To Find Grace Episode 26


Jena sat outside the house in the back yard under a small guava tree lost in thoughts, she could not stop thinking about what had happened with Grace and it had been days after. She and Ben had hoped giving Grace Time to think through things would make her realise what was important and that they needed to settle down their past and start living their normal lives.

She sighed as she told her inner self she will not cry anymore, recollecting how the Doctor had insisted she worked hard to keep calm and not stress so much, she decided to take it up to God and wait for him to intervene.

“I have cried and prayed my God and I know you are faithful enough to hear me and vindicate me. Let your will be done upon my life, that of my Grace too” she whispered to herself watching the maid silently hanging the cloths she had been washing on the line.

Her son Isaac walked to her and she could not hear him approaching till HE cleared his throat and pulled the chair sitting next to his mother.

“Mom, are you okey?” he asked her after she turned her head to look at him sit.

“Yeah, am okey Sonny” she sighed

“Can I ask you something?” Isaac went on after a couple of seconds.

“Anything, what is it Isaac?” Jena`s attention was fully activated

“Why have we not seen Grace up to date? You told us she was our sister and all that happened but am just wondering why she is not here then”

“um, its hard to explain Isaac, I don’t really know what to tell you but, I can assure you of one thing, you my kids are the best thing that has ever happened to me and your father and we love you, with or without Grace we shall live on and be hopeful. Grace is just a little bit lost in her thoughts and am sure when she decides otherwise she will come and be part of this family” she smiled at him but noticed the boy was shaking his head.

“What?” she asked him.

“I hate to tell you this mother, but this Grace has made you so sad, since her name started being mentioned around this house all i see is sadness in your eyes. Why is it that you cannot be happy if she is not here?” Isaac looked at his mother.

“Come here Isaac and listen to me” she held his hand closely.

“Grace, Mapalo and yourself are all my kids and I love you all in the same way, if it were you who stayed away I would be sad too, understand I just want all of you to be together, for us to be a complete family” she tried to explain to the boy.


In Choma Diana and her son where looking forward to Grace`s going back home but they too had waited and there was nothing from her. Diana had tried to call Grace and ask her to get back home but she was not giving her a positive response.

“give her time to process everything and she will come around soon” Dingile`s mother tried to comfort her.

“I doubt that, she hates me for lying to her, she called me the other day and told it to my ears she no longer trusted me. I have no idea what is going on over there, I swear it’s driving me crazy that she is considering going back to those two. I never wanted all this in the first place but they have no right to get her now after all these years of us raising her. Am not going to let that happen, at least not when am still alive. “Diana remarked her expression serious it made Dingile`s mother look at her in wonder.

“But there is little you can do, Grace is a lady now and won’t be hidden or controlled like a kid. So what are you going to do?” she asked

“I will not let them have her I tell, mark my words, never! She is my daughter or no one’s” she raised her voice in anger.


Grace looked at herself as she hurried out,

“Am I okey?” she asked Jack who stood smiling at how she was panicking.

“you are more than okey baby, that is the fourth set of clothes you have changed this morning, it’s just an interview and am sure you are going to make it through, there is no need for you to stress out over this” he laughed walking towards her.

“Am just worried you know, I am not sure what to expect. the dress code tells a lot about a person and I want those people to see me as a responsible and determined Doctor who they can rely on to work at their hospital” she stopped looking back at Jack.

“Go and attend that interview my baby and come back here as soon as you can, remember you said you will let me take you to your parents this evening”

“I don’t know Jack, I said I will think about it and right now my focus is on getting that white guy and his managers to employ me. I will worry about them later on’” She shrugged and planted a quick kiss on Jack`s lips pulling him out to the car.

“You cannot stay away forever Grace, just think about your life right now, you have family and it’s important that you start looking at the people that gave birth to you and consider them.”

Jack tried to talk her into it but she shook her head.

“mmmmhmh, can we go now or I will not make it on time for this job interview” she laughed making Jack shake his head on how calm she had been since the whole thing came to light, he looked at her before starting the car and she remained silent looking ahead the road.

“Has mom called you, I mean from Choma?” she asked later on

“No she hasn’t, why?” Jack asked him.

“Nothing just wanted to know, she has been calling but I cannot pick her calls, I just want to be left alone for now.” Grace responded.

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Hours later, Grace was coming out of the private hospital where she had been attending the interviews in the hospital belonging to the white guy she had met at the airport, she walked out to the bus station not wanting to disturb Jack by calling him to take her back home. Glad the interview was great she walked with determination and hoped she was going to receive the call as told by one of the doctors on the interview panel.

Ahead of her was a taxi parked she could see someone looking out the window as though he was waiting for her. She decided to ignore him and walk past but he stopped her smiling widely as he got out of the car.

“Goof afternoon lady” the taxi driver greeted her and she looked up his face. For a moment she watched his face, her mind telling her she had seen the guy somewhere, she tried to put her mind to recall where from or who he was, but nothing clear came she discarded the thought.

“Taxi?” the man asked seeing she was watching him silently.

“Nope, am just going into town to get a bus” she shrugged

“But it’s quiet far let me take you I will not charge a lot” the man insisted.

“no, thank you so much but I will walk, its healthy to walk as well” she smiled a friendly smile and before she could step forward the man looked about and seeing no one was paying attention to them he quickly pulled Grace and pushed her into the taxi closing it with a bang and rushing in.

Grace was lost with what was happening, she wanted to shout and find her way out but the man covered her face and she went dark. After several minutes she woke up in a dark room, she tried to open her eyes to see what was or who was around her but she could now see thing as the room was so dark.

“The moment she decided to sit up on what felt like a mattress, yet so hard, she felt a presence of someone and she stopped herself.

“Who is here? Who are you and what do you want from me?” she asked with fear in her voice. The person didn’t respond and Grace got so worked out she panicked.

“Please don’t hurt me, I have not done anything if its money you want I will give you something when I start work next week she spoke the first idea that came to her mind. Still no one responded to her.

She was now so scared and shivering at who her kidnappers could be when the light bulb finally went on and the face of Diana lit exposing her dark clothes she sat on a small chair across where Grace was and smiled slightly.

“Mom? What are you doing?” Grace Asked puzzled.

“You call me mom, yet you hate me, you have barely responded to me for some days now, so why are you calling me that?” Diana asked coldly she folded her hands.

“Mom, what kind of game is this? Why did you send those thugs to kidnap me” Grace asked worriedly seeing how cold her mother seemed.

“it’s not a game Grace, if at all I cannot have you as my daughter after all these years and what I have done till you reach this stage then I would rather have you buried” she sighed sadly making Grace sit up seeing Diana`s thug moving into the room his scary face looking at her she hard to swallow hard.

“What? What do you mean by that? You want to have me killed Mother?” Grace asked tears in her face.

“Am surprised you don’t remember this man huh? That medicine must have fried your memory real good” Diana chuckled casually and stood up making Grace Look at her face.

“What memory? What did you do mom? “Grace asked moving away from Diana who drew her face closer to hers as she spoke.

Story continues…


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