A married woman shouldn’t be your friend, Kwabena Kwabena cautions.


Men are urged by Kwabena Kwabena to avoid this group of women. It’s risky, according to Kwabena Kwabena, to pursue another man’s girlfriend. Kwabena Kwabena asserts that after a woman marries, she becomes an acquaintance.

George Kwabena Adu, better known by his stage name Kwabena Kwabena, is a Ghanaian highlife musician who has cautioned young unmarried men against making acquaintances with married women.

The seasoned highlife artist was quoted as saying in a 3news.com article that unmarried men should steer clear of married guys since many of them consider their wives to be their sole companions after marriage.

“To the unmarried guys, heed this counsel. Please, as you start out in life, exercise extreme caution. Do not associate with a person’s wife. It poses a threat. Take care not to become friends with married women. She’s not a buddy of yours.

Aside from pleading with single young men, Kwabena Kwabena also said that no woman can ever be the right woman for another man. He added that women in committed relationships need space to enjoy their partners.

“Give a lady space even if you notice that she is in a committed relationship with someone else. You cannot be somebody’s girlfriend and be someone else’s girlfriend,”

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