Good morning beautiful people, this morning i have another gift for the men, not too much though, but very important, in a relationship, both women and men make laws, some of the men say, if you over pamper her she’ll take you for granted, some of the women say if you spoil him, he’ll get tired of you, maybe these are true among all the other laws, but what if you are different, what if your woman cares and respects you more because you pamper her, what if your man loves you more because you treat him right. Now what i have to tell the men is that, as you decide not to spoil her or pamper her, she’s getting attention from different angles other guys are putting in extra effort to win her love and attention,( same with the men) if you spoiled and pampered her at the beginning and decided to stop, it gives a different message to women, “he’s getting tired of me”. If she’s a strong woman who doesn’t want to get hurt, she wont ask you if you are getting tired of her, mostly because she believes you wont be honest to her, women respond to attention and care, it doesn’t really matter how much you love her, if someone treats her better, you risk losing her, so if you want to treat your girl well, that is if you know she’s the kind of woman who is appreciative, go ahead and do it, if you do that and get no rewards, if she leaves you despite that, trust me she’ll never forget you, if she’s able to even though you treated her right, then she never deserved you in the first place. Treat your woman right, have a great day

NB: Treating your woman right, pampering her, spoiling her…..it doesn’t make you mushy, it makes you unique, it’ll make her value you and respect you, and anyone outside the relationship who sees what you do will respect you as well