There is no denying TikTok’s importance in today’s music promotion – King Promise


TikTok is a crucial component of the music marketing process, according to Ghanaian artist King Promise, who is presently promoting his most recent studio album, 5Star.

Although there are several channels that can help songs go far, in his opinion TikTok is outstanding.

Speaking on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, he stated he would be astonished if music marketers choose to dismiss TikTok’s importance in recent promotional efforts.

“Every country in the globe is my target market. It isn’t as hazy as one might believe. You have to be an absolute f*** to deny that TikTok is fantastic. It currently takes place as a part of the marketing process.

According to him, TikTok plays a role in a song’s potential to go viral globally.

“We have survived without it, and it doesn’t imply that’s the only option, but I acknowledge that it’s also a component in music going bonkers because it spreads stuff across the internet.”

I don’t live to regret anything; whatever that happens, King Promise replied when asked about his regrets in life. I consider them lessons learned.