To Find Grace Episode 27


Jack got home humming to a song as he carried a plastic bag containing a dress he had purchased for Grace to wear for the meeting he scheduled with her parents Ben and Jena.

“I will bring her to your house this evening mam, don’t worry yourself” he had promised Jena and was feeling optimistic with what would be the outcome of the meeting, he desired more than anything for Grace to have a good rapport with her parents, partly because he wanted her to have a good home and somewhat he wanted to declare his intentions of marrying her to his parents and knowing how strict his mother was with marrying a woman from a decent home, he knew he would never get her to accept a woman who had so much conflicts with her family.

“Baby! Baby!” he called out getting to the door but he was answered with silence and the moment he took the first step towards the door, he noticed the door was still locked. He pushed his hands in his back pockets and pulled out the keys unlocking the door.

The following 30 minutes he paced around trying to get Grace to answer his call and now he was getting worried when the line could not go through anymore he was being told the phone was switched off.

“Where is she?” he asked himself feeling worried now that it was minutes to 19 pm.


Jena and Ben were watching the clock as they waited for the arrival of Jack and Grace.

“Are they coming?” she asked her husband sitting back in the couch, and crossing her legs she was all dressed up in a long nice pitch dress. Ben was nicely dressed in a plain white shirt and dark blue pair of trousers.

“Relax Jena, they will be here, Jack said 19 hours and am sure they are on their way as we speak” Ben sighed sitting on the arm of the couch were his wife was. The moment he wanted to say another word they heard a car driving in from outside and the sound of the gate closing.

“that must be them” Ben stood up walking towards the door Jena quickly followed him the kids too seeing their parents head out they followed suit excited at meeting a new member of the family.

“What is going on?” Jena whispered seeing Jack looking so disturbed he rushed towards them panting as he flipped the car keys in his hands nervously.

“Jack you came alone?” Ben stepped forward meeting him before he could get to the family.

“Am sorry, can we speak in private?” Jack spoke close to Ben he looked back at his wife and at Jack.

“Yeah sure, come on here” Ben signaled for him to follow him to the living room and closed the door back after telling his wife he would see Jack in Private.

“What is going on Jack” he asked upon facing him.

“Um, am sorry to come in like this but am worried and I think Grace is missing” Jack responded

“Missing?” Ben frowned not understanding his statement.

“Yes missing, the thing is I told her we will come see you and even though she hesitated a little bit we concluded it was good we came to see you and your family. I text her in the afternoon she told me the interview she had attended went on well and she was heading home. I offered to take her home but she declined saying she was going to get a taxi” Jack quickly explained

“Okey, I get all that, but why is she not here?” Ben shrugged in wonder.

“Well, I told you she is missing. I have tried to get in touch with her since I went back home but there is no response, her phone is even off now and I am worried something must have happened to her Ben” Jack sighed sadly.

“Wait, maybe she doesn’t want to come and she decided to go back to Diana” Ben suggested

“No, if it was that, Grace could have told me, she is not one to just run off like that, I can assure of that fact. If she didn’t want to come I could have not dragged her here. She could have told me point blank she was not interested. Am worried Ben, Diana`s line is off too which is weird.” He sighed looking at Ben who was now lost thinking of any ideas of what was actually going on.

They were still trying to ascertain what was going on when Jack Phone Vibrated and he slid it open to answer it.

“Hello” he answered

“hello is this Jack?” the voice on the other side asked making Jack look at his phone once again to make a confirmation he had no idea who was calling him.

“Yes it is mam, may I know the person calling?” he asked making Ben move closer to look at jack expecting to hear something from Grace.

“I got your number from my daughter Dingile. Am her mother and am worried with Diana, she has been acting up with the issue of Grace and yesterday I didn’t like her statement” the mother to Dingile stated making Jack put the phone on loud speaker to enable Ben hear everything too.

“Okey am listening mam, what is going on with Diana?”

“she is upset about her not coming back and yesterday she said if Grace will not accept her as her mother, then she will not allow her to be anyone else`s”

“What? She said that?” Jack asked holding his face fear of what Diana would do griping his throat he swallowed hard.

“Am not sure what she meant but her son came running to me this afternoon and told me his mother has travelled to Lusaka. I wanted to call Grace and let her know something is going on with her mother but her line is off. So I decided to call you since Dingi told me she is staying with you that side. Just tell Grace to watch out and find a better way to settle issues with her mother” Dingile`s mother concluded.

“Well, am glad you called mam, unfortunately Grace is missing and we are not sure where she is”

“What did this son to Diana say when he met you apart from letting you know his mother was coming here?” Ben chirped in.

“Who is that?” Dingi`s mother asked hearing someone else speak in.

“Um, his is the biological father to Grace, I came to inform him about Grace before you called.

“well, if I were you I would be worried now, Diana is not thinking right and she can do something to that poor girl, try to find her before it’s too late, I didn’t like her words at all and her son thinks she is up to no good. ” the woman added before cutting the line. Ben paced around now worried.

“What are we going to do now?” Jack asked rubbing his chin.

“ we are going to find my baby Jack, that is what we will do, this minute we are going to report to the police and find her whatever it takes” he remarked walking out and Jack followed him nodding in agreement.

“Where are you going Ben? What happened, won’t you tell me where my girl is?” Jena asked seeing Ben and Jack rushing out.

“My love, stay calm we will be back soon” Ben responded stopping in his steps.

“No, what is going on, why do you two look like that and what were you discussing in there?” Jena held her husband`s hand.

“Grace could have been kidnapped by Diana” Been whispered to avoid the kids getting him.

“What?” Jena stepped back

“Yes love, there is a strong suspicion she has her because Grace would not go back to her. But we will find her don’t worry go in and stay with the kids I will keep in touch” he added

“No, am going with you Ben, there is no way am sitting here when…”

“No my love, just stay home okey, trust me well will do all we can to find her and bring her back home” Ben responded and kissed her before walking out to join Jack outside.

“Let’s use my car Jack” he indicated opening the car with a remote key before he could get there.

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An hour later, they had reported at the police station who told them it was not going to be considered a missing case yet until after 2 days, given it was not a baby missing but a woman who could have decided to get off her phone and go out of town or somewhere where she didn’t want anyone to find her.

“We will try find her ourselves Jack, let’s just sit down and think” Ben had suggested and they both sat silently trying to figure out where to start from.

“Did you say her line went off after several trials from you?” Ben asked jack who turned before answering him.

“Yes, about an hour before I came to your place, why?” he asked

“Well. I need to find someone from airtel who can trace the line from the last location and we can start looking from there” Ben suggested.

“Yeah, that is a good idea, let’s go, I too have a few friends who can help locate her, maybe its good we go back to your house I get my car so we split to expand the search”

“Right let’s do that, I swear that woman will pay for this. This time am not letting her go free after causing this to my baby and my family.

“She is insane” jack nodded In agreement.

“What is exactly her problem?” he asked

“Well, she is obsessed with my child, that is what is wrong with her Jack, she is sick in the head she cannot even pay attention to her own son” Ben frowned furiously.

“Oh God, I pray we find Grace safe and sound or else this time she will have me to face too and am not going to let her mess up my happiness with her madness”

“We will find her tonight come what may, trust me on that, she can run but she cannot hide. This world is too small for a person like Diana” Ben spoke up raising his voice as they drove to get Jack`s vehicle.

Story continues…