To Love and leave Episode 11


It was the talk of the street. Seems no one has any other thing to say than the upcoming birthday.


That’s what it’s been tagged, the ones who have been invited couldn’t stop talking about it, the Invitation card was like a lottery -winning ticket to most of the people on the street. The moment you get invited, people see you as one of the “movers and shakers ” of the street. Emeka, the boy who always acts like his father is the richest man on the street had to pay 15,000 Nairas just to buy the IV.

Wale my brother has been making alot of female friends since he got his IV too and he made sure to tell everyone that would listen he’s been invited

Girl: Hello Wale. Is it true you were invited to the Biddy birthday??

Wale: Nooo babe. I was begged to attend. You know baby… guys like us needs to show at a party like that . Bidemi had to call me and pleaded that i should be there. You know what I’m saying?

Girl: Wow.. You make sense o

Wale: Yea yeah! That’s how we roll..

Girl: can you please help me get invited? Please…

Wale: Well…. of course! That’s not a big deal but let me talk to Bidemi first…..Did you know She’s dating my brother??

Girl: Yes i do!

Wale: you have nothing to worry about, i will get you in . It’s how i roll.

Mum on the other hand didn’t feel right about the party, she said it’s rather dangerous.

Mum: I still don’t think you and your brother should attend the birthday

Me: C’mon mom! I thought we talked about this

Mum: Yes we did. I just don’t feel right about it. Who knows what all this rich kids are upto. I don’t want you to get in trouble With anyone

Me: Mom you have nothing to worry about, i will not get into any trouble and neither will Wale too.

Mum: You know this rich people always have a way of protecting themselves if something goes wrong. They can pay their way through anything, what if they did something bad and blame you for it? You know i don’t have any money to pay to anybody o

Me: Hahahaha.. okay on a very serious note now; I’ll be fine, nothing bad will happen. The party will last just a few hours, wale and I will be back home before you know it. You worry too much over nothing!

Mum: (sighs) Ok o. I won’t stop praying sha

Me: Haaa…. Mama Dolapo! Ok pray. In the end you’ll see you just wasted alot of time worrying over it .

Truth is, i have my concerns too. The fact that Femi will be at the party got me a little unstable. He’s a hot-headed person and rather unpredictable. I don’t think he’ll be cool with seeing me with Bidemi. But I’ll have to take my chances.

Ada and I have spoken just twice after i walked out on her and the tension between us while we spoke on phone was very noticeable. Wale had invited her to the party, she also won’t like the idea of seeing me with Bidemi. And given that Bidemi is such a PDA (public display of affection ) freak, it would really be difficult not getting either Ada or Femi jealous.

The birthday party , to me, looks like a timed bomb waiting to explode. But it’s Bidemi’s day and i wouldn’t say anything to her, i wouldn’t want to jeopardize anything.


The buzz her birthday has caused was even beyond her imagination. She had no idea how people got to know about the party so fast . Yes, she wanted a “talk of the town” party but now it’s getting out of hand. She’s made plans for a DJ and a caterer. Though not less than 13 people had promised her a party cake but still, She’s made plans of making one of her own too. It’s Wednesday, Friday will be here soon but she wishes it will come sooner. Then came the knock on her door, she opened the door and to her surprise, Kikelomo was standing, all Smiles.

Bidemi: (She screamed in excitement ) Awwwwwwwwww! Sister

Kikelomo: oooooohhhhhh….. babe!! They hugged

Bidemi: Jeeeeez! You told me you wouldn’t make it

Kikelomo: I was only joking! You know i wouldn’t miss my baby sister’s birthday party for anything in the world!

Bidemi: Yaaaay!! But you have a test on friday, Right?

Kikelomo: Well….. a certain boy that has a certain interest has certainly volunteered to help write that certain test!

Bidemi: (winking her eyes ) hmmmmm….and what exactly has my big sister done to get this certain boy to be so willing to help her write the test??

Kikelomo: (Smiles ) welllll….. let’s just say, i had to hold him at a very interesting part of his body.

Bidemi: Hahahaha.. I thought you said you now attend a church fellowship

Kikelomo: Yes i do!! He’s our bible study teacher naaa! They both fell on the bed, laughing out loud.


He’s bought a new pair of shoes already. He thought of getting a new shirt too. He plans to look good on friday, show Bidemi what She’s missing out on. The news in town is that a nobody had snatched Bidemi from him, not attending the party would make him a coward, he needs to be there, to give people the idea he was tired of Bidemi so he had to let her go and not because an idiot snatched her away. He’s seen Funmilayo and her friend, Ruka brought in a shopping bag earlier and disappeared into her room, he decided to go check on them and probably start a conversation with Ruka, the girl he almost dated few months back.

Fumilayo: Come in! (She said as he knocked her door)

Femi: Hello ladies

Funmilayo: How are you brother?

Femi: I’m fine. I see you girls are preparing for the birthday. (Turns towards Ruka) How are you?

Ruka: I’m fine Femi. It’s been a while

Femi: Yea it has. I hardly see you around, it’s like you decided to forget me.

Ruka: Yes i did and why wouldn’t I?

Femi: (winks at Funmilayo ) Oh Really??

Funmilayo: (cuts in) Let me go and check the food I’m making.

Ruka: But you are not preparing any meal….

Funmilayo: Well….I’m about to. (She left the room, shutting the door behind her.)
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Femi: (Sighs and moved closer to her) Look Ruka, i know i hurt you but it wasn’t my fault, i didn’t have it in mind to do that.

Ruka: Oh really? You never had it in mind to ask 3 girls out at the same time? Forwarding the same texts to them saying they meant the world to you.

Femi: You have to understand i was in a chaos ok? I had two girls who wanted me and i wanted another. It was difficult for me to just come out and tell them i don’t want them in my life. You should know I’ve known this girls all my life and i didn’t want to hurt them or disappoint them. I know it’s wrong but i just couldn’t hurt them with the truth, i was looking for how to let them go without being harsh.

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Ruka: So how do you explain sleeping with one of them? is that a way of trying not to hurt her? Sometimes you have to tell us girls the truth no matter how painful it will be. You have alot of girls who want you and you think telling all of them you love them just to make them happy is right?? You have to be the man! Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Femi: I know! I’m learning that now. Now i know better and I’m so sorry for putting you in all the mess

Ruka: It’s OK. I forgive you. What i don’t understand is why you’re doing this, why the apologies?

Femi: I felt i should apologize because you deserve better than i gave and it was wrong of me. Ruka tears filled her eyes ) That’s so sweet. Thank you Femi.

Femi: No! Thank you for forgiving me. He opened the door and left the room as she stood staring at the door.


Kikelomo: Tell me more about this Dolapo guy..

Bidemi: (Smiles ) Haha! Told you everything already now.

Kikelomo: No! Not everything o. Have you guys….. (she made a gesture with her fingers )

Bidemi: (embarrassed ) Hian!! No jor! We haven’t!

Kikelomo: (surprised ) What?? Is he like impotent or something??

Bidemi: Jeeeeezzz! Kike! I’m not ready for sx yet and he understands that so he doesn’t pressure me at all. By the way, he is far from being impotent, I’ve noticed the bulge on his zipper when we kiss.

Kikelomo: That’s my kid sis! (Winks) Is it big?

Bidemi: Haaaa! Leave me alone!

Kikelomo: emmm….Like carrot, cucumber or banana??

Bidemi laughing) your mind is totally corrupt. I don’t know what to compare him with so leave alone.

Kikelomo: You made out with Femi too one time now, compare the bulge with Femi’s

Bidemi: I wouldn’t know anything about Femi. You’re the one who slept with him so you should know better. ….then came the silence… Kikelomo cleared her throat and managed to speak in a low voice.

Kikelomo: (ahem) you should know i didn’t mean to sleep with Femi , it was a silly mistake and i regret ever doing that.

Bidemi: I know sister, i honestly don’t blame you anymore. It’s water under the bridge, it’s all gone. He’s coming for the birthday you know.

Kikelomo: He is? Wow…. I invited my friend Motunrayo too, and do i need to tell you he had a thing with her too?

Bidemi: The bastard littered the whole town with girlfriends. It’ll be a nightmare for him when he sees you and motunrayo Plus Ruka and I at the party.

Kikelomo: Ruka?? That’s the tiny girl on our street right?

Bidemi: Yea. The model

Kikelomo: I forgot that one sef. Perhaps we should create a forum, “Femi’s Ex girlfriends” to keep in touch

Bidemi: Abi o! We’ll create a Whatsapp group sef. They laughed….

Bidemi: Hahahaha… please let’s talk about the birthday jor.

Kikelomo: Oh! Yes yes! So who’s getting the booze?

Bidemi: I’ve gotten someone that make the Chapman, Ahmed has bought the coke and sparkling wines.

Kikelomo: emmm…how old are you again?? I said booze! The alcohols my dear

Bidemi: I haven’t thought about that.

Kikelomo: Babe! You are having a party as big as this and you are bringing Chapman and coke. Abegi… let’s get the red wine and spirits.

Bidemi: Kikelomo! But Dad…..

Kikelomo: (cuts in) ……doesn’t need to know about this. I’ll call some of my guys to bring some, just get the money ready…like a 100k should do it.

Bidemi: (sighs) Ok then. Thank God you’re here. Sometimes, the “prodigal daughter ” is needed in the house.

Kikelomo: Hahahahaha… i will knock your head o.


Phone rings…..He picked it

Voice 1: The birthday is on Friday. Is everything ready??

Voice 2: Everything is set!

Voice 1: How about the guns?

Voice 2: No guns Man! Her father is a customs officer, bringing a gun to the party will be a bad idea.

Voice 1: Ok that’s true. So what do we have??

Voice 2: Knives.

Voice 1: Good! That will do! Call ends.