? I chuk am two times o and he no die. “
“Just shut up! You said you’d go to the hospital and finish the job. I gave you an extra 20,000 nairas for that”
“I go the hospital na but people plenty for the room. Him brother, Femi, Bidemi, Funmilayo and one yeye girl they inside so i left the place”
“Make sure nothing happens to the rest, kill Dolapo and leave. It’s that simple! At the end of this week, i want him dead! Okay?”
“No worry Madam, i go kill am” He placed the phone down and wondered why this madam wanted to kill this boy so much. Some women are just wicked! But he doesn’t care, he has been paid and he will do his job, asking no questions. No mistake this time. He continued smoking his joint and getting high. He doesn’t know what tomorrow brings but one thing is for sure, by the end of this week, that Dolapo guy will be dead and forgotten!
~To Be Continued ~