To Love And Leave Episode 12


I woked up quite earlier than i have been for the past few days and i had no idea why, maybe it’s the birthday anxiety but why would i be anxious for a party that isn’t even mine? After lots of buzz and the over-hyped expectations, Friday is finally here, Bidemi’s birthday is just in a few hours. The IV says 3pm but trusting my Nigerian people, i bet it’ll start later than that.

I looked and noticed Wale isn’t in bed, i had falling asleep last night while he was busy telling me his plans for the birthday, he had vowed to get the number of half the rich girls at the party. Thinking about the birthday, i suddenly realize i hadn’t wished my girlfriend a happy birthday yet, i hurriedly took my phone and dialled Bidemi’s number.

Bidemi: Ehnnnn O ga o! Mister boyfriend! Calling 8:30 in the morning when other people have been wishing his girlfriend happy birthday since 12am.

Me: I’m really sorry Bee! I just woke up and i called you as soon as i did.

Bidemi: it’s alright boyfriend! I understand.

Me:Thanks…..So how is the birthday girl feeling this morning??

Bidemi: She’s feeling on top of the world with the calls she has been receiving since midnight. But of course i couldn’t wait to hear that special someone to tell me happy birthday you know…

Me: Hahahaha….. Happy Birthday Miss Bidemi Adegboye! Today is definitely my favorite day love.

Bidemi: Thank you! And why is today your favourite?

Me: Because it is the day that my love was given birth on. You know, if you hadn’t been born, i would have created you myself right?

Bidemi: (laughs ) I’m sure you would have. Baby….. i think my dad’s calling me, let’s talk later ok? And thank you for the wishes.

Me: Ok Bee! We’ll talk soon. Wanna freshen up too. Bye

Bidemi: Bye love!

I dropped the call and saw Wale come inside the room holding a shirt

Me: Wale! I thought you ironed this shirt yesterday, how many times you wan iron am na?

Wale: Wetin be your own sef, na me get shirt jor. I tell you sey i go hot for the birthday mehn!.

Me: Hahahaha… if na you dey do party nko? You go dey burn like fire shey?

Wale: Leave me jare.

Me: Hahaha… Anyways, have you seen Mom this morning?

Wale: Yea i have but she has left for work. She made a few complaints about she not wanting us to attend the party again.

Me: I told her everything would be fine

Wale: Yea but for real Dolly-p, you have to stay as far away from Femi as possible, He’s up to no good, i saw some of his friends few days back and they don’t look responsible at the slightest.

Me: Thanks brother! You know I’ll be careful.

First it was Mom but now Wale is saying almost the same things, perhaps i need to be scared but will Femi be so silly enough to start a fight at the birthday party of the girl he claims to love? I don’t think so.


Bidemi’s dad( Mr Adegboye ) : My pumpkin, i called you like 5mins ago and you’re Just coming down

Bidemi: I’m sorry Dad, i was on the phone, it has been ringing all day

Bidemi’s Dad: you see, everybody loves my pumpkin!

Bidemi: Your pumpkin took after her daddy you know.

Bidemi’s dad: Hahahaha. So i have called some of the office boys to the house so they can help you secure the perimeter

Bidemi: No dad! We talked about this, It’s only a 17 year old girl’s birthday, what could possibly go wrong?? The presence of uniformed men will make my guests uncomfortable

Bidemi’s dad: I know but security is extremely important. Okay i will order them to wear casual clothes, they wouldn’t be in uniform

Bidemi: Still dad, they are like 28-35 year old men in a birthday full of teenagers. No daddy, i don’t want that jor

Bidemi’s dad: (sighs) I just want you to not be in danger

Bidemi: It’s my birthday, everyone will be here to celebrate with me, i won’t be in any danger at all Dad. You have nothing to worry about. Ok?

Bidemi’s Dad: Ok ok, today is your day, you get to have everything you want, Ok dearie!

Bidemi: Thanks Dad! So i need to go get my cake from the caterer like right now .

Bidemi’s Dad: (Points to the center table) If that’s the case, then you need to take your car. (Smiling )

Bidemi: (surprised ) bu….but i don’t have a ca…car!

Bidemi’s dad: Well…. Now you do pumpkin! Happy birthday !

She hurriedly grabbed the keys and ran outside. Her sister, Kikelomo who heard her screaming, runs into the sitting room

Kikelomo: Dad! Is Bidemi alright?

Dad: Yes she is. She’s only shouting because i bought her a car for her birthday

Kikelomo: (almost in tears) A car dad? I’m 19 daddy and you bought her a car? She is 17 for crying out loud! You’ve always liked her more, you hate me!

Dad: No my daughter! Don’t say that, i bought her the car only because her birthday came first, your birthday is just two months away and I’ll buy yours for you. By the way she’s 17 and doesn’t have a license, which means you get to be the one to drive the car around. I don’t hate you, you are my first daughter

Kikelomo: (wiping her tears) are you sure?

Dad: of course I am sure! Wipe your tears and let’s go celebrate with your sister.

Kikelomo: (Smiles ) Ok Dad! Bidemiiiiiiiii (She runs outside as their watched and smile)


Mr. Olatunji Adeleke (Femi’s dad) sits in his office cross checking the names of customs new recruit when he heard a knock.

Olatunji: Come in

Secretary: Sir! There’s a woman outside who says she wants to see you Sir!

Olatunji: Are you dumb ? Did you not know i don’t entertain visitors until 11am??

Secretary: Yes i do and i told her but she insists if you hear her name you’d want to see her sir!

Olatunji: Ehn en….So tell me her name, don’t just stand there looking at me silly

Secretary: It’s Mrs Martins Sir

Olatunji: (lowly ) Let her in

Secretary: Sir??

Olatunji: (Shouts at her) I said let her in! Do you need me to use a megaphone??!!

She shuts the door and in few seconds it flung open again, Olatunji looks up as his heart skips a bit. She still makes him feel the way he felt 25years ago when they first met.

Mrs. Martins: Tunji! I noticed you still like shouting at people, all these years you still haven’t changed that.

Olatunji: (points her to a chair) Well… you forgot to change that in me.

Mrs. Martins: (sighs) I could have if you never left

Olatunji: (pissed ) Oh! Really?? You told me to leave you remember?? You couldn’t be with me. You practically chased me out of your life Mary!

Mrs. Martins: What would you have had me do? I should marry an already married man??

Olatunji: I was going to leave her for you. All you had to do was give me a little time.

Mrs. Martins: (Teary eyed ) I didn’t come here to discuss that. We can’t keep quiet for ever. We have to tell them the truth, i can’t do this any longer than i already have.

Olatunji sat back in his chair, rested his head and looked up. The secret they have kept so quietly for 20years is about to be let out. How foolish were they to think they can hold it forever, how foolish. He let out a deep sigh and looked at the woman he loved so much, She’s added a little weight and looked older than she really is, that, she must gotten from many years of hard work, trying to raise her son…..their son.


The water coming from the shower was cold and i thanked God for it, the heat is much at this time of the year. I had my towel wrapped around my waist as i made my way to my room. I entered and went straight to the wardrobe, backing the bed and whistling my favorite tune. I picked the boxers that I’d decided to wear, checked to see if it’s dirty. Satisfied enough, i dropped my towel and that was when she spoke

Ada: hmmmmm…..Nice butt I almost fainted, i couldn’t turn around , i wouldn’t want her to see my stuff. I couldn’t bend down to pick my towels cause that would mean bending my ass towards her, so i stood there, frozen like wet chicken. I dragged my feet a little to hid myself behind the wardrobe door. She speaks again.

Ada: Is there anything i can help you with…i mean other than staring at your butt. I like a guy with a butt. It’s like having your woman’s back and all that issh. If you see my dad’s…….

Me: (cuts in) Just shut up and turn around

I wore my boxers as fast as i could while Ada enjoyed every moment laughing so hard. I put on my jean trouser and a round-necked top and faced her…

Me: I hope you enjoyed the show and what the hell are you doing in my room to begin with.

Ada: (still laughing) i met Wale outside and he said you were in here. I noticed your mom isn’t around because if she was around i would have seen or hear her talk because all the times that i have been here, i always see her in the sitting room or hear her sing in her room. But when i noticed she wasn’t home, i helped myself into the room and heard you in the bathing room, till you came out and dropped your towel and i saw your big butt which i hardly need to tell you how nice it is …..

Me: (cuts in) i hear you. There’s no reason to say all these stories.

Ada: emmm….Ok then

Me: Can we just go out to the sitting room and watch a movie or something? Anything that would make we forget this embarrassing moment please

Ada: Hahaha….. anything you say

Me: Emmmm Ada……(clears throat)….It is really important that no one finds out about this.

Ada: Of course. I cross my heart

Wale: (rushes in) why are you crossing your heart Ada?

Me: Nothing brother

Ada: Yes Wale it’s nothing. Dolapo was just telling me that i shouldn’t tell anyone i saw his bum-bum Wale busted out laughing as i shouted

Me: Adaaaaaaaa…..!!!


Femi layed on his bed listening to music on his phone when Funmilayo barges in

Funmilayo: Femi! You’re still in bed, don’t you know what the time is??

Femi: Yea i do! Why do we need to go this early? Will Bidemi be punishing late comers?

Funmilayo: Just get up, dress up and let’s go.

He stood up , wore a denim jean trouser, a black fitted shirt and a waist coat. Took a long look at his reflection in the mirror and when he was satisfied with how he looked he took his phone and dialed Tunde. It rang over and over with no response so he decided to send a SMS that reads

“Wassup T-man! Abeg no need to come d party again abeg. I don decide sey make we leave the Dolapo guy . Lets free the dude, no need to do anything again, Forget the plan . Later G!”

He wore a pair of sneakers and joined his Sister. They left for the Biddy Birthday!


Tunde waits in the car, honking non-stop.

Tunde: Guys wetin happen now! Make we they go jare!

1st Guy : Chill now, we don arrive

2nd guy: I dey hide the knives for my shoe ni jor incase anybody search us

Tunde: Nobody will search jare.

The two guys entered the car as Tunde started the engine and began to move.

1st Guy: Tunde! Envelope dey on top your phone. E bi like sey you get Text message.

Tunde: Forget Text message jare ! No time!


The birthday was everything i thought it would be, loud music, wild dancing and lots of drinks to go round. There were girls dressed in revealing clothes and the boys couldn’t be happier. Speaker box was hanged all around the house such that anywhere you are, you would hear the music. I’ve been to parties in clubs but never a party in the whole house.

White bulbs have been changed into coloured ones making the house appear darker than usual, you could hardly recognize someone you know except you stand so close to them. So when Femi appear behind me, it took a while before i registered his face.

Femi: Whatsup Dolapo!

Me : Oh Femi! It’s you.

Femi: Yea boss! This place is loud, would you like to go out and talk?

Me: Yea sure. Let’s go!

He led the way and i followed


Her party was everything she’d imagined. The house was filled with people her age, some of who were her close friends and the rest…..God knows where they came from.

The table where the gifts items were to be dropped is completely occupied by different packages, some needed to place the gift they brought on the floor below the table. The turn up was huge, they’d cut the cake, some of her friends had made a toast and when she decided to finally dance with her boyfriend, she saw him following Femi outside the house, worried that Femi might do something silly, she followed them. She was surprised to see them talking like gentlemen, each had a hand in his pocket and she stood back to admire the two boys that had once time or the other captured her heart. No doubt She’s a girl with a great taste, both boys looking handsome in their own individual ways.

Dolapo wore a black jacket on a white Tee-shirt and a black chinos trouser, looking dapper than usual. She took a long look at him and thanked God he’s her boyfriend.


For the past 15minutes or so. They had both talked about everything from football to music, Movies and school. Though he had no idea why he made such a kind gesture but he’s glad he and Dolapo are finally having a mature talk.

Femi: Well…. Dolapo you know Chelsea suck gan o , Chelsea na yeye team …..

Dolapo: (cuts in) Hello…. Suck or not, Chelsea will always embarrass Arsenal on the field. We always beat you guys

Femi: Hehehe…see you o! With all your Ojoro goals abi….Abeg shift jare.

Dolapo: Hahahaha….. Ok o.

Femi: Well…. I just want to say it was wrong of me to come down on you the way i did, i had no right to ask you to stay away from Bidemi when she had obviously made her choice.

Dolapo: It’s alright Man. I was selfish too, i know how amazing Bidemi is and you love her. I should have cut you some slacks too. No hard feelings bro.

Femi: so…. say we shake this off and call it a truce?

Dolapo: (stretches his hand) Sure man!

They shook hands and Femi heaved a sigh of relief, few days ago he had thought of paying some boys to beat Dolapo up but here he is, shaking hands with him. He was glad he aborted the plan.

After the handshake, Dolapo excused himself to get back to the party. Femi stood, checking out a beautiful girl he’s had his eyes on since he arrived. He was about taking a step to meet her when Abdul ( Bidemi’s gatekeeper ) called him.

Abdul: Boda Femi, how far?

Femi: Oga Abdul! I dey ok o.

Abdul: Have you seen the friends looking for you??

Femi: What friends??

Abdul: Your friends na. They didn’t have invitation cards but they mentioned your name so i allowed them in. 3 boys. Immediately Femi heard 3 boys . He knew what that meant. Tunde and the boys are here. Didn’t they get his message. He has to go find Dolapo right away.

He ran into the house shoving people out of his path. He got into the house when he heard a girl screamed upstairs.


I was absolutely surprised by Femi tonight. He sounded so nice and apologetic. Maybe we can be friends after all. When i left him and got inside, i noticed a boy stood so close to me, i couldn’t see his face but he looked drunk so i kept moving, few pace and he followed still so i turned around and he wasn’t there anymore, lost in the crowd.

I saw Wale dancing with a girl and shooked my head, my brother is such a Casanova. I figured Bidemi would be upstairs so i took the stairs and made my way up. That was when i saw him again, a little closer this time, Standing right in front of me. There’s a wall behind me, i couldn’t step back but as i dashed to the side to avoid him, that was when i felt the pain, it was sharp and cold at the same time, he pulled it out and stabbed again…… Everything went dark….


She noticed Dolapo had left Femi. But when she saw Femi running in as fast as he could into the house, she had her worst fears. Leaving the verandah and getting into the house she heard a girl screamed. She felt weak, everyone ran towards that direction, some were on the run, making their way towards the exit. She heard the voices…

Voice 1: Let’s take him to the hospital, is he still moving?

Voice 2: He’s not…Oh God! Oh my God….i think…..I think he’s dead! She moved closer and saw Dolapo on the floor, lying in a pool of his own blood.

~To be Continued ~