The Unknown season 6 episode 2


“How many of them were at home?” Nicholas asked Henry.
“Three. Vivian, her son and her husband.” He replied.
“Husband?” He widened his eyes.
“Ooh.. sorry, and Victoria.” He laughed.
“When I call you idiot now, people will think I’m being wicked.”
“It’s your problem, boy. Anyways, you can appear, let’s see what it’ll look like.”
“Really? But, what of her friend and son?”
“Do we have business with them? Just appear, my friend!”
“Should we go now?” Nicholas asked.
“Wait, why are you even asking me? Am I her husband or what?”
“Shut up, you can never be.” He rolled his eyes.
Henry laughed. “Rubbish boy. Anyways, let’s go.” He said.
“How do we do it? Stella must not know I’m going out.”
“Okay, you know how you usually do The Unknown, start walking stealthily till we are able to leave successfully.”
“Hmmm.. first time you’ll use your sense.” He brushed to his feet and held on to his wound.
“This is really painful.”
“Let’s go, my friend!”
They began to walk as planned till they left the house successfully. Thank God the car was parked outside, it would have been another trouble.
** ** **
“We need some foodstuffs, Vivian. I’ll go to the market now.” Victoria told her.
“Thanks so much for the care, Victoria. I really appreciate you.”
Victoria smiled. “You are not serious. Why are you thanking me now? It’s your problem by the way.” She carried the tray and went to the kitchen to drop it before getting ready to go.
As soon as she was ready and came to the living room, Anthony also rushed out. “Can I follow you, mum?”
Victoria smiled. “Sure, son.” She winked at Vivian.
“So you guys are going to leave me here alone?”
Victoria pulled out her tongue. “At least we didn’t cause you to be like this.”
“Okay, I’ll surely deal with you all.”
Soon, Anthony came out. “Bye, mum.” He waved at Vivian.
“You better don’t wave. You now have another mother.” She teased.
“If you like don’t go and rest.” Victoria said as she left with him.
Vivian just turned on the television set. She was right on time. It was the time the news of the Prince was being broadcasted she turned the television on. “Thank God!” She just exclaimed.
“Hmm… The Unknown.” She just said as she heard the officer’s comment. “They shouldn’t be after him, after all he’s been shot already, why do they need to still be looking out for him? You won’t succeed at doing it..” she just kept passing her comment on the news till she heard a knock.
“Who again?” She wondered. At least if it was Victoria and Anthony, they had the key and wouldn’t bother knocking. She stood up as she held on to her wound too. She walked to the gate and asked who was there but got no response for three times.
She looked through the hole but didn’t see anyone. “Who’s there?” She asked again. She beginning to get afraid when she heard no response and turned back.
Just then, she heard her name softly. That voice! She affirmed and walked back to the gate. She gradually unlocked the gate with fear. As she opened the gate, she couldn’t believe who she saw.
“Ni.. ni.. ni.. Nick.. Nicholas..” She began to stutter.
“Vivian.” He called her name.
“No..” she went down instantly.
… continues…