To Find Grace Episode 24


“Are you sure this is a good idea?” Jena asked as she pulled over her blouse finishing up.

“Jack said it’s good we get to welcome her from the station. I don’t think it’s wrong though. It is actually going to give us a way to start our talk with our daughter” Ben smiled

“What? You are developing a cold feet all of a sudden?” he teased his wife

“You bet I am, I have not set my eyes on my daughter for years and she is now a woman, how could I not have cold feet?”

“I know my love, come here” Ben pulled his wife close and hugged her for a couple of minutes and sighed assuring her.

“She will love you, you are a great mother and wife too. No one in their right senses would think twice about loving a person like you Jena. Besides, we will tell her the truth and she will understand” he added calmly.

“What if she does not want anything to do with me? What if she has already been brain washed by Diana and won’t look at me as her mother. Am so worried Ben, I have always thought through all this now that we are close to seeing her I cannot help feel worried” Jena looked at Ben stepping back from him with worry written all over her face.

“stop now, stop Jena, don’t be too negative about all this, we will be okey and am sure this time around, God will not let us lose our girl. Let’s go now before the plane lands. We have to be there when she arrives” Ben pulled his wife and they walked out hand in hand their kids running towards them as they walked out.

“Mom, can we come with you too?” Isaac asked

“no, not today Isaac, your father and I will go and see your sister and when all is well then we will get to have her come home, stay inside the house and help your sister with her homework” she pointed out and the kids walked back in after watching their parents leave.


Jack had already arrived at the airport the time Jena and Ben where getting there. He walked towards them smiling widely.

“Good afternoon” he shouted his greetings and they all exchanged greetings happily.

“Where Is Diana?” Ben looked around the place

“Um, am not sure yet, but she doesn’t know you will be here. I wanted to ask Grace to surprise her and not tell her she was coming but you know she is stubborn, she told me she missed her mother and would want to see her as soon as she lands. To add to the fact that she doesn’t even know where they moved to. “Jack explained

“That woman, how could she? You have no idea how awful I feel right now, I have to hide before seeing my daughter, yet she will stand there smiling and happy seeing her land, it’s not fair, it’s not” she shook her head sadly.

“Calm down, from today things will not be the same my love, you will see, let’s just stay out here and wait” Ben comforted his wife.

“You are right, things will change and in all honesty I wish Grace can see you guys for who you truly are. You are good people and I can see it in you both how much you love her” Jack smiled easing the tension around.

“thank you Jack, well, you will let us know then, my wife and I will stay out here, the plane should be here in less than 20 minutes, so go on and wait from the front” he added and Jack nodded walking away Ben had to hold his wife`s hand squeezing it hard they looked at each other and smiled slightly.


Grace looked down the runway as the plane touched down. Her heart was steady and she felt great she was finally back home and this time it was for good. She looked at the phone in her hands and noticed her hands were sweaty she wondered why she was feeling nervous all of the sudden

“It’s like am seeing these guys for the first time” she whispered inside herself. The air attendant announced they had arrived and thanked all the passengers wishing them well. Grace sighed standing up and grabbing her small hand bag waiting for the person in front of her to move forward before she joined in.

“Hey! Excuse me lady, you dropped your headsets” a voice called from behind Grace turned to look at the white guy standing tall and smiling at her.

“Oh, yeah, thank you Sir” she looked back grabbing the headsets.

“You are welcome, coming for the first time?” the man asked as they slowly moved forward.

“No, this is my home, I just went for studies and am done, so yeah am back home” Grace smiled genuinely feeling good about it.

“What where you studying?” the man asked as they touched the ground walking towards where people awaited to receive them.

“Medicine” she responded without so much attention as her eyes scanned through a group of people waiting some steps away she wanted to see Jack and her mother.

“Really, wow, what lucky. We recently opened a hospital here in Zambia so we are hiring Doctors and other medical personnel.” He smiled

“Seriously?” Grace asked now paying attention to the man,

“Serious, am just coming to see to it that all is in place before flying back to UK.” The white guy shrugged casually.

“Grace! “ Diana called out excitedly making Grace look away from the man.

“Here is my card, call me when you are settled we can talk” the man handed her a business card and she smiled thanking him.

“Mom! Hey” she rushed to Diana and smiled even more seeing Jack emerge from the cloud he stepped forward and hugged her close after she strode back from her mother`s hug.

“Hey, I missed you” she whispered and without hesitation, Jack planted a slight kiss on her lips making Grace look down.

“Mom is here” she shook her head and they both laughed looking at Diana standing close by.

They exchanged greetings as they waited for the luggage and walked along as the luggage guy pushed the carrier to the car park.

“So? What is going on here?” Grace looked at Jack as Diana opened the car to allow the carrier guy load the bags in the back.

“Been great baby, I have a big surprise for you” jack smiled

“Really? What is that? Must I close my eyes or something?” she teased closing her eyes and opening them back again.

“Promise you won’t get mad at me, but that you will give a shot what am about to review to you” Jack asked.

“The two of you will continue chatting here or you will come in we start going?” Diana shouted from the driver`s seat.

“Mom, give us a moment, Jack has a surprise for me” Grace answered back with excitement making Jack look down knowing the hard part had come.

“Wait here” he looked at Grace and she could not answer he rushed away Grace looked at her mother and the two shrugged not knowing what he was up to.

“Do you know what this is all about?” Grace asked Diana as they waited impatiently. Diana could not get to answer at the moment as her eyes were set of the two people she had come to hate so much they disturbed her every being. Her tongue felt tied and she could not move as she saw them close in with Jack walking besides them his nervous smile evident, right that minute Diana felt disappointed with him and was regretting the very day she agreed to entertain him around Grace.

“You demon” she screamed in her heart shaking as she realised how much that was going to change everything.

“What is…….?” Grace started asking turning back to face where her mother`s eyes were at and standing still seeing the only person she could identify along with Jack she breathed out.

“Uncle Ben?” she asked surprised

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“Hey Grace!” Ben tried to smile as he looked at the girl and at that moment could see what he had not seen back then when he saw her with Junior. She was his daughter and his blood moved seeing her look at him wearing a smile he could relate to.

“What are you doing here? Is this.. the, the surprise?” she asked this time looking at Jack who was silent his eyes focused on Jena who all this while kept looking at Grace without blinking her eyes she had her mouth open.

“Who is this woman?” Grace asked seeing how silent and shocked Jena was.

“Grace, ehee… Grace” Jena stuttered her eyes filling up as she slowly moved forward and touched Grace`s face who flinched back wondering why a strange woman was eyeing her like that.

“Can you tell me what is going on here?” Grace asked Jack looking at him the hands of Jena still on her face she was looking at her mother like she was mad.

“Grace, you don’t need to be here! Come on let’s go!” Diana walked in between Jena and Grace pulling her daughter back to the car.

“No, not again Diana, you will not do this to me again” Jena spoke her voice broken as she failed to keep herself from crying.

“What? Who are you? You know her mom?” Grace was shocked the more seeing the reaction of her mother towards the woman.

“ um, can we talk somewhere private?” Jack tried to step in but Diana looked at him slapping him hard across his face.

“I trusted you, you traitor! How dare you?” she snarled angrily

“Can someone tell me what is going on here? Who are you and what is Uncle Ben doing here, where is your wife Uncle? Mom, Jack?” she looked at them all her confused face so sweaty.

Ben knew the woman she meant and he had no words to respond to her instantly, breaking it straight up to her he was her father and Jena her mother seemed not the right way to go.

“I agree with Jack, can we all sit somewhere else?” Ben responded calmly but Diana shook her head furious.

“No, we are not talking to these people Grace, come on lets go home” she pulled her pushing her into the car.

“Am your mother Grace, am your, am your mother!” Jena shouted seeing she was following Diana, they all stopped and looked at her. Grace slowly stepped down the car her mouth dry she looked at her from head to toe slowly and accurately, she had no idea what to do at the moment.

“What?” she finally answered looking at Jack and Diana, Jack nodded his head whilst Diana shook it vigorously.

Story continues…