To Find Grace Episode 23


Jena and Ben had gone back home after meeting up with Jack, they felt relieved someone was ready to help them hoped in their hearts they came to finally see their daughter. They tried to move on with their lives knowing there was nothing much they could do until Grace was done with school and back to Zambia. The court case of having Diana judged for her crimes was put on hold by Jena who had insisted they waited till Grace was back.

The couple decided to let go of their search for Diana and planned on only confronting her when things where okay with their daughter.

“Why didn’t you tell me Grace was my cousin uncle? I know you saw her with me at school, how come you never recognized her and now the story has changed” Junior asked his uncle one evening as they watched some soccer match on TV.

“Well, I could not even think of that possibility of her being alive since we were made to believe she died Junior. Besides, I last saw her when she was 5 and the girl had changed so much” Ben responded shrugging.

“Hm. one thing is not adding up though, a five year old child cannot forget her parents Uncle, at least not an intelligent girl like Grace. So you tell me she was taken and immediately forgot you guys?” he asked further

“I wish I could answer that question Junior, but like I said the entire truth will have to come out when Grace is back home. There are so many questions to be asked, all in due time we will get the answers we all need” he added.

“to think that I almost dated her is kind of awkward though, I don’t know what stopped me but I truly had feelings for her only I was so afraid of having anything more than friendship with her” junior chuckled looking up at his uncle.

“So what could you have done if I had fallen for her and we both started a relationship, got her pregnant or something” he smiled and laughed softly making Ben shake his head.

“well, it’s good it never happened that way junior, God has his own way of doing things so I guess he stopped you from playing your little guy tricks on my Grace “ Jena responded setting a bowl of desert in front of the two and sitting next to her husband who moved to give her enough space.

“Tell this boy that my love, he is so unbelievable” Ben responded and they all laughed.


In Monze Diana was counting down for the arrival of her daughter. With that plan to get her find a job in a different town and maybe she could move in with her later on when Jena and Ben got tired of looking for them.

“Mom, when is Grace coming back?” Joshua asked his mother.

“She will be here in a few weeks don’t worry” she responded without paying much attention to her son.

“Hm. so are you coming to tell her the truth now?” the boy looked at his mother chewing on a lollipop.

“Are you crazy or what? What truth? Grace already know am not her biological parent and unlike you she has no issues with it, I wonder why you are so burnt of making this thing blow up Joshua” Diana glanced at her son narrowing her eyes in wonder.

“Because mother, I know dad wouldn’t have loved what you are doing, running away because you want to hide Grace forever, she is not your child so why then? Am not enough for you?” Joshua asked for a moment Diana stayed silence analyzing the boy`s face as he talked and she shook her head before speaking.

“You are my son but I wonder where you get all this dullness Joshua, you are so naïve you behave like you are still 5 years old.” She spat angrily and the boy was silent for a while looking at her.

“You know I still remember when I was 5 years old, you and dad had a fight over me, you were telling him how sharp and good Grace was and you wondered why God had to give you a son like me. So mother, I know how you feel about me and I think it’s time I too get the attention I need from my mother. You have never looked at us both the same and it’s only fair she too goes back to her parents. “The boy added like someone was just speaking through him.

“oh so this is what is up with you huh? You are jealous of your sister?” Diana shook her head.

“no mom, am not jealousy of her, I want her to give me the chance to be loved by my mother” he responded and walked away before Diana could say more, unknown to her, as the argument went on Joshua had taken her mother`s phone and he walked outside the yard away from where his mother could hear him talk. He stopped by the tree two houses away from his own house and scrolled in the phone to get Grace`s ID.

“Yes” he smiled as he dialed the line and waited for it to ring.

“Hello” Grace answered from the other end and he went silent for a second not knowing how to go about what he wanted to tell her.

“Hello, mom, are you there?” Grace asked hearing the line going silent from the other end.

“No, it’s not mom, it’s me” he answered finally.


“Yes Grace it’s me. I wanted to tell you about your mother” the boy started

“Joshua are you okey? Is mom well, what is going on? Why are you using her phone did she give it to you?” Grace asked worried hearing him stammering from the other end.

“Am ok, but mom is lying to you, your real mom came here. She lied to them that she doesn’t know you and where you are. I wanted to tell you so that you can come and go to them. That woman was crying wanting to see you and I felt bad for you” Joshua rushed through his explanation making Grace fail to grasp what the boy was talking about.

“Calm down will you, you are saying a lot of things at once and I cannot seem to understand you, what do you mean my mom came to see me? Who is that Joshua?” she asked hearing the boy breathing heavily on the other end.

“Joshua what are you doing with my phone? Who are you calling you stupid boy!” the voice of Diana yelling was heard by Grace and before she could as what was going on Diana grabbed the phone from her son and cut it off.

“What the hell is wrong with you Joshua, are you stupid or something, why are you doing this?” Diana screamed at him pulling him back to the house finding it so hard the boy was growing fast and his weight at only 15 years old was more than expected.

“I had to tell her mom, she has to know” the boy cried as the mother pulled his ears pushing him into the house.

“oh my God I have people out there threatening to take away my daughter and now I have to deal with you too?” she asked slapping the boy he rushed out to his room leaving Diana pacing around as she thought of what she was to tell Grace from what Joshua had blown.


In Italy Grace was still trying her mother`s line and was surprised it was off.

“What is going on there” she asked herself in wonder.

“well, maybe your brother has something to tell you but then he doesn’t know how to say it” Grace`s friend who was watching her silently responded.

“He said a lot of things at once I cannot seem to process all of it at once. I wonder what is happening there and why mom won’t answer me back” she shook her head sitting back down.

“God we going back home in a few weeks you will find out what is going on right?” she added and Grace looked at her and sighed deeply.

“You are right. Something is going on there, I can hear the sound of Jack`s voice every time we talk too, it seems he has something hidden and I am just sick of this curiosity. Why won’t these guys tell me what is really going on” Grace wondered trying to brush of the thoughts in her head.

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