1. Don’t stare at your partner’s chest when asking her to dance or while dancing.
2. Say thank you after dancing the first song… if you wish to continue dancing, ask one more?

3. Most important, try to remember, your partner is not disposable – don’t toss her
around like a bowling ball.
4. Try to wear a cotton shirt under your dress shirt, this will help absorb the sweat and keep you dryer. If you tend to sweat a lot, try to bring an extra shirt or towel.
5. Try NOT to wear your “construction boots” type shoes on the dance floor. If you happen to step on a girl wearing sandals or dance shoes, she will never forget or forgive!
6. When wearing a long sleeve dress shirt with buttons on the cuffs, try to roll up the cuffs. Those buttons always catch on the girls’ hair.
7. Girls love to get dipped, but not into a table or someone else. Always look around before you dip her. If her hair is down and it’s long, don’t dip her low or other people will step on her hair.
8. And most important, treat your partner like a lady. She will always love dancing with you. Mucho Caliente
By DJ Port Au Prince