Natasha Reloaded Episode 14


The five MADE MEN were gaining on the SHADOW AGENTS. By now, Konami and Idris were lying helplessly on the floor. Konami couldn’t move because of his injured leg and Idris’s bow has been broken.
Lex: let’s end this.
He said and moved to Idris while Lisa moved to where Konami was lying down.
Lisa held Konami by his neck and raised him up till his legs were not touching the ground.
Konami: you are too beautiful for this, you know we can still have a chance to be a couple.
He said wincing in pains.
Lisa: couple my foot.
She said and gave Konami a chokeslam.
Konami: argghhhh!!
He said and blood came out from his mouth.
Lisa: impressive, usually no one do survive that. I might consider dating you if you will live at the end of this day.
Lex held Idris up, raised him high and gave him a slam.
Idris: argh, so lucky you came with your four chickens. I would have personally skinned you alive.
Lisa: Impressive, strong words at the point of death. I think I like you more than your talkative friend.
Konami: talkative, hmm. If you were a boy, I would have break your neck with my bear hands.
Lex: hmm. Kill them.
He said and the rest MADE MEN came forward as the two SHADOW AGENTS were weak, they couldn’t move.
Just then, Idris looked up and saw his monkey, Akuku. He quickly gave Akuku a sign that no one could understand and the MADE MEN didn’t notice.
Idris: you *pointing at lex*, why don’t you be a gentleman. How can you take glory in an unfair fight. Let’s do this one on one if you be man.
Lex: hmm, true but what is the benefits involved.
Idris: if I defeat your best guy, you will set us free but if you win, you could kill us or do whatever you like with us.
Lex: and what about your friend, he is too weak to fight.
Idris: then I take two of your guys.
Konami: no, I can do it.
Idris: ok, let’s do this.
He said and weakly got to his feet. Konami couldn’t stand up so Idris helped him out.
Konami: I want to fight the girl.
Lisa: bad choice.
Idris: I am taking the leader.
Lex: let’s roll.
Akuku sneaked into the house and saw Natasha sleeping inside her room. Her mum and dad were in another room.
He got to Natasha and touched her.
Natasha: arghhhh!!
She shouted but Akuku quickly covered her mouth.
Akuku: ku ku ku ku ku ku!!
He said and pointed to the window. Natasha walked to the window and saw them fighting. She saw the guy (Alex) that wanted to kill them earlier standing with a smile with two other assassins by his side.
She also saw the two SHADOWS, dressed in hoods with a little mask all in black. This time, two other assassins (the MADE MEN) were serious dealing with them and from the look of things, the two SHADOWS might be killed anytime.
Akuku, pointed at another direction. She followed him until he led her to their jet. She entered inside and Akuku pressed a button outside and the door instantly closed.
Akuku was happy, time to get the parents. He quickly ran to the house but he stopped on his way. Idris and Konami has been beaten to the point of death by Lex and Lisa. This was because they were already weak before starting the duel.
Lisa smiled and brought out a sword, she gave it to lex and took another one.
Lisa: let’s end this.
Konami and Idris were lying on the ground as lex and Lisa were before them. Konami held Idris’s hand and said.
Konami: *bleeding* friend, I know this is our last time. I know you are a hard dude but before I die, let me tell you this, all the times we have been together saving the poor people were the best times in my life. I love you!!
MADE MEN: owc!!
Idris: *smiled at the foolishness of his friend*
Akuku was now confused.
Who should he go for?
He was commanded to take Natasha and her family to safety but here, his master also needed his help?
Idris or Natasha’s dad n mum?
Find out his choice in the next exciting and thrilling episode of NATASHA [RELOADED]