To Find Grace Episode 28


“I want mommy! I want my mommy! I want mommy and daddy!” baby Grace cried out the moment she woke up from the deep sleep. She looked around and saw a strange face of a woman smiling at her and telling her she was her mother.

“You are my baby Grace, am your mommy from now on and will take good care of you. Have you forgotten who I am already?” Diana spoke calmly to the girl to stop her from crying but she raised her voice shouting and screaming for her mother.

“what is your mother`s name?” Diana had asked to see how much the baby knew.

“My mommy is Jena and my dad is Ben, I want my mommy. Take me to mommy” she cried the more.

“Stop crying Grace, please stop, I will not hurt you. I love you more than your mother and father and I will take good care of you okey?” she tried to comfort her but it wasn’t working.

“What now?” Kent who was standing by the door watching the scene asked his wife seeing how hard it was going to be to make Grace forget her parents and all of a sudden see him and Diana as her parents.

“I know what to do, I will make sure she forgets about those two and only see us as her parents” she stood up.

“What are you up to now Diana? You are just stressing this little baby for nothing. I know it’s hard to let go but I am thinking twice about this. She needs her parents you know” he sighed

“Stop talking like that Kent, she is our baby remember? Those two do not deserve her and from now onwards, we will never mention their names in this house. This girl is ours” Diana warned her husband and stormed out to go and see a medical practitioner who recommended some powerful memory erasing therapy.

In a few days, Grace was being made to believe Diana and Kent were her parents and though she looked a bit depressed in the first week, as time went by the girl could not even recall the faces later on the names of Jena and Ben. She could not remember a thing about her home as well.

“What are you thinking about now mom?” Grace asked seeing Diana looking up the ceiling without a word. She moved and looked down at Grace and she saw how wet her eyes, she had been crying.

“You were supposed to be my baby forever Grace, I wonder why you would decide to choose those two over a mother that raised you and educated you” Diana spat standing up.

“Whatever will happen today is because of your poor choice and ungratefulness” she added walking away.

“Mom, please, I have told you time and again that I just wanted some time to think through things, if I were to choose between you and my biological mother it’s certain that I would be unfair to each one of you. You raised me yes, but she gave birth to me, in all this you both have done something wrong and I hate to be put in the middle of it all, I was happy till the time I learnt the truth about my life” Grace tried to stand as she spoke but the man Diana was with signaled for her to stay down.

“No, you are lying, you would have said something before but you went silent instead, well, it’s too late now. I will only tell you how all this happened and later on will leave this place this man will do the rest” Diana stepped back and sat down looking at Grace who was sobbing silently.

She went on explaining the facts of what she did to have her and all about her memory loss, Grace was puzzled her eyes were opened wide as she watched the woman she loved as her mother say things that she had never imagined before. She wondered in her heart how possible it was that the woman who was her role model, would turn out to be her night mare.

“My God, who are you?” she asked standing up her face so sad and depressed she could not stand what she was seeing and hearing.

“Am Diana, am the woman that raised you and you were too blind to see the love I have had for you all these years Grace” Diana responded with a smile.

“No, no, you are not that woman I know, you are just this cold blooded person that i don’t seem to understand. You know what? “She sighed

“I now know what all this is all about. You never really loved me all these years. All you had is an obsession for me. You thought by having me around you would punish my real parent’s for what they did. You were just so pissed, in fact deeply hurt that they came to get me back and loved me more. You wanted to prove to yourself that you could make a better mother than they would and dad was right, you should have never gotten me away from the people that really loved me. You are not what you think you are, you are the worst person I have come to learn about” Grace uttered her words without hesitation as she sobbed in her speech.

“I will never forgive you for this, you are a cold blooded woman that has no shame and..”

“Stop talking you little stupid girl! How dare you call me names?” Diana slapped her hard making Grace fall down on a hard mattress and she cried out loudly the pain in her cheek making her head spin.

“Stop! “ Diana panted in anger. She looked at Grace knowing she had an insight on what was recalling eating her up and that minute she decided it was best she put Grace`s chapter to a close.

“Well, we will see how you will play smart when you are dead and buried. I have nothing more to lose, my husband is dead and whether I do this or not am still going to prison, that your lawyer mother already sent me a call out in a few weeks’ time and there is no way she will not take every opportunity to put me in for good. So am out of here since I will not be the only one suffering, they too will have to mourn you for the second time” she sighed and walked out before shouting

“Take care of her the moment I leave” she added looking at her right hand man and Grace knew she was being serious even though she avoided looking at her directly.

“Mom! Mom please don’t do this” she tried to scream for her but there was no response. The next minute she heard the vehicle engine and the car was gone in a few seconds.

Grace looked at the man before her, his face so cold and scary she looked right down hopping her death would not be painful.

“am sorry God I treated my real parents harshly, please comfort them when am gone” she prayed silently wiping the tears as they fall on her hands she looked down at her tied legs and at the man who was standing there watching her.

“Am sorry young lady, but am just trying to do what am being paid for here and its time” he spoke in his hoarse voice.

“Are you going to kill me because of money? Am sure you are the guy in the story my mother was telling me about huh? You are just a bad person and I pray your children would never find out what kind of person you are”

“am not in here to hear your rantings young lady, am just waiting for the streets to be silent and you will be gone forever I will burry you were no one will find you, get my money and live well like you have done your entire life” the man shrugged causally and pulled out a cigarette smoking it, making Grace cough with the effect of the smoke.

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An hour later, Grace was beginning to shake with fear realizing each passing minute would be the last of her breathing. The man went out and she was now convinced her time had come. She looked towards the door when there was a knock on the door wondering if he was playing games with her teasing her.

“Stop this please, let my biological father pay you whatever Diana is promising you” she spoke and when the door opened widely she startled seeing Ben standing there with a wide smile looking at her.

“Uncle Ben?” Grace stood up see her father there.

“it’s dad Grace, am here for you” Ben whispered and rushed to hug her tight she extended her hands not knowing if to hug him back or not but the feel of his fast heart beat made her realise how lucky she was that he was there for her.

“How did you find me?” Grace asked stepping back.

“Grace!” Jack rushed in too panting excitedly. Before he could get the chance to answer, the guy left to kill her stood outside and seeing the two men inside, he placed the machete he had in his hand and started running away.

“It’s him! “ Jack shouted and started following him in the dark night.

“Come back here, it’s too dangerous!” Ben went to stop him.

“We have found Grace that is what matters, let him go the police will find him” He told Jack.

“Are you okey baby?” Jack went to Grace.

“Yes, it was my mother, you won’t believe what she told me. I have lived with her for years but today it was like I was seeing her for the first time” Grace shook her head crying.

“Its okey Grace, you are okey now that is what is imperative here. I promise Diana will never hurt you again, your mother is worried sick, let me just call her we have found you” Ben responded and they walked out. They went through the police where Grace gave her statement.

“We will see you later in the day since it is still morning” Ben sighed after they were done at the police who promised to work to find Diana and her right hand man.

“No, um, Jack would you mind if I went with dad?” Grace asked looking at Jack who smiled widely.

“Dad?” he smiled.

“Yeah he saved my life today and I know the entire truth, its high time I started getting used to my parents” Grace responded making Ben smile at her.

“Thank you Grace, your mother will be very happy to see you”

“No, thank you for saving my life and for never giving up on me. Can we go now?” she asked and Ben held her hand looking at Jack who shrugged causally,

“I will come through to see her later, let me just get home and have some rest it was a long night” Jack answered and they parted ways.

Story continues…