The greatest enemy of progress is your last success.
If you still glory in what you achieved yesterday then you have not been doing much today.
Never be content with your present position, always strive for more. There is more to what you have presently. If you earn 2,000 today you’ve not arrived, you can still earn 5,000. You will not reach there if you are content with your present situation.
There is more in the future. Your creative power is in your future. You can do more with your future than you can with your past. As a matter of fact, the only thing you can do with your past is to learn from the mistakes you made. If you must progress, you must do it facing forwards.
When life confronts you with different challenges, don’t fall too easily. Put up a strong fight.
Challenges reveal the real man. The outcome of that tribulation is what your made of.
Stop living in your past and press on to the future! Greatness awaits!! And in case you feel you can’t, I tell you today,Yes You Can!!!