Kafui jumped up and held Elom’s arm. “what are you talking about, I thought you said you just wanted to apologise”.

Elom turned and looked at him. “you are interested in her aren’t you?”

Kafui looked at him and snickered. “why would I be interested in her, she’s your woman isn’t she?” Elom smiled.

“ then give me her number so that I can get in touch with her”.

“ I don’t have her number”. Elom looked at him, smiled, nodded and went out.

Kafui kicked the table and held his foot. “ ouch….damn it, why the hell did I tell him I wasn’t interested in her, I’m such a fool”.

He opened the door, slammed it, walked out and got into a taxi.

He went straight to his house and when he entered he just stood there looking around, it was like a new place to him.

He had greatly missed home. He went to the bar and poured himself a shot of whiskey.

Under three minutes he had downed five shots. He sat frustrated in his sofa and stared into space.

He consoled himself with the fact that Elom was never going to find Afia.

He stood and went to the bathroom. He needed to take a shower, a shower in his own bathroom.

He removed his shirt and his trousers carefully so as not to drop his phone. He slipped his hand into the trouser pocket but there was no phone.

He went to the hall but still couldn’t find it. He felt his face burn hot. Elom had taken his phone.

He put on his clothes and walked out of the house. He drove as fast as he could to Elom’s house.

When he arrived the new security man stared at him stupidly as if he was looking at an apparition.

“will you stop staring at me stupidly and tell your boss I’m here to see him, tell him it’s his brother”.

The security man nodded sheepishly and rushed inside. When he returned he ushered an angry Kafui into the house. Kafui walked in like a mad man.

“ why the hell did you take my phone?” Elom rose from the sofa and walked towards Kafui. “ I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have touched your phone, I’m really sorry”. He handed the phone to Kafui who snatched it away from him.

“I honestly believed you when you said you had changed, apparently you were just lying to me, I was very hopeful, very happy that we could get close again, I’m very disappointed”

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Kafui walked out of the room as Elom stood there smiling to himself.

A week had passed, Kafui still hadn’t gotten in touch with Afia. He was skeptical.

He sipped on a glass of scotch. Drinking was becoming a normal habit for him and he knew it wasn’t right but he couldn’t help himself.

It calmed his nerves and made him feel better.  He heard the message tone on his phone and picked it up.

It read ‘go to belties restaurant right now’. He looked at the message and thought for a while.

The number wasn’t a number he knew. When he called it was switched off. He decided to go check out what exactly was at the restaurant.

He picked up his car keys and stepped out. As he drove on, he wondered all the different scenarios to expect relating to what he would be doing at the restaurant.

It started to rain, the rains were very heavy, so heavy that he wanted to return but the curiosity got the best of him.

He arrived at the restaurant but the rains made it impossible for him to step down, since he was young, he had had this fear of walking in the rain, one of his younger siblings had been killed in a rainstorm so he had grown with that fear.

He desperately needed to get into the restaurant. He heard a message tone and picked up his phone. ‘you don’t need to step out of your car, I know your phobia, just sit in the car, you will see what I want you to see’.

He thought carefully. ‘who is this person who seems to know much about me, very few people know about my fear of the rain, anyways, let’s see why he led me all the way here’.

As he raised his head , he saw what he had been brought there to see, as he looked it tore his heart, he couldn’t believe it, he had known life could be unfair but this unfair was something he couldn’t bear

. He sat still as tears run down his face, he couldn’t bear what he was seeing.

Afia….his Afia, the Afia he was in love with, was standing at the doorway of the restaurant hugging Elom.
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