To Find Grace Episode 29


“My God I know you are here with me in all that I pass through, you have exalted me beyond what I ever imagined and now I need you to work your miracle again in my life. Please where ever my daughter is I ask that you protect her. Shame the enemy by bringing them down. It’s in your name Jesus` Christ that I pray, Amen” Jena concluded her prayer and wiped her face feeling a sense of peace over her heart.

She stood up and walked to her children`s rooms checking each of them before setting down in the living room looking at the watch which was now indicating a few minutes to 05 am. She had not realized she spent the past night praying for Grace.

The ringing of her phone startled her, she quickly rushed to grab it from the small table she had left it and answered almost immediately she noticed it was her husband calling.

“My love, you still awake?” Ben asked from the other end.

“You know I have not slept an inch Ben, any news on Grace? Did you go to that place you told me about?” Jena asked impatiently.

“Take it easy love, i have good news this time. We found her” he paused

“Oh God thank you!” Jena looked up with so much happiness in her heart.

“My God, where is she now? Is she okey, what happened to her?” Jena asked one question after the other without giving her husband the chance to answer.

“Jena, I am coming home with Grace right now, we will be home soon and then you can see her and ask all the questions you need to” Ben smiled knowing that would excite her.

“What did you say? She agreed to come here? Oh Ben do you know how much I prayed for this miracle to happen?” she chuckled tears in her eyes.

Minutes later, Jena was standing by the gate still clad in her silk night gown folding her hands around herself. She could not wait to see Grace her heart was practically shaking with anxiety. She looked up as the sound of the vehicle touched her ears. She could not get herself to move as she watched them get closer to her.

“My love, tell someone to open the gate” Ben spoke from the window

“Um, yeah sure” Jena sighed getting inside and pushing open the gate herself. She had not yet moved away to have a clear look at the car getting in when she saw Grace rushing to her crying her face was wet.

“mother!” she shouted and Jena practically run to her hugging her close the two embraced each other and cried like small kids, Ben watched with a smile, he wiped a tear from his eyes at the love between mother and daughter, it was more than a dream and prayer come true for Jena and himself. Slowly he walked to them and hugged them both the three stayed like that for a couple of minutes.

“Am glad to see you again my daughter, you have no idea how much I missed you all these years, am sorry for…”

“It’s okey mom, am sorry for not trusting and believing in you both” Grace responded looking at them both.

“Welcome home Grace.” Ben smiled holding her by the shoulder they walked inside all smiling and happy.

Jena and Grace sat in one seat as she narrated what had happened to her.

“I cannot still believe mom is capable of doing this. “ Grace sighed at last.

“Don’t worry my baby, it’s all in the past now, come here let me show you the bathroom. You can freshen up and rest before we introduce you to the rest of the family. Mapalo and Isaac are going to be excited seeing you here” Jena led Grace out of the living room leaving Ben dozing.


Diana was expecting a call to confirm that Grace was dead from her right hand man, she sat sadly in a hotel room her heart heavy. She knew killing Grace would haunt her for life but she felt it was better for her to be dead than see her go to live or embrace Jena as her mother.

She looked at her phone noticing it was now morning but there was no call from the man she left to kill Grace. Trying to call his line went unanswered and she got worried.

“What is going on there?” she asked herself

“Well, if he cannot do it then I will have to do it myself” Diana told herself and grabbed her hand bag heading out in a rush.

She reached at the small house in a shanty compound and looked around. It was so quiet she wondered where the guy was. Walking inside, she shook her head realizing neither Grace nor her guy was inside. Unknown to her, the cops watching the place were closing in on her and the moment she stepped out murmuring to herself, she came face to face with the cops who shouted for her to not move.

“What have I done officers?” she asked raising her hands up high afraid of the guns pointed her.

“Are you Diana Mwape?” one of the officers asked

“yes I am” Diana stammered trying to think of a plan to get herself out of danger.

“What are you doing here Madam?” the cop asked further.

“Um, I came to search for my daughter officer, the thing is she has been missing for hours and some good people told me a certain couple brought her here. Am a poor widow officers and some rich couple want to steal my child, please help me” Diana cried faking it all.

“What was that? Are you not the one that kidnapped a young lady? Someone reported that you had their child kidnaped and wanted to kill her if not for them to save her”

“no, it’s all a lie officers, see, here are the photos of her and my entire family, how can an elderly woman like myself kidnap a person of her size, she is my daughter just look at those photos and you will see am not lying” Diana handed them the phone and the officers looked at her recalling the face of Grace and indeed they could see she was the one and the photos of her a child proved Diana could be right.

“But why would the same girl give a statement that you wanted to have her killed?” the police asked her.

“I am telling you those people are manipulating and even threatening her officers that is the only explanation here. Where is my baby, oh God please save her” Diana faked tears and the officers looked at each her. Her age and story made a lot of sense and they could see she was suffering for her lose.

“we need to get to the bottom of this, if she is not the one that kidnapped the girl it means the two men that came to report are the real kidnapers” one of them shook his head.

“yeah, I have the phone number for one them, let me try calling for him to come to the police we need to get this issues solved” the officer sighed and ordered them all to get the station including Diana who hesitated a bit but realized she had to go for her story to sell, she wanted to buy herself some time before they could learn the truth so that she could find a way out.

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“hello” Jack answered the call the first time it rung, it was now past 9 am and he was thinking of going to see Grace at her parent`s house knowing she could have at least rested.

“Jack, please come to the station there is something we need to ask you” the cop told Him.

“Ok, am going to pass through as I have to go and check on my girlfriend” he responded

“No, better come here first, we found the woman you were accusing of kidnaping the girl”

“What, you found Diana?, I hope you have locked her already, please don’t let her go” Jack sighed

“Just come over” the officer informed him before cutting the call and Jack rushed out to his car happy that finally Diana would get to pay for her sins.

Upon reaching the police station he was shocked Diana was seated comfortably and her face was wet with tears.

“Where is my baby you evil man!” Diana screamed upon seeing Jack, he stopped in his steps surprised at what she was talking about.

“What?” Jack frowned surprised.

By the time Jack was learning the truth about what Diana had told the cops, it was too late they locked him saying he was to tell them where Grace was taken by Ben. Accusing him and Ben of reporting a fake kidnap meanwhile they planned it all.

For hours, they locked him in and didn’t give him access to his phone so he would call Ben. They told him they had to wait till his accomplice called lest he gave him a hint and Ben escaped with Grace. His effort to try tell them the truth failed as the officers asked why the two had not told the police the previous day about Grace being raised by another mother.

“Am telling you the truth officers, it’s just that a lot was going on yesterday and we didn’t want to have the entire story told when we had to look for Grace. “ Jack tried to convince them but they would not listen.

Diana who was now told to wait around till they had Ben, was smiling to herself as she tried to find her way out of the police station before they could get to Ben and Grace.

“How do I leave now that they want me to hang around?” she asked herself pacing around.

“Excuse me officers, can I use the ladies room?” she asked one of the police officers.

“Of course mam, just take the corridor down you will see the convenient rooms on your left” the man responded and that was the chance for Diana, she turned right instead and took the other way and escaped.

Jack looked at the cops doing their work he called out from the cells.

“Officer I will tell you were she is, let me take you there myself” He looked at the man who looked at him full of suspicion.

“if you play us we will make sure you rot in jail” the man warned him and Jack sighed knowing they would regret their actions once they learnt the truth, he planned on going to Ben`s house and let Grace tell the story herself,.

“Where is the woman, ask her to come so that we go with her” the officer in charge of the case told his mate.

“Sure sir” the man answered and walked to find Diana. Unknown to them she was even on a bus heading to Choma, planning on another runaway with her son never to be found again.

Story continues…