To Love And Leave Episode 17


It’s been a long week for Olatunji, from hectic work schedule to his son getting stabbed by an unknown person. He lay faced up on his bed and stretched, gave a long sigh as he hears the toilet flushed in the bathroom. That’s his wife, Chioma, the one and only Mrs. Adeleke. The ever loving and caring wife. They had met during their university days, he saw her at a party, she was sophisticated and was the daughter of a rich Customs officer and a big businessman in Anambra.

She was very attractive lady and all guys would kill just to get her attention. He was hypnotized by her beauty and had swore to his friends he would definitely date her. She fell head over heels in love with him, he had no plan of marrying her but when she called and told him she was pregnant, all effort to make sure she terminated the pregnancy was fruitless. Her dad on the other hand threatened to kill him if he doesn’t accept the pregnancy and marry his daughter, he had no option than to accept.

Fast forward two decades later and here they were, happily married with two boys and a girl. For years, he had tried to love her half as much as he loves Mary but that has failed. He had never cheated on her, he cares deeply about her and she has been nothing but a good wife.

The toilet door opens and she stepped out.

Chioma: Haa! Daddy Segun, You have finally woken up

Olatunji: I told you to stop calling me daddy whenever we are alone, do that just in the presence of my people.

Chioma: Toor! You Yoruba people (A tribe a Nigeria )and all this your way of calling husbands. TOo much trouble for me, biko

Olatunji: Hahahaha! Well you are married to a bonafied Yoruba man so you better get used to it already.

Chioma: I’ve been trying for over 10years now.

Olatunji: Anyway, that aside. Where are you going that you are so dressed up for?

Chioma: i need to check the supermarket at the Ikoyi branch. The customers are complaining that the sales attendants there are too rude.

Olatunji:…. and that’s why you are in a haste? Even in this elegant attire you’re putting on.

Chioma: I should have been long gone already but i needed to use the loo. When did all these monitoring started? Since when do you care about where I’m going and what I’m putting on?

Olatunji: I’m still you husband o

Chioma: Are you now getting jealous? I thought you stopped finding me attractive since i started having the children.

Olatunji: Haha! Chi chi…. you know that’s not the case now. You are still very very beautiful. At 39, you still look like a 28 years old single lady.

Chioma: Awww… that’s so sweet. You haven’t called me ChiChi in a long time. I can kiss you right but you haven’t brushed, so…. maybe another time. (Tongue Out)

Olatunji: (Laughs) Oya go. I want to continue my sleep.

She laughed and walked out of the room, slamming the door shut behind her. Olatunji layed back in bed. One thing he and Chioma always had was this amazing friendship. They understand each other so well, which was mistaken as love when they were in school. He believes he’s in love with her but why does he not get those flashes and tingling sensations he gets whenever he was with Mary (Dolapo’s mother). Why does his heart not skip a beat whenever he says her name, like it does whenever someone mentions Mary’s Name. He closed his eyes and let out a deep sigh; The heart loves whoever the heart wants to love.


She backed out of the compound in reverse and pulls in the street driveway, taking little or no care if there was a vehicle coming. She had been told times over times that she was a rough driver but she doesn’t care, the fact was that she has never been involved in an accident and she wouldn’t be involved in one. .

She changed the stick into drive and slams her feet on the gas, the Mercedes benz GL450 roars and jerked forward. A powerful jeep for a powerful lady, she thought to herself . The car seems to be her only companion and source of joy at the moment. The whole world had come crashing down on her the day her worst fears was confirmed, that her loving husband has a son outside wedlock. How dare him lied to her. She remembered it all, it was that silly journey he made back to the village.

She was 9 months pregnant already, few days to her EDD (Expected Date of Delivery ) and he started packing saying he had to be in the village, their king had died and everyone needed to be there to lay him to rest, that ridiculous Tradition. She loves the man, right from the day the had met him . And the fact that they were both from different Nigerian tribe didn’t stop her from intentionally getting pregnant for him.

Now in the future and the product of that journey is back to taunt her. He slept with the love of his life and got her pregnant, the baby is now grown, intelligent and pose a threat to the inheritance of her own children. She definitely can’t stand by and watch. Her phone rings and it was her mother, she swerved dangerously and found a spot to park..

Chioma: Hello Mama!

Mama: My daughter, Kedu ka imere? (How are you doing my daughter? )

Chioma: o di mu mma, Mama ( i am okay Mama ) I called you yesterday but you didn’t pick your for phone

Mama: Agara mu ahia, biko ( I went to the market Sorry)

Chioma: Mama! Mama! I have told you to speak English more.

Mama: Why would i speak another man’s language when i have mine, Tufiakwa (Never)

Chioma: Just try Mama! Please try.

Mama: When you don’t speak your language, how can your children understand it? I came over the other day, told them not to speak English to me and they all kept Saying “Ekaabo” (welcome ,in Yoruba ) you allow them speak your husband’s language

Chioma: Mba Mama! The children chose the language they wanted.

Mama: Hey Amadioha ( a god)! Come and help me o. You are selling my own grandchildren to these other tribe o.

Chioma: Stop saying that Mama! We are all human beings! Tribes are just ways to recognize ourselves and not to be mistaken with differentiating ourselves. We are all the same Mama! Flesh and blood!

Mama: Ehn ehn…. Flesh and blood nnam! Did your husband not have a Son with another woman from that tribe?? They will chase you out, collect all the money your Papa gave to you and you will have nothing, not even your children will fight for you. You better do something.

Chioma: Mama… what can i do?? I’ve have been making plans to solve this problem of the son my husband had with another woman.

Mama: You are not trying enough! You need to do better biko! As long as, there’s exists a connection between Tonji (Olatunji ) and that woman, you are not safe. I will not stand by and watch another woman take your place. Tufiakwa!!

Chioma: Mama You have to help me . I have tried my best.

Mama: Don’t worry my daughter. You continue to try and do whatever you have been doing and i will continue to do mine here too. What is the name of that woman??

Chioma: It’s Mary,Mama! ….. Mrs. Mary Martins…

Mama: Okay my daughter!

Chioma: Goodbye Mama!

Mama: Ka Omesia (Goodbye ) She dropped the call. She doesn’t share the same sentiments with her mother about people of the other tribe. Mama had witness her first husband and her father got slaughtered during the civil war, it affected her and she still held grudges like most of her tribesmen who witnessed the war . But that was decades ago, the new generation of Igbo are sophisticated and talented people , they don’t have time to suspects their fellow men , they just work hard and become successful. The only thing Mama was right about was the other woman who threatened her marriage, she has been making plans and taking actions to secure her marriage and protect her children. So like She’s been doing for the past two weeks, she turned right and parked by the gate of the chamber, her lawyer’s office. She turns off the engine, shifts the gear into park and rested her feet on the car carpets.

She had no idea how Mama was going to help but what she meant when she told Mama she has been trying her best was that, she has been seeing a lawyer who has been explaining to her, the rights she has as a wife. She stepped out of the vehicle, close the car door and walked into the chamber, ready to discuss with her lawyer.


“You’ll be discharged Tomorrow or the day after”

I almost shouted for joy when the doctor told me that. Hospital has driven me crazy, i hate it here and i just wanted to get out . I looked to my side and i saw my Mom smiling too. I’m glad She looked so happy.

Mrs. Martins: You heard that Omo mi? You are coming back home soon.

Me: i heard Mom! I can’t wait to be home.

Mrs. Martins: I just thank God that i didn’t lose you, my son.

Me: You have no worries anymore!

Mrs. Martins: Yes that was what i told Mr. Olatunji Adeleke but he still insisted on having the case investigated.

Me: (smiling ) You mean, My father?

Mrs. Martins: (looks down in disappointment )

Me: No Mom! Don’t give me that look, okay? I’m not angry. I’m just getting used to the idea that he’s truly my father ok?

Mrs. Martins: Okay my son.

Me: You still love him, don’t you?

Mrs. Martins: (looked up surprisingly ) Hey boy! I’m the parent here and you are the child, It’s my duty to do the “in love” counseling talk.

Me: Hahahaha! Just answer the question.

Mrs. Martins: Dolapo leave me o.

Me: Hahahaha…. this is soooo fun! You look like you’re 16years old now. I know you still love him. The real question is, what will you do about it?

Mrs. Martins: (sigh) Nothing! What can i do about it son? Absolutely Nothing! We’re not kids to say we would elope together or he’ll promise to leave his wife. No that can’t happen. We both just need to continue living our lives. You see my son, that’s an ironic truth about love, not all love have happy endings, some love dies, some love betrays, only few loves have happy endings because most love always leave, Yes my son, some love leaves okay? And that’s the kind of love that we have here.

Me: So…. both of you are just gonna love each other and then leave each other?

Mrs. Martins: Yes!

Me: it doesnt make sense, what kind of a silly love is that?

Mrs. Martins: Hahahaha! silly? yes! but very very realistic and common.

A knock on the door twice and Bidemi came in.

Bidemi: Good afternoon ma! ( kneels down)

Mrs. Martins: Afternoon Bidemi, How are you?

Bidemi: Fine thank you ma!….. Yes ma! Femi’s dad is outside, i think he’s paying some bills at that cashier side, he asked that i should tell you to come over there.

Mrs. Martins: Oh! Okay dear. Thank you.

Mom stood up, turning around to face me as i gave a mischievous smile and winking my eye.

Me: (cleared my throat) ehem ehem…hmm…. It doesn’t look like someone is loving and leaving o….. ehem…more like someone is loving and staying..

Mrs. Martins: (rolls her eyes and laughed) shut up your mouth there.

Me: Hahahahaha.

She closed the door behind her. Bidemi looked at both of us in confusion.

Bidemi: what was that about my Love?

Me: woh It’s nothing important but can i ask you something?

Bidemi: Ask me anything…..

Me: Will you ever leave Me ? Like you will still be in love with me but then you have to leave…

Bidemi: That’s crazy! Why would i leave you when i still love you??

Me: Exactly my point!

Bidemi: But if i believe, us being together would endanger your life, i would have to leave you. It’ll be for your own good.

Me: All ladies think the same. How would leaving me be for my own good?

Bidemi: Please Dolly-p i have missed you. Let’s just hug and hold hands and not talk much.

Me: Ok dear. I shifted a little for her on the bed as she lays beside me, i wrapped my arms around her waist. We both lay still, lost in thought. I held her hands in mine and whispered into her ears….

Me: (whispering ) Don’t leave me

She tightened her grip on my hand, turned her face towards mine and whispered back.

Bidemi: (whispering ) I won’t. Never!

We kissed


There’s something about the boy he stabbed. He doesn’t understand it. He had never seen him in his life but at that moment when he stabbed him, he looked into his eyes and he was just lost. He’s 100% certain that the boy didn’t see his face but he saw the boy’s eyes and that had been taunting him for the past few days. He had gone to the hospital twice already, had opportunities to finish the job but still didn’t take it. There’s absolutely something about the boy that makes him wanna change his bad ways. His phone beeped, it was an SMS from the Madam; it reads:

“The mother’s name is Mrs. Mary Martins, kill her too for #80,000 (Eighty thousand Nairas). Kill them both before the week runs out. Don’t disappoint me again. Madam”

He was angry, let out a thick smoke from the joint he was smoking. He was high as usual and angrily threw his phone up. Luckily, the phone landed on his brother who was lying down on the mini rug. His brother shifted a little and gave out a snore as he continues his sleep. How can someone sleep so much like this he thought to himself, so he stood and gave his brother continuous jerking as he screams his name.

“Michael…….Michael…….Idiot! Wake up and cook something for us jor! Don’t you know anything apart from sleeping ni??”

Michael stretched, cracked his knuckles and stood up.

Michael: Ooooh! Thank God my 6 weeks break is almost over. I will return to school and sleep whenever i want. My roommate Dolapo won’t disturb my sleep like you….

He hissed and went into the kitchen.

To be continued