Good morning beautiful ladies, today my tip is for you, this is because some of my readers are asking for it. Please read this and decide on if it’s good for you or not.

In a relationship, there are two people, but most of the time and usually from the females’ side there are more than two people, women are not very discreet people when it comes to relationship, please guys know this :WOMEN TALK ABOUT WHAT MAKES THEM HAPPY, AS LONG AS YOU MAKE HER HAPPY, SOMEONE WILL KNOW ABOUT YOUR RELATIONSHIP. She might hide it if she’s very discreet or if the relationship doesn’t mean anything to her, she might hide it because it’s fleeting. The most discreet friend I had told me about her relationship a year after being friends with me, and I had actually caught on it many months before. If she doesn’t want to be too obvious she will show you indirectly, something he said or did or something on the phone, she could see you behind her when she’s texting him and pretend not to so you can have a hint she’s with him though if you ask her she might deny in a suspicious way that the truth will be left to your intelligence


Now my dear ladies, I think THIS SHOULD STOP. We should learn to keep our stuff to ourselves and I’ll tell you why. Despite the fact that there is a general description for men, most of our men are totally different from each other, they read advice meant for women and work against it so they try to stand strong so not everything you learn works on them.

However, in the relationship, you know him better than anyone else does; even if someone tells you “my boyfriend was exactly like that” it’s a lie. There is a difference, if you guys communicate well, you’ll know what he means just by a look, you’ll know if he’s letting you go, if he loves you, if he has feelings for you, if he wants sex……..if there’s communication, you can read all these signs.


I’m not saying the people you share everything with won’t mean you well, what I mean is, at the end of the day, they might be doing more harm than good without you even realizing it. You can go to a friend or an adviser only when you have no idea what to do, but even with that, think it through, be sure you are doing the right thing. Don’t do it if it feels bad or uncomfortable.

Also if you make a move and lose, take it as a lesson, build on it, if it’s yours, it will come back to you, if you treat him right, don’t be scared to lose him, he will never forget what an amazing person you are and someone somewhere will appreciate you for you. Have a good day