The Brat and The She Devil-Episode 15


He sighs “’Mum you don’t understand,. That new Manager father employed is a witch, devil’s s incarnate. Do you know what she did to me in a club? she had all the girla hating me, the guys wanting to lyinch me and the bodygards about to cut my bal- erm.. erm.. see mum, i just payed her back tit for tat. No big deal mum”
“’Chukwuemeka. You have gone too far this time”’
“’Mummy i haven’t, it’s just a picture, she should take it down, yes i know people have shared it and all but it’s just for laughs , a dent to her public image and that is all, in a week everyone would look for another thing to laugh about mummy, why is this a problem”??
Really, why is it?
“’Have you checked the company’s charts?”
“”erm why should i?”
“Have you been listening to the news?”
“’erm not a news person”’
“’have you been on the internet within the past thirty minutes?”
“”i was when i posted it, but that was over an hour ago”’
“’And you think this is just about a picture? Chukuemeka, you are disappointing me. I always stand for you when you act like a child, i always tell your father you will outgrow it but this isn’t just about you, this his about that poor girl’s career you are messing up, this is yur father’s company, his name you are ruining”
“’mummy, it’s nothing like that i assure you, it won’t do any of those things come on! Maybe dent her image a little but come on mum, how will it affect dad’s company mum, that is ridiculious!!!!’’ he laughs

“mummy, you are being overly dramatic “
“Ÿou think i am being dramatic, stop being a child and actaully take a look. Your father is furous, putting teams on ground in every section to clear up this mess you have just created, some clients have pulled out, and you think it’s just a picture for laughs? You have no idea what the competition is like out there, everyone is looking for your downfall and even a small thing like a picture is what your enemies and competitiors needs to paint you as a sexual pornograpghic company using thier employees to capture clients by luring them into sex, ‘’
Brian scoffs “who is the fool to think such nonsense’’
“Ÿes Brian, you think they are fools to think like that and you don’t think you are the bigger fool to post it? it is all over the internet, every media house has something bad to say, the news are saying something else and they are dragging your father’s name, his company and calling the company in port Harcourt a whore house and you think it’s funny, people are making up more things for it to look bad and you think it’s funny? the girl’s name is dragged and you think it’s funny? Your father intends firing her and you think she would be able to get a job elsewhere and you think it’s funny?? I trained you better than this Brian, i trained you better than this, but all you have succeeded in doing is to tell everyone that you lack proper home training and that you are nothing but an obnoxious brat!!’’
“’Jesus mummy, that hurts!!’’ Brian can’t believe his ears “’mummy, you never talk to me like that now, but why?
‘’’because i have petted you for far too long, at first i was begging your father here saying it would calm down but even as we speak, clients are dropping, the charts are going down and everything is a mess all because of a stupid picture you posted and you think it’s worth praising? When a child errs it’s the duty of the parents to caution not praise and if you were a little boy i would have used the cane on you but you are a man Brian so act like one. You have messed up big time and i won’t be able to stop your father from doing what he has made up his mind to do?”’
“’what are you saying mummy? What does father want to do?”
“’why don’t you wait for him to tell you that Chukwemeka, since you can act foolishly, father’s too can act according to your foolishness. i love you son, i really do and you know your father wants the best for you but this, this has gone too far and this isn’t about family .this is your father’s sweat and legacy and you went too far just because you want to hurt a woman who bruised your ego? i raised you better than this Brian, you really have hurt your father, you had better call him and plead and tell him you wouldn’t do anything of this sort again”’
“”i wont beg father, i think you are exaggerrating the matter mummy, really. Okay don’t worry i will go pull down the posts and all that, happy?”
“’You think it is that easy, you don’t understand the damange do you?”

He sighs “mummy love, i am sure it is nothing mummy, please. I am sorry mummy, my mummy love, my queen, my orignial super mum, hey God mummy that thing you said touched me oh, my heart just did quick beats now and the pain that followed eh, but mummy you know i am your son, hmm, don’t be mad, you i will beg, because i know you wouldn’t be charging for me if dad didon’t pour out all his anger and you tapped from it. My sweet queen, okay i won’t do anything like this again, i promise””

“Brian, this isn funny””
“’i know mummy, i am sorry, really. Okay, i really really promise , i won’t play anything that would ruin the company’s anymore, scorts honour”’ he says smiling
He knew his mother well, she would scold and shout but he just has to submit and she would go all soft again, she loves him so, she never could stay angry with him for long.
“’Brian my son, i really wish you understand the gravity of this”
“’Mummy baby, i will handle it. I am sorry, really, i know i wanted to get head on with father and i hated that he was making me do this and being here and all but not you mummy, you I never want to fight with, i love you mummy, so i am sorry, i am, on my knees okay?”
He hears her sigh ‘’ i love you too chukweemeka , but call your father, i can’t do much from here unless you show you are sorry , not just say it, prove it”
“’mummy, leave daddy, whatever he wants to do is bluff’’
“’You dont understand, the way he has been all morning son, when he wants to do something he gets like that and-“
“’mummy baby,is he not my father again? have i not known him all my life? He bluffs alot, i will do this Brian , i will do that Brian, infact Brian bla bla! but mummy he never does, why? because he loves me that old fart, he loves me like crazy he won’t do anything to hurt me or make me uncomfortable. Look , let it be. I’ll let him cool down then i will talk to him okay, but not today, not tommorw and if he calls me to shout i won’t apologise..yet” he says honestly.
“’hey mum, look! Nothing is gonna happen. Look i will talk to him, okay?”’
He hears her sigh
“’mummy , i will handle it”’
“’i hope so Brian, i hope so”’
‘’i love you”’
“’i love you too”’
Brian says goodbye to his mother and lets her cut the call.
He drops the phone and stares at his laptop… was his mother being really serious or she was just exaggerratiing ?
Well, there was only one way to find out. He turns on his lapstop and logins in to the company’s profile, overriding firewalls and getting to the charts, their progress and downfalls
“’Holly Crap!!!!’’ he exclaims
‘’No no no no no no no!!!”’’he gets up pushing away from the chair, he stands up , “Damnit!! It was just a picture how the hell did they aggravate this, what the actuall fxkk!!!”’’
He paces the length of the room.

Oh his father was going to kill him. He messed up big time,
“’DAMNIT!!’’ He exclaims again

He is staring at his phone, strange.

From the people who have called him, his father hasn’t . This wasn’t good. This wasn’t good at all.
Another twenty minutes passes and yet his father hasn’t called him,then his phone rings, he grabs it looking at it, Mr Emeka
“’yes!!!”’ he snaps
“’Yes?’Yes! is that all you have to say, have you seen the mess you have caused, do you realise that-‘’
“’please please Mr Emeka, i already have eyes and i do see, i don’t need you to call me to tell me nonsense you hear? what are you doing to salvage the situation?Have you put your best teams on it??’’

There was a disbelief exclaimation from Emeka ”You must be mad, you hear me Brian, you must be terribly mad!! You did this and you are asking me what i am doing to salvage this situation. See eh you had better get your ass up and fix this, if i lose my job i am coming for you“”
“’Are you threatening me? Wait till my father hears this”’
Mr Emeka laughs “”Your father? Your father Brian, have you spoken to your father yet Brian? “’
Brian felt uncomfortable ‘’Yes!!’’ he lied
Emeka was laughing, why was he laughing, what the hell was he laughing for ’Why are you laughing Emeka, what’s so funny?’’
“’it’s because i know something you don’t know Brian, and to tell you the truth it makes me very very happy at the moment despite it all”’
“’what is that supposed to mean Mr Emeka, what do you know that i don’t know?’’
But Emeka just kept laughing “’clean your mess up Brian, son of Andrews, but there is nothing you can do to run away from this now, you really would enjoy this, i definitely will”then the line goes dead
“’Emeka, Emeka!!!!’’ BrIan shouts.

Dammnit !! what did he mean

Why hasn’t his father call him yet?’

He gets up , he leaves his office, everyone was busy talking , the red head girl Tomiwa comes quickly to him “’Brian, are you seeing what’s going on, it’s a mess, who posted that thing online, our phones are bringing off the hook, clients are calling asking if our compamy deals with sexual pornographic-”’
“’Not now Tomiwa, not now”’ he says walking past her
“’hain!! Who is the fool who did this now, na hacker ?’’ someone asks from the corner
Brian walks past them heading down to Mr Emeka’s office , he passes John as he comes out from that witche’s office, he didn’t bother to look in, John sizes him up
“’You just did it now didn’t you? I hope you feel fly with yourself, you are nothing but a-”
“’you might want to swallow that thing you are about to say John because at the moment i am not in the best of moods and you might be kissing the floor before you know it”’ Brian throws off his shoulders walking away
John is fumning “Prick!’’’he spat walking down to the open office area
“”John , what is going on, you have been inside that Madam’s office since morning, what is going on? are you seeing what is happening? it’s a bloody messy situation, i could hear Mr Emeka screaming over the phone“’ Peter his friend comes up to him
“’Guy, that asshole went and did this nonsense”’
As though everyone is waiting for jist, they gather around him..
“’Which asshole kwnanu?”’ someone asks
“”Who else? The one who just strolled past as though he owns the place”’ John says visibly upset “’Miss Adora is in bad shape, the Boss of the boss called her, she was visibly shaken , God knows what he told her, she almost cried, i pitied her “’
‘’but i don’t understand, what happened now and why,?’’ Tombra, the girl whom peter has been eyeing asks
“’see ehen, this morning i met her at the door and she was so happy, so we went to the office together-”’
“’see how he is talking as though she is his girlfriend, we went to the office together’ Temi mimics him
John turns to look at her, this Temi girl always has something to say, he should ask her what her problem is, every single time. she was just busy body trying to put a dent to his person and he doesn’t like it at all, if he shouts on her they would call it sometthing else or domestic office violence. “’I wasn’t talking to you Temi, you don’t have to listen you hear?”’
“’Abeg dey talk jor, omo Cnn, you are always at the forefront of things’’ she says folding her hands sitting down
“’e don do Temi abeg, you are always whinning like someone who is jealous, you never tell us why you dey always attack John, if you like am tell us, not everytime you dey attack am anyhow, we fit they attack am atleast we no get thing for the guy but your own dey seem one kin we done dey suspect this your attack…”’
“’me like this this-John? Tifiakwa!!! Men don finish for river abi? please abeg Tombra don’t insult me to insinuate that biko. God forbid. I rather die a spinster than to have anything to do with this..this useless excuse of a man”’ she sighs
‘’Äbeg abeg abeg, we don’t want to know what you think about you hear, Abeg tell us jist John mbok!!’’ Tombra says turning to him “’John? ehen what were you saying, don’t mind her “’
Temi eyes Tombra,Tombra rolls her eyes .
“’as i was saying, when we got into the office we saw him, Brian, he had scattered her table with food he had eaten, her wall had that picture you saw on the internet and then he wss happy telling her what he has done, and when Miss Adora asked him why he said something about she doing something to him that warranted him to do this”’
“’what did she do kwnau?’’ Tombra asks
“’i don’t know but whatever she did doesn’t warrant this nonsense he had done, it doesn’t and i know she didn’t do anything at all. Ever since she came she has been nothing but nice”
“’To you, ofcourse, “’Temi says
“’shut up!!!’’ everyone says to her
“’what? why is everyone attacking me now? i am just stating the obvious, we all can see John is having the hots for the madame”’
“Ee concern you?”’
“is it your Hots?”
“is it your conjii? ”
Everyone is laughing
“’Guy, belike this chick dey eye you oh”” Peter whispers to John
“’Godforbid, i bind satan,” John exclaims
“”so John , is she getting fired, is anyone getting fird,?”’ Tomiwa asks

“’i don’t want Brian to be fired for this oh”
“’me neither”Tombra says
Every girl begins to nod in agreement,

John and Peter is disgusted “”Be-like you people don’t have sense, so you want Miss Adora to be fired now abi?”’
‘’i did’nt say that, but, i know what he did is wrong but ever since he came here this place is all shades of hot and nice, i mean comeon now, because of him i had to change my warddrop to look dapper for him, if he goes we would be left with guys like you, Peter and Bola..and the rest of them, Mbok!!! Brian can’t go oh, all that hot stuff leaving without me getting a taste of him? No Mba!!!’’
Everyone laughs , “”I see where your priority lies‘’ John says shaking his head and walking away
“’ehen we see where yours lie too“’ Temi shouts
“”Temi Temi”’ some people chants

“’what!!’’ she says
“’Ehen i almost forgot , Miss Adora wants to see you all in her office, Tombra, Bola, Peter, Tomiwa, Now”’ he says coming back
“’what about me?”’ Temi asks while everyone who was called gets up and follows him
“’mtchewwww!!’’ John sighs walking away Everyone left behind laughs at her
“Come in” I say as the knock comes on the door. John walks in with them
“’Good morning everyone, i believe you know the situation of things at the moment, here is what i need you to do…so we can clean this mess up. i have taken permission form Mr Emeka so your duties for the rest of the day will be given to your collegues , go get your laptop, we would be using the conference room, we would be going on air soon but first we need to do some ground working and salvaging, is that okay?”’
“’yes maám”’ They answered
“’John would be your team lead””

John beams , turning to them “Okay so, let’s meet within the hour, Miss Adora will join us shortly “”

They nod leaving the office , John turns to me “’Can i get you anything, Coffee , anything ?”’
‘’Yes john, “’ i say grabing my laptop and my bag
“”No let me help you with that maám” He tells me going to pick it up, thanking him i step away from the table and walk out the door, he follows me . Ruth, the floor secretary comes to me

“’Madam, all is ready for you, the conference room is that way’‘she says pointing to the other end of the hall

“’Thank you”’
I enter and waited while John sets my table, i stand the view out from the window of the room…I really need to do something to this Brian guy, but what??
“what did you mean by that statement Emeka”’ Brian leans on his desk, Emeka is ignoring him
“’I am talking to you””
“’i remember trying to be civil with you and pleading to you to do what your father wants but what do you do? You throw tantrums like a little kid and go all….i can do all the hell i want, . yes yes you can and you have , why are you coming to meet me, a mere worker of your father to ask information about your dad? Why don’t you call him up, or wait! you told me he has spoken to you already so that means he must have told you”
“’Told me what?””
Emeka smiles “You aren’t smart Brian, not in the slightest, wait for your father to give you that information and i cant wait to see your face”’
“’my father wouldn’t do anything to hurt me””
“”Yes, i am sure Jesus thought the same thing, but look there…Judas still did anyways’’
“”meaning what?”’
“’Read your bible Brian, look, i have so many things to do this morning like clean up your mess from my end, why don’t you do something useful like salvage some from yours, i am sure Miss Adora is also doing that too,but here you are looking for imformation that i won’t give you. Leave my office Brian and the next time you walk in here and disrespect me, you wouldn’t like the outcome”’
“’You wouldn’t dare”’
“”Try me, you are no longer immune Brian, “” he laughs and laughs hard

“”Get out!!’’ he points to the door
“’what did you say?”’ Brian asks .
“’Brian Andrews, will you give me space to work please, damnit !!”’

Brian straightens up “”this is my father;’s company, and i will leave when i want to leave from whoever’s office, you better change your ways because when i am sitting on that chair sooner than you think, you will be cleaning my shoes’’
“’Says the spoilt brat””
Brian folds his fist , smiling stiffly “’the next person that says that wouldn’t have a mouth to speak with , don’t fall a victim”’
With that Brian leaves his office slamming the door shut.
’’SPOILT Brat”’ Emeka says to the closed door, then he smiles “’ Atleast Mr Andrews isn’t looking away this time”’ he laughhs ” Öh Brian, our next conversation will be really different and i can’t wait “
I spent the whole day working with the team, i had calls, i spoke to press team and media teams, we had to go out a few times during the hour.

By evening everyone was exhausted …
“’Miss ADora, it’s late, can we continue tommorrow, we have coordinated with other media teams, we are making progress, some clients are willing to see reason and we are polishing back our image, we are making progress maám , but it is past closing time already and i am really beat”” Bola says yawning,
Ï turn to them,and then to John, he was stretching , the clock on the wall says past 6 and yet office closed around 4pm.
“”Okay, John”’ i says taking the head set away from my ears,
I had been watching the chart for the past one hour, a few more people dropped but we gained three back. .

Mr Emeka had come in during our work , some media team had flowen in from lagos to work with us, the press was held about three hours ago and we had to personally go see some clients and re-negotiate with them, which was why Mr Emeka was with us.

It had been a long day.
A tiring long day.
‘’Okay everyone, good job. Hopefully by tommmorow when we are done, the fire would have died down, people 8am sharp, let’s convene here and begin.Please, drop your files and i and Miss Adora will take a look at the crossed and the remained and work up possible charts flow from there. Have a good evening “’
They file out leaving us both.
“’Should i get your driver ma’am?”

I nod..
He comes back to tell me that Wilson is waiting for me downstairs, he helps me with my things when we get to the car “’Thank you John , you helped me a lot today, really appreciate it.” I say genuinely as we walk down to the parked area
‘’Ït’s not a problem ma’ám, you have a good night and try not to worry “’
“”thank you, Wilson take me home please’’ i sink into the car, resting my head as John waves me..
Today, today was a bad day,,…and i still haven’t figured out what to do to that Brian.
Brian has been sitting in his office for the past couple of hours staring at his phone, his father hasn’t called.

Not to shout, not to cuss, nothing,.

And he was afraid to call , ordinarily he would have been confident but..right now..he knew he messed up.
“Call father , just call me damnit!!’’ he exclaims
Sighing,he gets up, it was late, he puts off the light and leaves the office, he sees John and the witch walking down..
“’oh, really, John the smiggle and Adorat the witch! what an annoying pair”’’he sighs turning away and going down the elevator instead.

He didn’t want to face her today, he wasn’t in the mood for her attack if she wanted to attack him that is. He wasn’t sorry for what he did to her, he was just sorry that it affected his dad’s company.
She deserved it, and he wasn’t going to apologise to her, you don’t play with fire and don’t ger burned.

he was glad she got burned.
He got down to see his bodyguard stroke driver waiting for him..
“’Goodeveing sir”’ Ikechukwu grests him
“”Goodevening Ikena, take me somewhere for me to clear my head’’
“”Cubanna?” Ikechukwu frowns, it’s Ikechukwu you dimwit!!
“’Don’t be a fool, i can’t go there, metro park beside it maybe””
“”Very well’
He had orderd for a drink, tonight he just wanted to booze and forget it all, and think, maybe he should just call his father, maybe he shouldn’t.
Argh!! What the hell Mr Andrew!!

Call me and scream and shout if you want to, this silence is deafening.
Should he call his mother?”No! he shouldn’t worry her.
Sighing he sees a girl walk up to him,Soon they are making small omverstaion. She was pretty maybe he should forget about the office and drown his sorrows in this pretty angel.
An hour later he had ordered for dinner for both of them, , her friends had come to join them for a bit and he had told them to order whatever the hell they wanted and they did.
soon after her frinds leaves, he orders more wine and was laughing his heart out,’”so my place or yours?”’ she had leaned close to him, touchng his chest and sliding her hand down to his belt..
“’Mine! ‘’ he whispers feeling her already
“’what are we waiting for then, i really need to get out from all this cloths, and get I to something more relaxing like your white clean shirt and nothing underneath” she purrs

Yes!! She is distraction enough.
“’let me just handle the bill. Waiter “” he beckons as she nibbles his ears
“damn girl”’ he says as her hands slips lower grabbing his crotch “you waste no time to say hi to the big guy“’
“’hmm, and he likes me “” she says smiling
“’Yes he does baby, yes he does”” Brian smiles at her
“”cash or Pos?”’ The waiter asks
“’Pos”’ Brian answers the waitress trying to control his rising bulge as girl squeeses tighter underneath the table.
The waitress gets the pos ” card please Sir, and your bnill is 15O thousand naira Siir, “’
‘’Damn!! what kind of stomachs did your friends have?”” he laughs

the girl laughs squeezing him harder and rubs him..
“”hurry up woman”” Brian hurries the lady as he gives her his card,
She wipes it and give him …”’declined sir”’
“’Card declined !”’
Brian frowns ..”’er, hold on beautiful?’’’he removes her hand from his bulge and seats up, taking out his wallet he hands her another card, frowning as he takes the first card back
“” This is also declined Sir’’
“”No! that is impossible. Try this too, Infact try all of these’” He hands her all his cards
“’Declined”she swipes
“’Declined !!”
“’Declined “”
Brian is sweating…
“All Declined Sir” she is frowning and looking at him
“’what!!?” Brian breaths
“’ maybe you should call your bank or something or use the atm at the door”’

Brian proceeds to call his accountant

“‘ Yes jude”’ as he picks “’ I don’t understand is there an issure with my account at the bank? I can’t seem to pay for anything, and i know i have money, lots in my account and I don’t get why’-”
“Öh yes about that sir” Jude cuts him “we got a call this morning to freez all your account. , All your linked accounts too. As of this moment sir, you can’t make any transactions, your accounnts have all been frozen, indefinitell. Order came from your Father, i am sorry”’
Brian staggers …almost hitting the table..”’What did you say?”’
“’i am sorry sir””Jude repeats

Brian turns to the waitress and then to the girl and to the people who is staring at him as he almost falls..
“’Sir, your bill”” the waitress as for the tenth time
“”Baby, pay let’ go home “the girl says
‘’Your accounts, all has been frozen sir, indefinitely sir, odered by your father, i am, sorry sir”’ Jude says
Brian’s head is spinning….
‘sir Your bill, 150 thousand sir!!
“Baby pay let’s go home!”
“Frozen Sir,all your accounts. indefinitely. ”
Everyone is talking..Brian’s head is spinning. .
He hits the ground.