WHY ME? Episode 17


Episode 17

I wishd i cud resign frm wrk but payday was ryt around de corner:?. I cudnt afford  to lose my salary bcos of my manager. So i left for wrk stil tinkin abt de drim i had. I had also taken de money she gave me too, i didnt want to av anytin to do wit dat woman. Wen i got to my junction my manager was waitin in her car:oops:. Wen i saw her my heart was poundin💓. She told me to cam n sit in her car for a ride. Wel i shudnt av, bt financially dat was a favour i wudnt reject. Wen i sat down she lukd at me n lafd😆.
Den she askd me why i didnt jx say no n walk away bt fled lyk a frigtned dog. I was quiet. I tink i overran yestday😅. Den i handed ova de money bt she refused n said i desevrd it for my bravery:?:). We left for wrk togeda n returnd togeda. It was financialy amazin😄. Wen i came home Diana, Akosua’s sista was der.
I was happy cus now i hd a mins of seein Akosua evtym her sista came ova. Bt der was samwan else home. Mike😒! He was eatin:? evtyn in d kitchen. I said hi and went to my rum and der it was. Mike’s luggage was in my rum. My mum wantd him to share my rum since my brada didnt lyk his comin. For starters he was wearin my shirt n shoes. I even feard dey wil gt torn but he said he lykd how it fitted. So i tuk Diana to her home n decided to spend tym wit Akosua. Wen we wer chattin i askd her why she tickled my palm de first tym we met. She said it was bcos she lykd me:). Den she askd me to tel her exactly wat hapnd yestday. So i did. She lukd at me til i fel lyk faintin😅. Den wen i liftd my head i saw samwan comin frm de junction.🙆. Guess who? It was Philip. Sheee🙊. I had stil nt repaird his laptop. I cudnt escape dis tym. He was smilin as he came:). Oh God i hated his smile😈. Den i had an idea. I excusd myself frm Akosua n went wit Philip to our house. Wen i opend de gate woof🐕 went our dog. Hahahaha😂. I had textd my sister to release de dog. U shd av seen Philip’s face wen de dog barkd😫😆😆. He ran off b4 i cud even tell him to cam later😆😆.


Watch out for episode 18. Its ur boy Eddy💫