Natasha Reloaded Episode 15


Akuku didn’t want to disobey his master, he knew what his master is capable of doing but he rather disobey his master than to stay and watch his master being killed.
He ran back to the jet and started it, he has little experience on how to pilot a jet. As the jet flew up, he slowly flew the jet towards where his master was being held captive. This was made possible because the jet was on auto-pilot.
Since the jet was on silent mode, the MADE MEN didn’t notice neither did they see the jet.
As Akuku was close enough, he pushed a red button and the jet shot five electric bullet at the MADE MEN.
The voltage of the electricity was very high that the MADE MEN were stunned. Then Akuku came down from the jet holding two strong ropes.
He tied one at Idris and the other rope at konami. The ends of the both ropes were in the jet. After doing this, Akuku climbed the rope and got to the jet.
He pressed another button and the jet pulled the ropes up. Since Idris and Konami were very weak they couldn’t stand, the jet helpfully pulled them up.
When they were safely on the jet, Akuku wanted to come down and rescue Natasha’s parents. He was about to come down from the jet when he saw Lex and Lisa standing up.
Lex and Lisa has been revived, they couldn’t find the two SHADOW AGENTS on the floor anymore. They looked up and saw a little jet above them.
Lex: they must be inside the jet.
Lisa: how did they get there, I don’t know but I know one thing for sure,
Lisa and Lex: they must go down.
Akuku from the jet saw Lex and Lisa taking two rocket launcher. He knew for sure that saving Natasha’s parents now is a suicide mission.
He is too small to stand against Lex and Lisa so he got back to the jet and pressed the emergency button.
farouk was trying to get the pictures of the MADE MEN from their satellite above the earth when his computer started beeping.
He checked it and was surprised and afraid. He saw his brother Idris and Konami lying down in the jet as if they were dead. He saw a girl in the jet crying and Akuku was jumping trying to call for help.
He sighted Lex and Lisa about to shoot their rocket launcher so he quickly took control of the jet and flew it back to base at a neck breaking speed.
“BOOOOM!!!!!! ”
“BOOOOM!!!!!! ”
They shot the two rocket launchers but the jet was already moving at high speed and the rockets didn’t come in contact with the jet.
Lex: d–n!!
Lisa: does that mean that another SHADOW AGENT came with them.
Lex: maybe, it might just be only one SHADOW AGENT, that’s why he didn’t come down and fight.
Alex. D–n, the electric bullet they shot really got us.
Lex: yes, go and revive the other guys let’s finish.
What happened next?
What will be the fate of Natasha and her family?
How will froshberry feel when he found out that the SHADOWS have escaped again?
How will Idris feel when he finds out that Akuku couldn’t take Natasha’s family to safety.
All these and more in the next exciting and thrilling episode of NATASHA [RELOADED]
brought to you by: Mustapha Idris.