As I walked down the dirt road, I couldn’t control it, the pain in my heart, the tears, I didn’t know what to do, I was helpless, i covered my eyes as I wiped my tears, suddenly I bumped into someone and raised my head, my tear-stained face an embarrassment to me.

I looked at him, Kwesi, my friend from childhood, we had known each other and been very good friends years back when we were very young, I had moved to go live with an uncle and his wife and had returned just about six months ago, we had restarted our friendship and it was going well, he was my confidant and I never hesitated to share my problems with him.

I had just started a relationship, my first boyfriend, and I had shared all the information about our goings and comings with him because I needed his advice so as not to mess up. He didn’t say a word, he just wrapped his arm around my shoulder and led me to his house, I was distraught, there was nothing I could do, when we got there, he led me to the hall and sat me down, a few minutes later he was back with a glass of juice that I accepted gratefully. He sat beside me and watched me sip on it, the way he stared at me made me nervous and he must have noticed it for he spoke his first words.

“What did Jack do?” he asked, wide eyed, staring at me.

“How do you know I’m like this because of Jack?” I asked with a bit of anger for I hated being weak and obvious. He smiled and looked down at his feet.

“How long have we known each other, I know you Eli, I’ve never seen you cry even as a kid, what did he do?” he asked again.

“he….he cheated, I caught him in bed with a friend”. He rose, surprise etched on his face.

“He what? Why? After all you’ve done for him, this was the best he could do? Well, you refuse to introduce the guy to me” He looked at me; it was obvious he was angry.

“And he doesn’t even value the fact that he was the first man in your life, stupid idiot”. He hugged me as I let the tears flow, in an hour, he had got me laughing as if nothing had happened.

We sat in his bed, his arms wrapped around me as we watched Mr. Bones. I had a best friend in Kwesi, he cared for me, he liked me, he took care of me but there was something I couldn’t quite lay my hand on, there was something he was hiding from me and I was definitely going to find out………..little did i know it was something that was going to change my life for ever

Watch this space for Episode 2


  1. I wish i could guess what it was Kwesi told Eli….anxiously waiting for the next episode. please let it come faster than usian bolt

  2. Episode one isn’t showing. Its blank!!!
    Can u rectify it plssss. Cos I can’t simply start from episode two.
    Pls post the one on the page cos its not showing

    • Erhmm, I checked and also got the same info which is weird, if it’s possible please check Jazzy Blogs or pobsonline on Facebook for it, if there’s another problem let me know, I’ll rectify this one first thing tomorrow mornin

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