Kafui zoomed past Afia and Elom, he didn’t know which angered him more, the fact that they were hugging or the fact that they were totally oblivious of the fact that he had just driven past them.
He drove straight to a bar and entered. He ordered four shots of brandy mixed with a shot of lemon and downed it like it was water.
He sat there for a few more minutes playing with his phone when a young lady approached him.
“ hi handsome” he raised his head and looked at the lady. She was pretty, much more prettier than Afia, there was no doubt about that.
He decided to play along. “hi beautiful” the lady giggled and sat beside him.
“ wanna do tequila shots with me?” she asked with a smile that flashed dimples. “ that would be nice” he said.
After they had downed all those shots they were both tipsy.
The lady rose but when Kafui rose, he staggered causing the lady to laugh at him.
“ come on, I’ll drive you home” Kafui stared at her and laughed like he had heard a very funny joke.
“what do you mean you will drive me home, you don’t even know me, and you don’t know my house”. They both laughed like school children.
“ what’s wrong with me dropping you home, aren’t we friends……and about not knowing your house, all you have to do is direct me or……”.
They both laughed and headed to Kafui’s car. “you know what, you look like a man who has a huge problem, its weighing down on you, you are going to become a hunchback”.
They both laughed. “ it will be better for me to become a hunchback than to break in two places especially since my heart is missing”. “oooh, so it’s an issue of love” Kafui looked at the lady and smiled.
“ yes, I’m a twin, the woman I’m in love with is married to my brother, she wanted to divorce him but today I saw them, they were hugging, and they didn’t look like enemies”.
They looked at each other and this time, the lady smiled at him. “have you told the lady you love her?” Kafui snickered.
“ now why would I do that, she’s married to my brother, it will be disrespectful to my brother and her if I said such things to her”. The lady nodded.
“ so you want to lose the woman you love because you are what…….noble”. “well, you can call it that”.
They arrived at Kafui’s house. They both entered the house. Kafui found it odd but somehow, he was comfortable with this lady. “it’s funny, you are here, in my hall with me, but we don’t know each other’s names”.
The lady laughed. “ well, I didn’t ask your name because I don’t want to know, and I don’t want you to know my name too because it’s not important, sometimes, mystery is fun”.
They both laughed. “ okay, I’ll play along, what do you want to do now, will you pick a taxi at the gate or something, I’m floored and there’s no way I can drive you to your destination”.
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They both looked at each other and laughed. “ I’m also floored, I don’t even know if I will find my way home, if you don’t mind, I will spend the night here and leave in the morning, if we stay friends for over six months, I’ll tell you my name”.
They laugh again. “ okay, there’s the guest room, you can sleep there, have a goodnight”.
The lady looked at Kafui weirdly. “ what do you mean guest room, I want to sleep with you, in your room, it’s really cold, you know that, it’s been raining heavily”. Kafui looked at her and chuckled.
“yes, I was in town when it rained remember, I forgot to tell you, there are very heavy blankets in the guestroom so don’t worry, you’ll be very well protected, goodnight”.
Kafui went to lock the gate and the main door, walked past the lady into his bedroom and locked the door.
The lady stood there watching his door for a few seconds and smiled. She walked to the guestroom, entered and locked the door.
Kafui woke up with a terrible headache, it came slowly to him, he had done tequila shots with a lady, gotten drunk and she had drove him home.
He had told her about the Afia situation. That made him laugh, he knew himself, he wasn’t one to blabber about a problem.
That assured him that he had been dreaming. It was really good that it had all been a dream.
He stepped out of his room and went to the kitchen. He needed an aspirin, there was a rally going on in his head, there was no way he could think with all that pain.
He opened the fridge and picked a bottle of water and closed it. He walked to the medicine cabinet and picked up an aspirin.
He popped it into his mouth and followed with the water. He hated drugs, he preferred injections and drips much more….., drugs, he hated them.
He rubbed his palm across his bare chest in a bid to push the medicine down so he doesn’t have to throw up.
He smiled. It was a new day, he didn’t want to think of Afia.
“ I think I need an aspirin myself, my head is bashing like a drum”
He dropped his bottled water on the ground and turned.
It was the lady he had seen the previous day, he hadn’t been dreaming, she was there with him in his house.
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